Error Code 0X80300024 appears with an error message that says, “Windows is unable to install to the selected location.” This is the error encountered by many Windows 7 and Windows 10 users. It generally occurs when they try to install a new version of the Windows Operating System on their PC.

Error Code 0x80300024 When Installing Windows

Error Code 0X80300024 may appear due to some software issues and hardware issues. The reasons for this error are various like insufficient space, damaged files, or corrupted hardware.

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How to Fix Error Code 0x80300024 When Installing Windows

Whatever may be the reason behind the error, there is the solution to this error. The following are the 5 well-known solutions which you can use to fix this error and get rid of the problem.

Solution 1 ⇒ Remove Any Unnecessary Hard Drives

When you have more than one hard disc on your computer and you try to install any version of Windows on one hard drive, then another hard drive may interfere with the process of installing a version of the Windows operating system. This interference of other hard drives may cause the error.

So if this is the case with you, you should remove the unnecessary hard drive on which you are not installing the new version of Windows from your PC. After you have removed, the unnecessary hard drive does the installation again to see if the error disappeared.

Solution 2 ⇒ Try Plugging the Installation Media Into A Different USB Port

When you try to install any version of Windows from USB with a particular installation media, then the Error Code 0X80300024 might be due to the USB port in which the installation media is plugged in.

In that case, you should try different USB ports. To do so, switch from a USB 2.0 port to a USB 3.0 port and see that if it allows Windows to be successfully installed. If it does not work, try to switch USB 3.0 to a USB 2.0 and understand that if it allows Windows to be successfully installed.

Solution 3 ⇒ Make Sure the Target Drive is At The Top of The Computer’s Boot Order

If the hard drive is not at the top of your computer’s boot order, the chances are that the Error 0X80300024 appearing on installation is due to this computer boot order. The boot order is a sequence in which the devices are listed in the computers BIOS.

When you restart your computer, the computer boots the operating system in the order in which devices are listed. In order to avoid the error, you should take care that your hard drive has top boot priority; which is listed at the top. To order your target drive at the top of the computers boot order, follow the given steps:

Step 1 ⇒ First of all, start the computer. You will see instructions to press a specific key – which, in most cases, is Delete, F1, or F2. It is to enter your computer’s BIOS/Setup On the first screen that appears. Press the key specified to enter the BIOS.

Step 2  A tab of the BIOS will open in that locate your computer’s boot order or boot configuration.

Step 3  Then, to keep the hard drive on which you want to install Windows to adjust the boot order to the top. Furthermore, save the changes that you have made to the BIOS order.

Step 4  After doing so, exit the BIOS and restart the Windows installation.

See if you are having any problem in downloading or not.

Solution 4 ⇒ Format the Installation Location

During installation on the old partition, which has some previous data, the given data may interfere with your new installation process. So it is wise to format the installation location before starting the installation procedure. If you are facing this trouble due to the partition issue, it will get solved by this. To completely format the partition follow the steps given:

Step 1 ⇒ Firstly, create Windows Installation Media. Then, insert the Bootable Windows Installation media into your computer. If you already have the installation media, then you not need to create it.

Step 2 ⇒ On the startup of the computer, select the boot option from installation media. Now, configure your language, keyboard layout, and other preferences.

Step 3 ⇒ After that, click on the custom option when your computer asks which type of installation do you need.

Step 4 ⇒ Next, your computer will ask, “where you want Windows to be installed.” Then you have click on Drive options (advanced).

Step 5  Now, go to the partition of your hard drive that you want to install Windows and click on Format. Then ‘Confirm‘ the action.

Step 6 ⇒ Wait till the drive partition gets formatted completely. After the complete format procedure is over, click on Next and do the installation.

Solution 5 ⇒ Replace your Hard Drive

If the methods mentioned above didn’t work for you, then the reason behind the error is your hard drive. It might be possible that the hard drive may be losing its life or already it has become dysfunctional due to which your computer not installing the Windows correctly. In that case, you are recommended to replace your old hard drive with a new one.

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These were the five well-known solutions to fix the Error Code 0X80300024 when you try to install the Windows. Hope when you try these solutions, your problem gets solved, and your experience running your computer smoothly.