Amazon is known to be opening its offices next year, and that is all that the company is talking about right now. It’s true, and reopening after such a long time can be a little bit difficult even for a big multi-national company like Amazon.

However, the fact that had caught out our attention is that there are a lot of companies out there who are reopening, but only a handful or maybe none have done what Amazon just did. They are giving their employees the freedom to work from home even after opening their offices next year.

Amazon Managers Will Decide How Often Employees Come Into Office

The CEO of Amazon, Andy Jassy, has told the people and staff in the company in a memo that he is giving the power and decision at the hands of the managers of the company.

They are the ones who will decide how many days the employees need to actually come to the office and how many days they need to work from home.

Now it is ultimately and completely up to the people who are in charge, the managers and the department heads who will be responsible for their own teams. They are the ones who will be deciding that when their team needs to work from the office or physically come in the office.

“We are not just looking the other way, we know this, and we expect that there will be several of the teams that are going to continue to do all the working mostly remotely from the homes, but there are also the others that will work out in the process some combination of remote work from home and the work in the office, and that is not the only two options, there are still going to be others who will decide that the customers are best served to have the teamwork mostly in the office,” Jassy wrote out in a statement.

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“We have thought about this, and we are intentionally not prescribing to them how many days or which days for them to work at the office — this is for the Directors to determine with their senior leaders and teams.” He added to his statement. That’s all.