In these modern times, people usually rely on the online streaming sites when it comes to watching their favorite movies and tv shows and that too for free. This is how they feed their entertainment hunger. There are many popular online streaming sites and one of the most popular among them is Netflix.

The only drawback Netflix has is that it has a limited number of movies and shows for its users as it has the copyright of the content. Therefore, viewers are left with no choice but to start looking for other different sites which will provide them with the content they want to watch.

The online streaming sites which are available other than netflix are not only free but also offer its users to watch the content in different languages. When it comes to watching Bollywood movies and Indian cinema then Bolly2Tolly is one of the best options for you.

The platform has a vast range of content for its users and it varies from classics to the latest of the releases. It also has Tv shows and much more to offer which makes it even more appealing.

The best part about this online television platform is that the content on this site is available in different languages which varies from Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Punjabi and much more. The users can find their favourite movie and show without any kind of trouble and binge watch it.

The only drawback this platform has is that there are times when this site is not accessible because the content it offers has no copyright and therefore, it can be shut down for a while.

If such a thing happens then we have got you certain alternatives to Bolly2Tolly so that nothing can stop you from enjoying your leisure time and you can hook onto these other platforms and watch your favourite shows and movies for absolutely no cost.

Some of the safest alternatives have been selected by us in order for you to enjoy them . These sites have a huge audience and they are used across the world.


What Is Bolly2Tolly?

Bolly2Tolly has proved to be one of the most famous online streaming sites when it comes to Indian cinema. The huge database this site has offers the audience a great amount of movies and tv shows to pick from.

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These movies and shows vary from the classics to the latest releases. This has both Bollywood and Tollywood content and the content is available in different languages which include Punjabi, Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

This site had one major drawback and that was that the content was not legal and there was no copyright which led to its shutdown. The website was blocked by numerous countries which also included India and this is the reason why this site is hard to access now.

At first, the use of this site was very simple as one just had to search for their favourite movie in the search box and this navigated the user to the page where the details of the movie were given and one single click led the user to enjoy the cinema. Users could also download the movie and enjoy watching it later.

Is Bolly2Tolly Legal?

This site is not legal as it uses the content which has no copyright. Countries have strict rules against copyright infringement and even India abides by these rules, therefore, this site was shut down as the content was not legal and had no copyright.

This can lead to serious implications which include hefty fines and even jail time. The material which Bolly2Tolly uses is illegal and is prohibited in most of the countries across the globe.

5 Best Alternatives to Bolly2tolly

1. Rainiertamayo

When it comes to similar sites to Bolly2Tolly to watch movies and shows online, Rainiertamayo is the best option for you. This platform offers you with a huge collection of movies and shows which are in high definition and are absolutely free to access.

The content can also be downloaded by the users for which a tutorial video is also available at this online platform itself. The best part about this online television platform is that it offers content in various regional languages so that people from all across the globe can enjoy watching their favourite movies and shows.

The easy to use interface is very much user friendly and this platform has very few pop up ads which enhances the viewer experience even more. One can still use ad blocker while using such platforms to avoid any kind of interruption while enjoying their favourite movie or show.

2. Einthusan

When one is looking for an alternative to Bolly2Tolly then Einthusan is one of the best options as it has a very huge collection of movies. These movies are available in numerous languages which include Hindi, Punjabi, kannada, telugu, tamil, malayalam and many more.

Viewers can also download their favourite movie or tv show from this online platform so that they can enjoy it later.

The easy to use interface makes this platform even more user friendly. The content available on this site is absolutely free of cost and is available in high definition. So if you are looking for a great alternative to Bolly2Tolly then Einthusan is the right choice for you!

3. LosMovies

One of the most trusted online platforms to stream movies and tv shows is LosMovies. The content on this site is absolutely free and it varies from a wide range of latest releases to classics. This is available in the best high definition quality.

This great quality of video can be enjoyed by the viewers for free. The content on this site has been arranged for the users according to the genres, actors, directors, countries and many more categories so that the user has no trouble in finding their favourite movie and show and enjoy it to the fullest.

4. 123Movies

Another great alternative to Bolly2Tolly is 123Movies. This online platform offers the users with a vast range of movies and shows. This site has seen many shutdowns due to copyright issues.

The content on this site is not legal and therefore, it has been shut down many times but has still survived to serve the users with free content all these years. The only issue with this platform is that it has a lot of pop up ads and it can prove to be a pain for the users as it can lead them to be navigated to a different site altogether and interrupt their watching experience.

If an ad blocker is used then this site can amaze you as it has content in absolutely high definition and the interface is user friendly.

5. LetMeWatchThis

When it comes to an alternative to Bolly3Tolly then LetMeWatchThis is good to go. This online platform offers its users a great and easy to use interface and a huge amount of content which is available on its server for absolutely free.

The best part about this online site is that it does not have any lags and buffering periods. Therefore, the viewers can watch the content without any interruption. The only drawback of this site is that it has a lot of pop up ads which can prove to be a hurdle while enjoying your favourite movie and tv show.

Therefore, it is recommended to the users to use an ad blocker while using this online platform as when this one thing is overcome by the users then this site is handed down the best online platform to watch free movies and tv shows. The content is in High Definition and the quality is absolutely stunning.

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The online platform- Bolly2Tolly has proved to be one of the favourites for all the movie lovers all around the world. When one is looking for a platform which is as good as Bolly2Tolly, it can be a difficult ride as it offers a wide range of movies and shows but there are still some sites which the users can go and visit.

The five sites which are mentioned above might prove helpful to the users who are lovers of Indian Cinema. These sites can prove to be a boon to the users as they not only have free movies and shows but also content which is malware free. The high definition content makes it worth a try.