Default Gateways are installed on every computer connected to a modem or a wireless network. Nodes in computers that function as a forwarding host to other networks are known as default gateways.

Using the name “Default” is appropriate because the node automatically sends information to other computers or the internet.

The default gateway for modems and wireless routers is, because no other application sets an IP address for them. As such, it’s known as the “Standard IP Address.”


People who enjoy tinkering with their computers often use this router IP address. Changing the SSID or name of your WiFi network is simple if you have the drive and understanding of a technician.


What Is The IP Address of and How Do I Log On?

An administrator account at can be used to access the router’s configuration page and make changes.

Step 1: Launch your computer’s web browser. Enter the IP address in the second field. Finally, hit the Enter key.

Step 2: Log in to the router’s settings using the default credentials, if you haven’t done so already.

What Is The IP Address of Your Router?

The routers include pre-set passwords and usernames for convenience of access and allow the owner to update these credentials to their liking.

The default username and password for a newly installed router are “admin” and “password” respectively. After logging in, the user has the ability to modify their credentials at any point.

An administrator is responsible for ensuring the router and network settings are configured to meet the needs of the users. It is possible to make changes to the router/security, modem’s local area network (LAN), and wireless settings by logging into the system.

It’s not unusual for different service providers to use a different set of default credentials. The most expedient way to enhance the router’s security is to log in using the router’s default credentials and alter/change them.

How To Recover a Forgotten IP Address Username and Password

It’s aggravating and time-consuming to keep losing your login credentials. However, there are only a few ways to reset the device’s login and password without damaging it. It’s fairly simple to regain access to the router if the login and password haven’t been changed yet.

Step 1: Simply type in the model number of your router into a search engine to find out its default login details. If a user handbook was included with the setup kit, one could also check up the default credentials there.

Step 2; Look for a label on the bottom of the router or modem that lists the default login and password. Using a sharp-pointed object, push down on the reset/power button for 15 seconds to reset the router to its default settings if all other techniques fail (needle, clip, etc.).


The process of configuring and customising a router through command-line interface is quick and secure. In order to increase the security of the wireless device, usernames and passwords should be changed.

You must know how to log in to your router’s settings page if you are a user of a router or modem. This article explains the basics of identifying the router’s IP address and making changes to the settings.