Admin Login: All the developments taking place today have been possible just because of internet connectivity. For setting up and utilizing an internet connection to its full extent, two most important requirements are a router and an IP Address. Let us discuss these below.

A router is a directing device which diverts the packets of data to be transferred from one system to another within in a network to the right path so that they reach their final destination node within no time.

An IP Address on the other end is a unique identity assigned to each of the router devices in the form of a 32 bits number divided into octets. One such known IP Address is It is and address used for private networks and can be accessed through a lot of devices like webcams, DVRs etc. IP Admin Login, Username and Password


Simple Way to IP Admin Login

Want to learn the process of how to login to router IP? Given below is the simple Step by Step procedure to access the admin panel of this router IP Address:

Step 1 – At first open your web browser and type in address into the address bar.

Step 2 – Next, tap the enter key from your keyboard.

Step 3 – Here a new small window will pop up at the top asking you out for your login ID i.e. the username and password.

Step 4 – In the login panel type in your username and password of your router and hit the ‘OK‘ button.

Step 5 – In case, the credentials of your router have been changed before, you need to enter the updated ones in the login panel.

Step 6 – By here a new tab will be visible, giving you administrative access to your router’s interface.

How to Find IP Address

Before being able to access the router panel, one must be aware of the IP Address of their router which can be found by clicking the command prompt. Then pressing the Window icon and typing key R and enter cmd in the run box. Thereafter, enter ‘ipconfig‘ and press enter. You will be made available the IP Address of your router.

At some point of time, if required you can even change the IP Address of your router. It can be done by opening the web browser and typing in our IP Address. Then fill in the username and password and click log in.

Then from setup option → network settings and type in your newly changed IP Address and subnet mask and save the settings. Your IP Address will be successfully changed.

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Therefore, the above context has very briefly and clearly told us everything important we need to know about a router and the process of logging in it.

Along with the basic knowledge of an IP Address, how to find it, how to change it and much more Thus the above context is enough for a user to know about router IP Address.