CTFU is an acronym that stands for, cracking the f*** up.  This is a slang word that is used all over internet websites. This phrase “cracking up” means to laugh your whole heart out, even to an extent that your tears come out.

You have got an acronym that will help you to convey your real feelings and the f word will add emotional intensity to your words. This phrase will add much more coolness to your words and you will be able to convey your feelings easily and clearly.

This is similar to lol, in lol “l” stands for laughing whereas in CTFU “c” stands for cracking which are somewhat similar.



When Should You Use CTFU?

CTFU is a slang used in almost every social media platform and in-person by people. Remember this slang is underrated compared to other terms like lol, rofl and lmao. Sometimes people may misunderstand you for using CTFU.

Make sure not to use this acronym out of context; only use it when you see something so funny that you can’t stop laughing. There are many slangs used all over social media but none of them have that extra intensity, but CTFU carries that extra spark.

This is the perfect word that will convey your real feelings to others. As passing times other acronyms’ usage is fading out, so if you want to keep up with the times’ ad trends you can use this latest slang.

When you laugh out uncontrollably you crack up. And cracking up is the highest level of laughter, so use this slang at times when you really can’t stop cracking up at something.

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When Should You Not Use CTFU?

Just look over how funny something is, if it’s just a matter of giggles and chuckles never use CTFU. It will make you sound like an over-excited person. If something just made you chuckle you can use an acronym like lol there.

Remember not to use the acronym CTFU in a formal and decent conversation. Use it with your friends and in informal talks. For instance, you can’t use this slang in work conversations and office emails just to sound cooler.

This will leave an unprofessional impression of you on others. As this slang has the f word in it you may offend someone directly or indirectly, so choose wisely before using it.

Lastly, many times people are not aware of these internet slang words. When you know that people you are interacting with don’t use slang and acronyms avoid using these with them. Either you can use the easy slang or you can use the whole spelling.

Some Examples 

First example.

Imagine your friend tagged you in some funny meme, and after seeing it there is a sudden burst of laughter. You can reply to him with CTFU. Yes, it will be enough as a reply. Because CTFU is a complete phrase and will convey your feelings properly.

Second example.

Your friend just sent you a very funny joke and you are working in the office. You just fell from the chair laughing so hard after reading that joke. Here, to send a virtual image of yours to your friend you can send it to him CTFU. Etc.

Third example.

You: CTFU!

Friend: what?

You: grandma just drank Redbull and can’t stop dancing?

Friend: make a video of her and send it to me.

So, you can use CTFU in-person talks also when things are really funny.

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How To Use CTFU?

From the above examples, we can understand better where and how we can use CTFU. Not just in texts, we can use this term in in-person talks also. Else, use it the way you like to. Just keep in mind the above-mentioned points. Now you know whether you see a very funny meme or a really funny video you can use CTFU.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and got all your questions answered.