Similarly to love and peace, your heart is the source of joy.

Is it worth denying your loved ones your love and peace? No, there isn’t. Then, please, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of doing so as well. Don’t go over the top, but don’t push it either.

Allow your tears to flow when you’re in a state of grief. Allow your smile to shine when you experience delight. There should be no surprises here. It’s in your blood; it’s a part of you.

After Tragic Beginning Happily


After Tragic Happy Again

The light within is joy. Your loved ones deserve to be bathed in that light. That’s not the case, by the way. Accept it for yourself as well if you’d like. It is easier to see the way ahead of you when the sun is shining, even if it’s just one step.

Isn’t it an admirable response to sorrow to take one step at a time toward light? The healing power of your inner delight can be harnessed.

It has the power to break the shackles of internal paralysis. It has the ability to energise your pursuit of a life that is in harmony with your deepest aspirations.

That’s something you wouldn’t want to keep from your loved ones, would you? That’s not the case, by the way. Do not deny yourself the power of happiness either. Because the deepest longings of your heart are to be alive and to experience joy.

But, how? How can you even begin to open your heart and mind to happiness after a tragedy? It’s all up to you. To put it another way, realising your true self also entails rediscovering the joy of living.

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Beginning Happily Tips

1. Spend some time with children (there are children everywhere).

2. Find a new and exciting experience (or surprising).

3. Pay attention to how you feel in your body (you are a miracle of life).

4. Pick up a book (fiction, stories, not the usual self-improvement stuff).

5. Experiencing new things while on the road (any distance).

6. Pay attention to the expressions on people’s faces (on the street and on TV).

7. Thank those who have helped you (to yourself too).

8. Create a daily routine that works for you (simple things will do).

9. Take a Workout (in a way that makes you smile).

10. Help a stranger out (with something you enjoy doing).

11. Decide on a colour that gives you a positive feeling (and wear it).

12. Have fun with your spiritual journey. (Enjoy!)

13. Spend time outside in the fresh air (plants and pets are nature, too).

14. Think of a unique idea (just for yourself).

15. Don’t be afraid to ask for support (strangers, too).

16.Learn a new skill. (What have you always wanted to know? )?

17. Take in some musical entertainment (and let your body move along).

18. Go barefoot (slowly).

19. Enjoy the little things in life. (Wait, what did you say?)

20. Take a breather (in every sense of the word).

21. When faced with an option, choose happiness.