There has been an emergence of a lot of new websites in the world of the internet when it comes to movie streaming. Their major aim is to make money rather than thinking about their users. And most of them are usually a place where all one can find is pop up ads and viruses. But there are some sites that are legit and one of them is Cinebloom.

This is a site where the user can watch their favorite show or movie for no cost. The layout which this site has is specifically designed keeping the experience of the users in mind.One can either find a lot of new releases on the home page or can search for the one which they want to watch. The library which this site offers is pretty huge. This site is new in the market but in spite of this, it has not left any stone unturned to prove its place.

7 Best Cinebloom Alternatives to Watch HD Movies in 2021

The problem with these free sites is that the content which they offer has no government copyright and therefore is always under the check of the government. They use a third party server to offer you the content.

Yet another issue with these sites is that they have a lot of pop up ads which can often contain some virus which when downloaded can prove a problem to your system.Therefore, one should always use a VPN or an ad blocker while accessing these platforms.

1. WatchFree

When one is looking for an online streaming site just like Cinebloom then WatchFree can be the right option for you. This site offers you with a vast collection of movies and TV shows for you to binge watch. These movies vary from latest to old.

The design of this site is also unique and is designed in such a way that it seems to be in an orderly manner. The user can select the movie which they want to watch from the top menu. The recent movies can be found below with HD quality. The plus point about this site is that one does not need to register to watch movies from all genres.

2. Soap2day

Another amazing site which offers you to watch free movies and shows is Soap2day. This site updates new releases for its users and it has a feature of mentioning the popular movies and shows at the sidebar. One can also search for their favourite movie using the search option.

One can find all the latest movies and shows on the homepage itself and their search can be narrowed down by selecting the year of release, IMDB rating popularity and many other options.One also does not need to register to use this site.

3. YesMovies

The most easy to use alternative to Cinebloom is YesMovies as it has layout which makes it very easy to navigate from one site to another. All the latest movies are present on the homepage of this site and most of them can be found in high definition or standard HD.

The users can also filter their choice by choosing the movies by selecting the IMDB rating, popularity and genre. This site also does not require the user to register which makes it all the more easy to access.

4. Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the first online streaming sites which started streaming movies online for free. This site gained so much popularity that it was ranked amongst the top 250 most popular sites by Alexa ranking. This site has faced many shutdowns due to the copyright issue but it still manages to offer its users with the free content by changing its domain extension.

This site has one of the largest databases for you to choose from with millions of films to offer. One can probably find all the movies and shows on this site.

5. Moviesjoy

Another free online streaming site for you to watch your favourite movies and shows is MoviesJoy. All the latest movies and shows can be found on this site on the very homepage of this platform. The site has a great database which offers you with almost 10,000 movies and tv shows. One als does not need to register to watch movies or shows on this site.

6. Pubfilm

Another excellent streaming site for the users to watch online movies and tv shows is Pubfilm. This site has a huge database which offers you with a great amount of movies and shows which can be searched by categorizing the genre, release year and other options available on this site which makes your search easy and efficient.

One can also find all the classics on this site and one also does not need to register to binge watch their favourite movie or show.

7. AZMovies

When one is looking for an alternative for Cinebloom then AZMovies is a great choice. This site receives approximately 4.4 million visitors every month which makes it very popular among movie lovers. This site has one drawback and that is that it is filled with pop up ads therefore, it is advised to the users that they use an ad blocker while using this site.

If they don’t use the ad blocker then a single click on the ad might lead them to some other site. This site also does not need you to register which is why it is preferred by so many people.


The movie lovers can go and watch their favourite movie and show to these sites now and watch them all for free. If in case Cinebloom is down then these sites can be used by the users. The only thing which a user has to keep in mind while using these sites is to use a VPN and an ad blocker. If one has these two things in readiness then they are good to go.