For a first-time cook, nothing is more terrifying than Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s not every day that a citizen is tasked with preparing a large list of dishes, including a massive bird, for a group of people who have preconceived notions about how everything should be done.

Beginners Thanksgiving Recipes That Workload

Beginners Thanksgiving Recipes

Breast of Turkey

Cooking a bone-in turkey breast is more quicker and easier than cooking a whole turkey, and it still feeds a big number of people. Butter, salt and pepper liberally applied before roasting a bird at a moderate temperature is my preferred technique of cooking a turkey.

You don’t want to be rushing about making gravy from the turkey’s hot pan drippings on Thanksgiving Day. Caramelized red onion is the star ingredient in this make-ahead version, but nutritional yeast, a flavour enhancer, is optional.


Thanksgiving’s custardy stuffing is enhanced by the red-sauce flavours of pizza, which are baked inside a cheese crust. Smothered in a cloud of shredded mozzarella, this dish is a comforting combination of tomato paste, dried oregano, and buttery onions.

Yeast-fermented Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, like regular potatoes, can be mashed with butter, cream, roasted garlic, and a lot of salt. Baking sweet potatoes instead of boiling them in large pans of water concentrates their flavour while also saving time.

The Salad Is Stunning

Snappy cooked green beans make a lovely salad when combined with radicchio and canned artichokes. With only a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, as well as a dash of lemon juice, you can whip up this bright side dish in no time.

Preserve with Cranberries and Oranges

An acidic twist on the traditional Thanksgiving side dish of cranberry-and-orange relish is provided by the addition of an entire lemon. In addition, the concoction’s ruby-jeweled brilliance gives it the appearance of stained glass.

Salted Cinnamon Whipped Cream, Caramel-Fried Apples, and Vanilla Cookies

Over the course of the night, the pudding takes on a lovely smoothness. Vanilla cookies, caramel-fried apples, and salted cinnamon whipped cream all come together in the end.