Kate Beckinsale, an English actress and model, was taken to the hospital during a break in filming in Las Vegas.

There were rumours that she stayed in The Signature at MGM Grand during her time in town for the filming of “Prisoner’s Daughter.”

Friday morning, while staying at The Signature, she experienced a terrible “back go out” and was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Beckinsale Reveals Injury Behind September Hospital Visit

Later, the 48-year-old actress received medical treatment for several hours at the hospital’s emergency room, but no information about her status was released for two days.

Fans can finally breathe easy after Beckinsale updated them on her health last Sunday. Read on for further details.


I’m in a Much Better Mood Now.

The “Underworld” actress updated her Instagram followers on her condition by posting a selfie of herself in a hospital bed.

My condition has greatly improved. Kate wrote in the photo’s caption, “Thank you so much for your lovely messages and love x.”

The photographs also revealed an intravenous line still attached to her right arm, which may indicate that she is not yet safe to be moved from the hospital. In a short amount of time, many of her followers and famous friends commented on her post to show their support.

Incredulous: “Oh, my god! Friend!” Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Sheen, dated comedian Sarah Silverman.

“Oh gosh, I’m just catching up,” Andie MacDowell said. I pray that everything is fine.

Feel well, I will pray for U!!!!!!!!!,” Tracey Cunningham chimed in.

How Far Along Is Filming Currently?

Production on “Prisoner’s Daughter” only began a week ago, but it’s safe to anticipate that Beckinsale’s injury might have a major effect on the set.

Her Instagram photo appeared to demonstrate that the treatment she had gotten was still hurting. Therefore, it might be hard to estimate how much longer filming might be delayed due to her absence.

She will need to spend a lot of time in bed even after being released from the hospital.

Fortunately, the new picture doesn’t seem to be too physically demanding, so she can rest up and get back to work without worrying about overdoing it.

The film’s producers have not yet commented on whether or not they intend to continue filming without Beckinsale.

Previous Medical Appointment for Beckinsale

The actress has been hospitalised before, also for a serious condition. She was rushed to the hospital in 2019 after an ovarian cyst burst.

At the time, she posted an Instagram selfie of herself in a hospital bed, complete with a breathing tube and a downcast attitude.

As it turns out, a burst ovarian cyst is quite painful, and morphine induces tears in me. She penned the inscription beneath the photo. “So thanks to everyone who looked after me #wobbly,” she wrote.

If Beckinsale makes a full and rapid recovery, she won’t have to spend as much time in the hospital, which is good news.

Details Regarding the Film

Forthcoming family drama “The Prisoner’s Daughter,” directed by Catherine Hardwicke, will star Beckinsale.

The film follows a strong but proud ex-con who, after 12 years in jail, seeks to repair his relationship with his only daughter and grandchild.

As soon as he makes amends, his terrible background surfaces, destroying any chance of a restoration of relations.

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Starring, and Directed by, Hardwicke

Hardwicke has stated that “Mark Bacci’s script is a visceral, emotional look at a terribly divided family, like my first film Thirteen” (which starred Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter).

With Prisoner’s Daughter, I hope to transport the audience into the dramatic world of Kate’s character as she, her father, and her young son strive to overcome generational trauma and go ahead.

Beckinsale will feature in the film alongside Brian Cox, Tyson Ritter, and Ernie Hudson.