You must have heard about the stunt that was pulled by Apple earlier this week? No? Well, then let us tell you about it because it is going to have some relevance to the thing that they just did too. For the time being, Apple had been trying to make it difficult for the people who are trying to get the education discount.

If you want the discount, you always have to verify that you are in education using your ID card and all. The verification process had not been that easy, to be honest, but Apple went ahead and made it even harder for people to get that discount by assigning a third-party site.

Apple Removes The Education Discount Verification

But then, very quietly, they removed all this. This had been reported by someone on the low, and this is reportedly what had happened. Well, we do not know the entire facts about it because this seemed to be done on the hush side. We don’t see any reason for Apple not announcing it.

When they changed the policy on Wednesday, then they made it clear by uploading on their website that anyone who wants to register for the student discount or education discount has to register through Unidays for the verification process to complete.

The discount is 10% for all the students and the educators of all levels. This means that the cost of all Apple goods goes down by 10%. This is a good discount, but it might be difficult to avail with the third party site.

Anyhow at the current state of things, we have no idea whether Apple wants to do with the registration process. Well, that’s all that we have for now. We will keep you updated on the news if we get to hear something about it. Thank you for the read. Have a good day, guys.