is the most commonly used IP address for modems and wireless routers. The router’s admin page will pop up when you type in its IP address in a browser.

If you’re looking for Huawei, Eminent, or GL.iNet, you’re most likely to find them using the IP. is not the sole conventional IP address for routers; others include, and, amongst many more.

The router can be accessed using any of these IP addresses. So it is known as Default Gateway IP address. Entering into your router’s admin panel is required if you want any modifications to be made.


The process of accessing your router’s administrative interface is a breeze. If you are unable to locate the IP address, you can discover it on the back of your router by looking at the label on the rear.

Then, type in the username and password that come with the account. Right now, you’re on the router’s administration interface. Make the necessary alterations in the manner of your choosing.

Make sure to keep your router up to current with manufacturer-released updates. Your router and connection will run more smoothly if you keep it updated. The router will run more smoothly if the necessary connections are made.


What Does The IP Address Mean?

It is well-known that the IP address belongs to the private C class. Changing the Wi-Fi password, SSID network, IP address, network settings, and accessibility are all possible with the IP address A smooth network is made possible by properly configuring your router.

Use of The IP Address Should Be Done With Care

Using the IP address, many of us have made a number of foolish blunders. You will not be able to access the IP address if you fill in the inaccurate or deceptive letters.

Using commas, colons, or semicolons is one of the most common mistakes we all do. When entering the IP address, be sure to use dashes instead of commas.

In order to access the router’s administrative page, type the IP address “” in the address bar of your web browser. Keep in mind that HTTPS is used for normal links, and you are not viewing a web link, so don’t start with HTTP.

Do not type I instead of 1 for the IP address, which has a numerical value and not the alphabet “I.” These are the most common blunders we make, therefore avoid them at all costs. Aside from mistakes made by humans, make sure your router is on.

You’ll appear to have made no mistakes in entering the IP address, but in reality, you just failed to turn on your router. Your router’s lights should be working properly and there should be no red light flickering at all. In this case, make sure you’re solely connected to the router. IP Address Login Guide

Username and password are required to access your router’s web interface. The IP address is the standard one. Your admin page can be accessed using this IP address. There is no need to panic if you have lost your account and password.

The username and password can be found on the router’s rear. Now that you have the username and password for your router, it’s time to log in.

To access the router’s administration page, follow these instructions:

Step 1: The first step is to open your browser.Your router’s admin page will look something like this: Enter your router’s username and password, which are the default credentials.

Step 2: The IP address of your computer is loaded into the admin page. It’s easy to see everything set up, including the internet, wireless, and more.

How To Recover IP Address Password and Username

Our router’s username and password are frequently forgotten. You should also keep a record of any recent changes to the admin page’s username and password. There is an issue for you if you have not.

However, resetting your router to its factory settings is the only way to get back in. In the default state, all of your updated settings will be erased and the manufacturer’s settings will be restored.

Changing your router’s username and password will remove the new ones you set up, and instead, the ones on the back of the router will apply to you going forward.

The default username and password for your router can be found at, the router’s IP address. Default usernames and passwords can only be accessed if your router has been reset or returned to its factory default state

Resetting your router is as simple as following these instructions:

Step 1: The first step is to get a needle or a pin to reset your router. A red circled reset button can be found on the router. Apply pressure on the reset button with the pin or needle. For 10 to 15 seconds, hold the button down.

Step 2: The lights will go out and then come back on at this point. You’ve done it! Your router is now back to its factory settings. Log in with the username and password that came with your router.

However, keep in mind that since the router has been reset, none of the modifications you made are still in effect.

How To Discover Your Router’s IP Address

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know your router’s IP address since, with a few simple steps, you’ll be able to log into your router.

Users of Windows Operating Systems:

Step 1: Start by typing “command prompt” into the Start Button search box. Open the Command Prompt by clicking on it.

Step 2: Type “ipconfig” on the prompt now. All of your Windows system’s IP configuration information may be found in Ipconfig. You can discover your IP address on that list.

Those who use a MAC computer:

Step 1: The first step is to open a Terminal window. Terminal can also be found on the utility tab.

Step 2: Type “netstat-nr” in the Terminal. On the Terminal, you will see the IP address.

Now that you have the IP address of the systems you want, you can access them. Your router’s interface can be accessed with ease once you know your IP address.

How To Obtain a New IP Number

Yes, you can do that. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you can now change your IP address at any time. To begin, you’ll need to log in to your router and navigate to the configuration page. The LAN tab will appear once you log in to the router’s page.

You can customise your network’s IP address on the LAN tab. Now, in the block, enter the IP address you like. As well as this, the IP address has been altered. This task can be completed in a matter of minutes, thanks to its simplicity. You can now have the IP address that you desire.


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