Anime has long been an integral part of Japanese culture. In recent years, the popularity of anime has grown considerably all over the world. This has led to the emergence of many streaming websites online, where you can watch Japanese cartoons for free.

Among them, Anilinkz is one of the most popular platforms in the line-up. Anilinkz features an extensive library filled with a variety of anime shows to choose from. Users can get unlimited access to all types of content without any payment or registration.

The site is very easy to use and gets updated with fresh releases on a daily basis. You can find your favorite content either by search or by exploring the different categories. Depending upon your bandwidth, you can even choose to switch to different video resolutions while streaming.

However, the site contains too many ad pop-ups which had been a major cause of complaints by the users. Also, due to severe ISP restrictions, the site has been banned across multiple nations worldwide.

To counter this problem, the website often changes its domain name every once in a while. It even goes offline at times, leaving us searching for other options on the web. To help you out, we have put together a list of the top 9 best alternatives to Anilinkz for you to try out in 2021.

In the vast sea of online anime streaming platforms, Anilinkz stood out as one of the popular choices for enthusiasts. But what exactly was Anilinkz, and where has it gone? This article will delve into the journey of Anilinkz, from its inception to its current status.


What is Anilinkz?

Anilinkz was a free online anime streaming website, offering a plethora of anime series, movies, and OVAs (Original Video Animations). It became known for its extensive library, high-quality streams, and regular updates.

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Top 9 Anilinkz Alternative Websites

1. Anime Simple

This website features hundreds of anime titles that you can watch for free, without creating an account. All the videos are streamed in high quality with good loading speeds. The site has a user-friendly design that lets you easily browse through the contents in its catalog. You can switch themes in between dark and light, as per your preference.

New episodes and releases are added every day that are available on the home page of the website. It can also provide you with relevant anime suggestions, based on your watching behavior. You can even save your favorite anime shows on a separate list where you watch them later. However, the only drawback of this platform are the constant ad pop-ups.

2. Anime Take

It offers plenty of anime shows in a variety of genres. You can sort them based on popularity, rating and release date. Episodes are available both in English as well as in Japanese with subtitles on.

New releases are uploaded to the website almost immediately after their broadcast on TV. So that you can enjoy fresh content regularly. All the trending and popular titles are featured on the home page of the site where you can find them easily.

3. Anime Lab

Anime lab is a popular platform that provides you with hundreds of anime titles divided across multiple genres. The site gets updated with new series added every week. The site has a very intuitive and user-friendly design that allows easy navigation. Videos are offered in great quality with subtitles.

You can search for anime using different categories such as popular shows, latest series and genres. The site is completely free from ads and does require any form of registration to begin with. Unfortunately, Anime Lab is only accessible from New Zealand and Australia. However, you can still use a VPN to bypass these regional restrictions.

4. Chia Anime

It is one of the best Japanese animation sites with English dubbed content. Here you can enjoy thousands of shows across variety of categories such as action, adventure, drama, romance, comedy etc. Videos are streamed in HD with minimal loading.

The site features all the old classics along with the most recent releases as well. It offers some of the most hit anime series like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and more.

The site has its content hosted on multiple servers from where you can download videos directly on to your device. Since Chia Anime is an ad-supported platform, you may find some occasional ads while browsing.

5. Kiss Anime

It is one of the largest anime streaming platforms that is used by millions of people worldwide. It has a massive collection of titles concerning numerous genres such as horror, romance, comedy, adventure, action, sci-fi etc. Here you will find videos uploaded in every possible resolution ranging from 240p to 1080p. Hence, you can choose to stream in the preferred quality depending upon your bandwidth.

This site offers intuitive navigation along with advanced search options to help you filter shows and easily find what you are looking for. Every anime contains a summary briefly describing the plot of the show. It also includes a dedicated chatroom where you can talk about your experiences with other people on the platform.

6. Anime Freak

It is one of the most well-known websites for streaming anime online. Millions of users tune in to this platform for enjoying thousands of free shows in high quality. Here you will find anime for all age groups ranging from kids to adults.

You can sort through content using the different filter options such as recently added, most popular, and release year. Moreover, the website has a great interface with minimal ads on display. You can also watch shows like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Attack on Titan, One Piece etc., dubbed in English.

7. Anime Land

It is a perfect choice for people who wish to watch anime dubbed in English. Here you will find the latest anime, including the all-time favourites like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Bleach, One Punch Man etc.

The site has a pretty simple layout with different options to choose from such as, anime list, anime series, genres and movies. You can either choose to explore these categories or type in your query in the search box. However, there is a major drawback. The site has too many ad popups, which in some cases are even inappropriate.

8. Masterani

Masterani is a leading anime streaming platform that features over 3000 complete and latest series in HD. It has an intuitive and modern interface that is very easy to use. It includes a search box along with plenty of other advanced filter options to help you find the desired content.

You can choose to watch videos dubbed in English or in Japanese with subtitles turned on. Since the website is run by ads, you may find a few of them popping up once in a while.

9. Anime Heaven

This website lets you have access to a wide variety of anime shows for free. Here you can watch more than 3500 distinct titles across multiple genres like horror, romance, comedy, action, drama etc.

The site has an attractive layout with all the contents arranged in proper order. You can choose to navigate through the different sections such as Dubbed Anime, Anime Series, and Anime Movies.

Every anime series come along with a brief description which includes additional information about the characters, rating, release date, plot etc.

All the videos are streamed in HD with fast loading speeds. Additionally, you can even download the shows on your device to watch them later offline. There’s also a comment section where you can write your opinions and reviews.

What happened to Anilinkz?

Over time, Anilinkz faced multiple challenges. Many countries began to implement stringent copyright laws, leading to the crackdown on websites streaming copyrighted content without licenses. Facing constant threats of being taken down and legal challenges, Anilinkz became inaccessible for many of its users.

Is Anilinkz Still Working?

Currently, Anilinkz is not operational in its original form. Numerous mirror and proxy sites claim to be “Anilinkz”, but the authenticity and safety of these sites are questionable.

Who is the Founder of Anilinkz?

The founder or founders of Anilinkz remain anonymous. Given the gray area in which such streaming platforms operate, it’s not uncommon for owners to maintain a low profile.

Benefits of Anilinkz:

  • Vast Library: Anilinkz was celebrated for its expansive collection of anime titles, both old and new.
  • User-friendly Interface: The website was designed with users in mind, featuring an easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Community Engagement: Anilinkz had an active comment section, fostering a community of anime lovers.
  • No Cost: One of the major attractions of Anilinkz was that it was entirely free.

Is Anilinkz Safe?

The original Anilinkz website was generally considered safe, with minimal intrusive ads. However, as with all free streaming sites, there was always a risk of malware or adware. With the emergence of mirror and proxy sites post its shutdown, users need to be even more cautious as these might not offer the same safety standards.

Is Anilinkz Free?

Yes, Anilinkz was a free platform. This made it a go-to choice for many anime enthusiasts who didn’t want to invest in premium subscriptions.

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These were some of the best alternatives to Anilinkz. All the sites mentioned above are completely free to use. But you may have to endure with a few unnecessary and popups. These platforms mostly rely on advertisements for revenue generation.

Although, you can easily use an ad-blocker to save yourself from annoyance. So go ahead, visit these websites and enjoy unlimited access to loads of anime shows and movies available at your convenience.

Anilinkz’s tale is akin to many free streaming platforms. While it provided invaluable service to anime lovers worldwide, the challenges of operating within legal boundaries made it difficult for such sites to sustain.

For enthusiasts, while the lure of free content is strong, it’s crucial to navigate the online world with awareness, ensuring one’s digital safety and respecting content creators’ rights.