With the increasing number of online data lost, digital storage systems evolution is considerable. Data backup is essential for the accidental & unprecedented failure of the system, or any online virus or malware infection such as WannaCry ransomware.

There is various backup software for Windows to secure your data. In the following session, we will let you know the 10 best Backup Software and Tools for the Windows PC in 2024.

Backup Software for Windows 10, 8 and 7


10 Best Backup Software for Windows in 2024

We have listed the best Backup software for different backup operations according to the requirement. A backup software tool consists of features like differential backup, scheduled backup, easy data store ability, etc. You can get the related information of this software and consider the points of selection.

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1. Google Backup and Sync

Google Drive is the best option for cloud-based restore and backup. Additionally, it is integrated with Google account and other Google-based services. It can be easily accessible form the browser you are using and you can easily download Backup and Sync in your system to directly manage and control your documents from your PC.

Moreover, it allows you a 15 Gb storage option for files with a free account. You can get more storage of 100 GB from the paid version of $1.99 monthly with the cover of Google photos and documents.

There are also options with $299.99 per month for the 30 TB storage with the installation of Google Docs, sheets, and slides shortcuts. It is compatible with Windows & Mac and creates a separate folder for the backup files to view and access the documents and files.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a simple backup software tool that offers cloud storage service with extensive features. You can easily transfer your documents into Dropbox and access through any device with free storage of 2GB up to 18 GB.

You can also get extra space of 2TB costs $9.99 per month and for unlimited storage options, you will have to pay $20 month monthly. It is compatible with Web, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, Windows 7, and later versions.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a comprehensive backup tool with integrated Microsoft products. It is compatible with Windows 8 and later versions with the document saving options. This tool offers you the free storage space of 5GB and the paid version is $1.99 per month with 50 GB storage options.

Moreover, there is an Office365 plan with a starting price of $69.99 per month. It is compatible with the web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Learn more about OneDrive Migration and Microsoft SharePoint Migration.

4. iDrive

iDrive is an extensive online solution with several features and applications with an easy interface. iDrive provides a free storage space of 50 GB with enormous devices. With the help of the desktop client, you might assign folders automatically with the regularly scheduled backup with the cloud.

iDrive offers you data security with private encryption keys with free of cost. Additionally, it provides you complete as well as certain documents backup. iDrive offers you a free version for the personal plan and 2 TB storage with $52.12 for the first year of usage.

5. Acronis True image

Acronis is an extensive option and ranks first in the operation list. Acronis allows the user for scheduling and incremental differential backup flexibility and full images of disk drives.

Additionally, you can make use of dedicated options to create recovery disks for selected drives, files, and folders. Acronis offers you back up the image to the cloud so that it can be used for multiple devices.

Moreover, it has recently added a feature called support for Office 365 to backup and restores emails as well as crypto mining blockers. Acronis provide you a Parallels Access feature to manage and modify the system through another Windows and reverse back some disliked backup methods with the removal of unwanted or clone backups.

You can store all your backups in the vault securely with the cyber protection feature. The Acronis survival kit creates a backup media that consists of system partition, backup record, and boot media. You can also prefer the USB based storage option.

Acronis provide a ransomware detection tool with an AI assistant to secure your PC with compatibility feature of Windows 7 or later versions. The cost of software is $49.99 per year after a 30-day trial.

6. Macrium Reflect

Macrium is a popular software for backup security with endless features. However, its setup is complex and designed primarily for professionals. Though the general user can use this software for the backup of the entire PC.

Macrium reflects provide you the features such as full backup image creation, disk clone, set scheduled backup, and many more with paid and free versions. Although the free version includes all necessary features like a differential backup.

Macrium reflects software that has all the three backup options that are differential backup, full backup, and incremental backup and you will get full and differential backup with compatibility in Windows 7 and the above versions. The cost of the Macrium Reflect software is $69.95 of the premium version.

7. O&O DiskImage

O&O DiskImage is a comprehensive software that provides full drive backup as well as file or folder wise backup with direct options. Additionally, you can select the storage option of drives like the system, OS, and Recovery sectors accordingly.

The O&O DiskImage also features “one-click imaging” that allows you to backup up all completed drives with a single click option. O&O DIskImage software allows you to get incremental or differential backup and restore your backup from different computers and also you can create your settings profiles.

O&O DiskImage allows you the usage of virtual and network-based drives that can visualize in Windows explorer. This software offers you a 30-day trial free of cost with a license of $49.95 for a single system and $69.95 for 5 systems.

8. Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon is a versatile tool for the entire or certain backup in virtual drives that can be easily utilized with data loss with the compress and split out documents options. The software provides you the differential backup and scanning of selected files, and filter the certain types of files that should remove from backup.

You can also get WinPE based bootable media in the form of recovery drives that will your recovery tool active in case of a corrupted system and replace the disk with the previously created image of the disk.

The cost of the software includes a free community edition and $49.95 with lifetime access for a single system with the compatibility of Windows 7 and later versions.

9. Veeam Agent

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows is a popular tool that is originally released as Veeam Endpoint Backup free and is extensively known for enterprise solutions and offers a free version of the software for the home users.

It is one of the easiest possible tools to be used from the creation of tasks and operations with the compatibility of Windows 7 and later versions.

Veeam Agent creates a full backup and allows users to change the host even if you are not officially using vMotion or storage vMotion. The tool is free of cost and the premium version is paid according to the vendor request.

10. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI is a comprehensive backup software tool that allows you to back up Windows and revert all settings according to the requirement with full control.

You can backup a specific file or folder, partitions, and disks with a proper backup schedule. Additionally, the data can be backed up on system hard drive as well as external storage devices and can be easily saved to Network Attached Storage.

However, it provides full backup options for free but there is some lack of features, and the professional version covers all the remaining features.

A Server version is best for the business values and compatible with Windows 7 and later versions. The software tool offers a free version with limited features and a paid version for $49.95 for two systems for the lifetime duration.

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In the above article, we have discussed the key features along with the prices of the best backup software tools. We hope that the article will help you to get the better choice for your data backup!