Panamanian boxer A. Bylon was born on April 6, 1989. Currently works as a cop. At 19, she made her Olympic debut in the women’s middleweight division, where she was defeated by Andreia Bandeira in the round of 16.

Lauren Price: GB Boxer Cruises to Win Over A. Bylon to Guarantee Herself a Medal

Atheyna Bylon Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Price had trouble in the first round due to the long levers of A. Bylon. But the world champion scored the decisive blows, and her hard work was enough to put her over the top and into second place.

Despite giving up the height and reach advantage, Price was able to dominate with her right hand because of her outstanding sense of distance.

In the second round, A. Bylon tried to boost the ante, which played right into Price’s hands. Price was able to single out the Panamanian every time she came inside, killing her before escaping.

Price had already won the first two rounds, so she could comfortably keep her opponent at a distance in the third. While still demonstrating to the judges that her workrate was sufficient to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Panamanian A. Bylon to Quarterfinals in Boxing, at the Tokyo Olympics

A. Bylon, a boxer from Panama, advanced to the semifinals of her division at the Tokyo Olympic Games by defeating Australian Caitlin Parker by unanimous decision (5-0).

As I said to my coaches before the battle, “the fight we had planned was given, and we had prepared the fight in this fashion and kept communication between each round…”

stated the competitor who competes between 69 and 75 kilogrammes. After losing to the Brazilian Andreia Bandeira in Rio in 2016, A. Bylon finally wins an Olympic gold.

In the quarterfinals, A. Bylon will take against British boxer Lauren Price, who won gold at the 2019 AIBA Women’s Boxing World Cup in Ulan-Ude, Russia.

A. Bylon, a Panamanian boxer, returned home triumphant after making history as the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal in her sport at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Athlete A. Bylon, who has competed in two Olympic Games, announced upon arrival at Tocumen International Airport that she hoped to bring home a gold for her country. “I’m doing fine; I wanted to go higher, but I made history instead.”

A recipient of the Estmulo Deportivo programme at the Instituto Panaméo de Deportes, a female boxer is now training for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“I have a competition in September and I’ll be at a world championship in December; it’s a shorter cycle, and it’s really crucial to position oneself in the rankings to accumulate points,” A. Bylon said.

The Panamanian fought twice in Tokyo, defeating Australian Caitlin Parker through unanimous decision in their first bout before losing to British fighter Laurent Prince in the quarterfinals.

Their National Police colleagues welcomed A. Bylon, led by Director General John Omar Dornheim.


A. Bylon, a boxer from Panama, went into this year’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Jeju, Korea, not expecting to do very well. After all, before to her, no boxer from her country had ever won a match at an AIBA women’s championship, much less taken home a medal.

Also, no female boxer who had participated in an AIBA development programme had ever taken home the gold at a global championship.

While the odds were stacked against A. Bylon , she managed to pull off one of the most shocking victories in boxing history and win the gold medal.