The CompTIA Network+ certificate provides all the interested individuals with the knowledge of the networking concepts covering the theoretical and practical areas. It is a vendor-neutral certification, which is trusted by the reputable organizations across the world. They include Cisco, Apple, HP, Canon, Verizon, and Dell, among others.

Pursuing any IT certification comes with its challenges, and the same goes for this path. Thus, getting the right resources and dedicating the time to study them can be a big problem, especially for the busy professionals. However, when you focus on the end goal, it becomes easier to go through the process and achieve success.

What Preparation Resources Should You Use to Add CompTIA Network+ Certification to Your CV as Quickly as Possible

The Network+ certification focuses on wireless and wired networks as well as core system connections and endpoint devices. When it comes to preparing for its prerequisite test, the candidates have numerous resources that they can explore. Unfortunately, the volume of tools can lead to the information overload, so it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the plethora of materials. This post shares the best prep tips that the individuals can use to ace the Certbolt exam.


How To Efficiently Prepare For The Comptia Network+ Certification Exam?

The first thing that the individuals must understand is that there are numerous preparation options that they can explore for this test. The choice of each candidate will depend on his/her preferred prep method. This means that you must understand your personal preferences and your learning style and then choose the tools that will surely help you.

All in all, the prep resources that you can explore based on your study preference include the following options:

1. Self-study Materials

The self-study resources are the best option for the busy professionals. If you do not have the luxury of time to attend a classroom training course, you can take advantage of various self-study materials that are available to you. You can find books, video lectures, and blog posts that will be very effective for your preparation.

We recommend that you choose these options carefully and use only the reputable platforms with the up-to-date tools such as You can also check the official site for various helpful resources.

2. Instructor-led training Courses

The instructor-led training courses come with a lot of advantages, especially for those students who are not very good at studying on their own. This prep option allows you to ask questions and get answers from the certified tutors.

You can also get some hands-on practice while going through this training option. They are available in different formats, including physical classroom and virtual learning. You can explore the official platform for the details of the instructor-led training course and how to participate in .

3. Practice Tests

Whether you choose the self-study or instructor-led training option, you must invest some time in taking practice tests. Before you start your preparation, you need to go through the exam blueprint to understand the topics of the certification test. Next, use this tool to measure your existing knowledge and skills in the exam content.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

Following these steps will let you know your knowledge gaps and the areas that you need to focus on when studying. At the end of your learning, spend some time taking practice tests again to see how much you have learned and evaluate your readiness for the actual exam.


To sum it all up, you need to prepare the way that is suitable for you personally. Please also note that it is recommended to give yourself at least two months of dedicated study before you attempt the exam. It is better to take your time to prepare than retake the test after failing an attempt. So, good luck and don’t overwork yourself!