Common Questions about CBD Oil for Dogs

When you have a dog, one of the worst things is watching your pet suffer. These lovely animals make your life beautiful, and their suffering hurts you, so you will do everything to help them. On this link, see how to recognize an animal in pain. Of course, the first and foremost thing is to take your furry buddy to the vet. But is there anything else you can do?

Animals suffer from almost the same diseases as humans. Given the similar body structure, they can use most human drugs and supplements to treat these conditions, only in adjusted amounts. That also applies to CBD oil which has gained great popularity among people due to its effectiveness. That triggered the demand for these supplements in the pet world, too.

Common Questions about CBD Oil for Dogs

What Is It Made of?

If you consider CBD oil for your pup, one of the first questions to come up is, ‘what is it made of?’ Probably because you heard that CBD is a cannabis derivative. That’s true, but it’s also a hemp derivative. And since hemp, marijuana, and cannabis belong to the same plant breed, that’s what causes all the confusion.

Pet CBD oils are made exclusively from hemp. This plant has some similarities with the other two. But its THC content is way lower than in cannabis. Some strains don’t have it at all. Breeders even crossbreed strains to get the high CBD content and keep the THC amount low.

There’s usually no THC in hemp-derived products. You can find these products marked as isolates or broad-spectrum, and you can see that information in lab reports. If not, you run the risk of putting your pup in serious trouble by giving them something of unknown origin.

Is It Safe?

For years, you’ve been hearing about the many benefits of these hemp products. But despite all knowledge and scientific proof, many people still hesitate to try these natural remedies. If you’re among them, you’re still in doubt whether it’s okay for your pet to be on CBD oil? The answer is an unequivocal ‘yes.’

Today, dog owners across the country are discovering the many benefits of adding hemp supplements to their dogs’ diets. But many commercial products are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that are not good for animals. Unlike them, CBD oil for dogs is all-natural, derived from organic hemp by using extraction methods and food-grade solvents (olive, coconut, MCT oil, etc.).

How Cannabidiol Works

Despite a wealth of available information, not all pet owners are aware of the true nature of cannabidiol and the many healing powers it offers. This doubt is because knowledge about this hemp derivative and its effects on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is relatively new.

CBD is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, but it resembles compounds that mammals’ bodies secrete. These are known as endocannabinoids, and they are fuel for ECS. When your pup’s body lacks these compounds, the ECS’s work is disordered. That’s when the animal becomes sick, anxious, and disturbed. The natural balance is disrupted, which has negative effects on your pet’s health.

That’s where CBD hops in. This hemp derivative has a positive effect on the body’s homeostasis by acting as endocannabinoids. It binds to receptors all over the dog’s body, helps the regeneration of broken connections between nerve cells, and improves message transmission through the nervous system. In simple words, it boosts ECS to work correctly again.

How Can Your Dog Benefit from CBD Oil?

Animal studies have shown that this purified form of CBD is highly effective in helping animals treat and recover from various ailments. But you should never use it as a medicine replacement, as it’s still not approved for that. Instead, give it to your furry buddy only as a supplement.

How Can Your Dog Benefit from CBD Oil

As mentioned, the ECS affects various processes in the body, such as immune responses to threats, wound healing, digestion, brain health, etc. As CBD improves its work, it can help with seizures, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, behavioral issues, and many others. Even if your pets are in perfect shape, a regular intake of hemp-derived oil can help them maintain good health and vitality for a long time.

CBD shows great potential in treating severe diseases like cancer, but only as an adjunct to therapy. If your pup has undergone surgery or chemo, this supplement helps reduce the side effects and pain during and after these treatments. In animals in the recovery phase, CBD oil can boost appetite, which in the long run improves immunity response. It also helps in reducing feelings of nausea and stomach issues.

What Is the Best CBD Oil?

When looking at the different pet hemp products available, look for those that contain only natural ingredients. These should be offered by reputable pet brands with a good track records and many happy customers. You want to make sure that what you are giving your dog is truly organic and pure, not just some cheap oil advertised as a magical cure-all.

Check tips on spotting fake CBD products below:

CBD oils for dogs are still not approved as a cure – so far, they can be sold and used only as supplements. So never buy hemp goods advertised as cure-alls. Once you have cleared these details, you can start looking for the best product for your pet. And while waiting for new findings on this topic, let your pup enjoy its benefits, of course, under vet supervision.