Finding sites where you can watch unlimited movies and Television shows for free is one of the great pleasures of the internet. There is plenty of content available, ranging from classic films to recent episodes of today’s most popular shows.

Cricfree is one of those sites where you can avail all those facilities. However, the following are some alternatives to cricfree to provide various options to the users for unlimited access to their favorite movies and tv series.

Cricket, a game that has captured the hearts of billions worldwide, has witnessed a proliferation of streaming platforms dedicated to its coverage. Cricfree stands tall among them, offering die-hard fans a chance to catch all the action.

If you’ve ever wondered about the ins and outs of Cricfree, here’s a detailed dive into this cricket streaming platform.


What is Cricfree?

Cricfree is an online streaming service that primarily offers live broadcasts of cricket matches. Over time, it has expanded its content library to include other sports like football, tennis, basketball, and more. The platform operates through various channels, ensuring that fans don’t miss a single moment of their favorite sports.

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Top 10 Alternative Sites To Cricfree

1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is an internet platform for watching live Television, particularly sports programs. It is a television channel that broadcasts entertainment and sports programming.

Moreover, Advertisements support Stream2watch, which works even with ad-blocking software. For most major sports, many channels are usually available, thus accessibility can be an issue.

And, The nicest thing about Stream2Watch is that sports fans will always be able to locate live streams and feeds for any sport they are interested in watching. Stream2Watch works by embedding numerous internet services to provide a stream to its users.

2. VIPBox

VipBoxTV is the greatest sports live broadcasting platform, created specifically for sports lovers. Users may watch live sports streaming from all over the world on this site, and learn about everything from football events to ice hockey championships.

Further, This site has recently added several of the new sporting events that are the icing on the cake for sports fans.People can view this website from anywhere in the world. Many features, like the admin tool, are included, adding to the amazing streaming experience.

3. Ronaldo7

Ronaldo7 has made all of Ronaldo’s football games available to you online. It has all of Ronaldo’s details, however, when it comes to watching live football matches, it’s an incredible service. And to visit such a website, you must be a passionate admirer.

Ronaldo7, often known as CR7, seems to be the only place on the web that has practically every game of football played by Ronaldo. Not only that, but this site also provides live streaming of football matches as well as a detailed biography of Ronaldo, as well as headlines, pictures, and notifications.

4. ScoresInLive

ScoresInLive can be one of the best places for sports enthusiasts, only if you are ready to look at things and results quickly. However, if you choose to watch a stream, it may take longer, so you should have a backup plan in place with a blog like ScoresInLive.

This site provides you and keeps you updated with the daily, goals scored and outcomes that you are hoping to watch in a hectic schedule.

As well as of course, users always can sort the scores and outcomes based on their favourite sports. In addition, provides live scores and results from multiple sources to present the most recent live scores of all current day’s matches for all major sports.

5. FromHot

FromHot is a decent site with a large database containing all live broadcasting sports from different sections. It displays a list of impending sports on its main website. Even so, if you want to watch a specific sport, you must select it from the categorization segment

As a matter of fact, FromHot has all of the hottest and most recent sports content to watch. There are always a lot of sports streams available on this webpage that can be broadcasted straight away.


LAOLA1 is among the greatest sites for viewing sports and video broadcasts on the web. It also includes several videos related to sports and gaming. The site is specifically built for die-hard sports fans who want to watch all of their favourite sporting events in one spot, and LAOLA1 is the finest place to do it.

In like manner, As a true fan of the sport, users will have access to a plethora of live sports networks, as well as preferential replay videos and live footage from the sports industry.

Furthermore, In practically all nations, LAOLA1 media is freely available in decent quality and quantity. All live broadcasts and recaps from a variety of sports networks are available for free on the LAOLA1 consolidated portal.

7. VIPLeague

VIPLeague is comparable to most streaming live portals in that it includes all sporting events streams. The server is simple and provides some interesting streams.Firstly, People were introduced to internet streaming webpages to make it easy for people and to allow them to enjoy the pleasure of watching their favourite games at residence with their loved ones.

Secondly, users can watch baseball, football, basketball, NBA, and a variety of other sports. Everyone nowadays is very extremely busy, and no one has time to sit back and unwind while watching their preferred sports.

8. StreamHunter

As the title suggests, this place is all about broadcasting, but not just any sort of broadcast; StreamHunter aims at providing sports streaming. With StreamHunter, users can always watch high-quality live sports streams from their computer at work or from their phone or tablet while moving.

Unlike many other websites, it also provides a variety of different sports classifications such as Football, Cricket, Boxing and Handball, Soccer, among others. Every other section has its own set of channels that can be watched and streamed.

StreamHunter also has core features like bringing almost all major league sports channels, simple software, sports coverage, a search button, and no registration is needed.

9. BatMan

BatManStream is a website that broadcasts live sports matches online. Beginning with BatManStream is very easy and requires users to select their preferred sport and verify for online broadcasts if any match is being played in any region.

Likewise, Users can also go for a televised game, where they can separately check for matches that are presently being streamed live.

Another great feature of BatManStream is its enhanced search term, which can be used to find matches live. BatManStream also provides real-time reports for those who just want to know the total score.

10. Sportlemon

Sportlemon is yet another online blog for watching sports like football, hockey, baseball, tennis, and basketball. SportLemon is a fantastic webpage for having a good time, but it does not have any reserves to show you.

It is dependent on the various streaming websites and allows sports fans to watch their beloved matches on these sites. Additionally, SportLemon is the best and most comprehensive online sport live streaming portal, with the best 3-dimensional and High definition impacts and visual features.

One of the best features of SportLemon is that it allows you to watch live sports matches without having to install any tabs, survey data, or viruses.

What happened to Cricfree?

Rumors and speculations often swirl around popular streaming sites, and Cricfree is no exception. Occasionally, due to copyright issues or disputes, the platform might face temporary shutdowns.

However, Cricfree has displayed resilience, often resurfacing under different domains or mirror sites to continue serving its loyal user base.

Is Cricfree Still Operational?

Yes, Cricfree continues to function, albeit sometimes under different domain extensions due to aforementioned issues. It’s always advisable to use trusted and recommended links to access the site to ensure safety and authenticity.

Who is the Founder of Cricfree?

The exact identity of Cricfree’s founder remains somewhat elusive, which is not uncommon for platforms operating in the grey areas of content streaming. However, the service’s inception can be credited to a team dedicated to bringing live sports action to fans without hefty subscription fees.

Benefits of Cricfree:

  • Vast Content Library: Apart from cricket, Cricfree streams a plethora of other sports, making it a hub for sports enthusiasts.
  • No Subscription Needed: Cricfree operates without charging users, ensuring that fans can watch their favorite games without any fees.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a simple layout and categorized channels, navigating through Cricfree is a breeze.
  • Multiple Streaming Links: For popular matches, Cricfree often provides multiple links, ensuring uninterrupted viewing even if one stream goes down.

Is Cricfree Safe?

While Cricfree itself aims to provide a straightforward streaming experience, caution is advised. The platform might have ads or pop-ups, some of which could be malicious. Using an ad-blocker and ensuring a secure network connection can help mitigate risks. Always steer clear of suspicious links or download prompts.

Is Cricfree Free?

Absolutely! One of the main attractions of Cricfree is its free service. While it might generate revenue through ads, the platform does not charge its users any subscription or one-time fees.

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Those were some Cricfree substitutes to take into account if you want to watch films, Tv series, and other content online. Also, If you remember any other awesome alternative which has similar options and that should be included, please do tell us in the comments.

Cricfree, with its vast sports coverage and free access, has become a go-to for many sports fans around the world. While the platform offers undeniable advantages, users should exercise caution to ensure a safe streaming experience. So the next time the cricket fever hits, you know where to tune in!