Arris is a leading provider of gigabit-capable cable modem services. The default username is “admin,” the default password is “password,” and the default IP address is “” on most Arris routers.


Arris Router Login, Username, Password and Admin Settings Guide

If you wish to access your router’s web interface, you’ll need these credentials. In order to make modifications to the router’s settings, you will need these information. If you can’t remember your Arris router password, need to reset it to the factory settings, or the password reset doesn’t work, this article will show you what to do.


Users and Passwords for Arris Systems by Default

Many Arris products come with default credentials, but certain models don’t adhere to the same requirements. There is a table below that lists the default usernames and passwords for each model.

Username and Password for the DG3450 DG860P2 DG950A DG8200 SB8200 SBG10 SBG6700-AC SBG6900-AC SBG8300 SBR-AC1750 TG1672G SBR-AC1900P SBR-AC3200P TG1672G

You may have forgotten your Arris password and username after changing them. If you’ve already altered the router’s factory default settings, you’ll need to sign in with the new credentials you created.

If you lose track of either your login or your password, don’t worry; you can always revert to the system’s default settings. There is a default login and password for all Arris routers that you can use in the event of an issue.

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Password Reset For Arris Router

The process of resetting the router’s password to its factory defaults is simple and straightforward. Using the 30-30-30 reset, you can reclaim the login and password of your router. In order to perform the same, the following are the steps:

Step 1: Activate the Arris network router. For 30 seconds, press and hold the reset button on the router.Disconnect the router and keep pressing the reset button for another 30 seconds while it is still powered off.

Step 2: The reset button should be pressed while you turn the power back on to the unit again. Then, press and hold the reset button for another 30 seconds.

The above-mentioned processes should be carried out meticulously. Arris routers return to their factory settings after this procedure is completed. Now that you know what your router’s default credentials are, you may log in and make changes to its settings.

Check the table above to see if your device’s username and password are still set as they were at the time of purchase. Resetting your Arris 30-30-30 router should fix any issues you were having. Make sure to update the default username and password after gaining access to the router.

The reset procedure must be conducted correctly if the router’s default password does not work. After following the correct steps, the Arris router will return to its factory defaults. As a result, be sure to attempt the approach a second time before concluding that your router has been damaged.

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The username and password for most Arris router models are pre-configured. Following the directions in this article, if you have any difficulties accessing the router, you can reset it to its factory settings. Hopefully, you’ve found this information useful.