Let’s take a walk down the memory lane – the year is 1999, the world cup finals, everyone is gathered around the television or radio waiting for the result of the nail-biting match. Cheers, gasps all are heard throughout the neighborhood in unison, and the final cheer, INDIA WINS!!!

These days are now far gone. No one watches the matches on TV anymore, preferring the handy online mode, sitting in their corners. CricHd was one such platform that made cricket viewing easy for many cricket lovers.

It encounters a heavy load of traffic, some cricket lovers, some sports lovers. Even though the name suggests, the site has much more to offer, ranging from cricket to rugby. You can watch live matches varying from world cups to leagues to one day, along with highlights.


15 Best Alternatives to CricHD in 2024

But, if you are somehow dissatisfied with the site, we have many other alternatives for you.

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1. Hotstar

One of the most popular, reputed, and revered platforms known across the country is Hotstar. A subsidiary of Star Pvt. Ltd., the site holds 10000s of movies and series along with live stream of sports. The site is also available as an app and is compatible across devices.

The site works flawlessly using either mobile data or even wifi. The website makes use of the latest streaming technologies to facilitate seamless playback of video in the best possible quality for its millions of viewers.

Hotstar also has a provision of customizing video quality according to the user’s internet speed. Whatever your heart needs, be it a dose of sixes and fours or some Bollywood gossip with Karan Johar, some suspense with Criminal Hostages, or a tear-jerker such as The Fault In Our Stars, Hotstar is the one-stop solution for all.

The site, however, requires a minimum fee, to access all your choice of shows and movies.

2. SonyLiv

Under the ownership of Sony Pictures Networks, Sony Liv is another leading platform for viewing live sports. It is a site facilitating general entertainment on the web and offers online streaming for the same; from sports to movies.

Users can avail of high-quality live streaming of cricket, football, WWE, T20 cricket, tennis, NBA, fight sports, racing, and many others via this platform. Adding to this, the platform also provides users with streaming of movies and TV shows from all genres.

The site has an easy and interactive UI, making browsing across the site easier. The content menu of sports, movies and TV shows at Sony Liv is full of recent, interesting media from the respective aspects.

Irrespective of the user’s location, be it India, be it abroad, Sony Liv spends a good deal of money on the site along with dedicated manpower to generate proper content for viewers.

3. PTV Sports Live

Pakistan Sports Live is the national sports channel of Pakistan which provides for HD live streaming of cricket and other sports played across the world, available across the world. It’s the all-in-all fix for all sports lovers as it offers live streaming of cricket, football, hockey, tennis, wrestling, and other sports.

Following the footsteps of CricHD, the platform has never disappointed its sea of users, from all over the world. Looking back on some recent years, this online platform has successfully lived up to the expectations of its viewers, enhancing their live stream experience by a few notches.

On the online channel, users can enjoy live matches, highlights of famous matches, along viewing the sports analysis shows. The bonus of using PTV: the site is unstoppable even with slow internet. Sounds about right?

4. Sky Sports

Next on our list is Sky sports, one of the many leading digital sports channels streamed across the world. It has been a key player in the world of Digital TVs, for many years now. Owing to its large content collection, the site has large viewer traffic.

Rising up the ladders of popularity, sky sports has gradually made its name as the most popular site for sports streaming. Sky Sports offers live streaming of all major cricket events and other sports. The brand is known for its untethered speed and quality.

Navigating across that allows you to go to the right page in no time. In sports, it offers live streaming of cricket, football, Rugby, Golf, Boxing, Tennis, Cycling, Racing, WWE, NFL, NBA, and many others.

5. Cricfree

Next on our list is Cricfree, a free stream service that operates via portals such as cricfee.tv, cricfree.sc, cricfree.org, cricfree.ws. The Cricfree tv is an online service that offers users live coverage of all sporting events without needing to download anything.

The site even offers an app, the Cricfree Tv app, which is easy to use. The apk version of the app is available on chrome wherein users can find an updated list of matches happening on the current day and the list is auto-updated daily.

The bonus point here is that cricfree live cricket provides you with HD coverage of famous sports channels.

6. CrackStreams

Next up is CrackStreams, a website serving as an entertaining platform for sport fans. The site offers NBA, NFL, Boxing and other such streams. It live streams and moreover updates links a day prior to the actual match.

Adding to this, the site allows users to talk to other sport fans, closing the chat at any time. The site also offers to use the Discord App. Compatible across devices, the site withholds its guarantee of great HD quality videos all the time, across the devices as well.

It takes a little while for videos to load, about a minute or two. While using the site there are no annoying ads opposed to TV. Users can find out more about it on Reddit. CrackStreams is completely free to use, but it’s suggested to register for better use.

7. Myp2p

Myp2p is another live stream site that helps users view sports like soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, boxing, volleyball, rugby, etc. It is a well-maintained site, well-deserving of its popularity, considering its collection of various sports.

The site has an easy and interactive UI, making it even more popular. It is compatible across all browsers.  The working of the site is simple – it collects live streams of various diverse sports from multiple sources and further, puts them together in such a way that the users can easily find them.

The site is entirely free. The only drawback is that the site streams concerning the European Time.

8. ReadStream

ReadStream.tv is another live streaming site that gives users an instant access to live streaming of football, basketball, cricket, and much more. Once logged in to ReadStream.tv users can see all the sports events that are currently broadcasting on the home page itself.

Also, simplifying search, there is an option at the top menu where users can find their choice of sport. ReadStream is currently one of the most popular and best sports live streaming sites.

9. BatmanStream

Just like Batman showing off his superhero skills in the multiverse, on the Internet we have Batmanstream.net showing its supremacy in the world of live streaming. This site has made its place and name amongst the biggest Websites due to the large traffic encountered by the site on a regular basis.

Batmanstream facilitates the streaming of all kinds of sports programs, providing the users with a huge number of options. The sports are skillfully categorized and can be searched from the homepage.

Users can also look for specific competitions or leagues, which is a boon feature for numerous football fans around the world. The site also has a couple of mirror links, some of which are not accessible from specific countries.

10. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is another popular live streaming site that provides access to live feeds, streams, and broadcasts all televised sports events, making viewing easier for users. The site is compatible across mobile and desktop devices and is also free to access.

Fans enjoy matches the most when watching with other fans and thus, to give this experience to users, stream2watch has an option of live chat.

11. LiveTV

LiveTV is another great alternative to CricHd. As the name suggests, the site offers live streaming of programs, mostly belonging to the field of sports. The special feature of this website is that it shows the statistics of each team for every specific sporting event.

The site airs a number of significant games like football, cricket and facilitates the streaming of different leagues such as the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League, and others. The site is 101 recommendations for football fans because they cover the games in real-time.

12. FromHot

FromHot simplifies access to a variety of sports by providing users with quality links to live coverage. Other than sports, the site also has content pertaining to movies and TV channels for free.

The best part of FromHOT is that it’s not limited to being just a directory for sports channels linking users with third-party websites, they do the same for other content as well.

It also offers users highlights and IPTV channels for which they then redirect you to a quality site. FromHot though looks like a site fully dedicated to sports, it does offer a diverse range of content. The sports content is at par with other streaming sites, keeping users updated.

13. VIPBox

VIPBox is famous among many sports fans, holding the title of best sport streaming site. More or less every major sports event is available on VIPBox. The site is completely legitimate, 100% legal, and completely safe to use.

The site is compatible with all devices and is thus accessible from your computer, as well as straight from your mobile devices.

14. Watchsportsonline

Watchsportonline.cc is a comparatively new live streaming sports site, which has been working its way in the market commendably. The site offers users to watch live football, baseball, cricket, and other sports matches, along with keeping them updated about the same.

They offer HD quality videos and keep them up-to-date. The site has an interactive and user-friendly UI, which makes surfing around the site easier. It also has a good and carefully categorized list-making sports searching easier by a few notches.

15. BossCast

Boss Cast is another amazing website for live streaming of sports wherever and whenever you please. If you are a person looking for the best site in the market, BossCast is the pick for you.

Like most of the other online web streaming sites, this site automatically detects the user’s time zone and displays sports matches accordingly, making it simpler to keep track of matches.

Easy UI, attractive design, and user-friendly lists are some of the attractive features of the site. It has a good collection of sports and is a 101 recommendation!

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These are our picks for your live streaming experience if you don’t want to use CricHd. There are many other similar sites but many of them use third-party sites, are illegal, or display unwanted content. Hence, we suggest you strictly stick to our list of alternatives.

These selected sites are 100% genuine and verified, and have shown very good performance. Moreover, all of these are compatible across devices, making your content accessible at your fingertips.

These sites, on the plus side, are not just limited to sports but have other content as well. Even in sports, the list of content is quite praiseworthy. Happy Streaming!