Discord’s simple and easy to use interface has played an essential role in attracting users. It was created to have a platform where users can communicate with the gaming community while playing games via text and voice chat features.

Discord mostly runs perfectly, but sometimes users may face different sorts of bugs here and there, which might ruin your encounter with the Discord app. So one such problem users are facing these days is “No Route Error in Discord”.

Discord No Route


What is Discord No Route Error

No Route Error in Discord prevents users from joining voice channels on the servers, and it happens only when a user tries to join any voice channel on a server. No Route Error falls into the same group of errors as ICE checking and Stuck RTC Connecting.

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What Causes the Discord No Route Error

There’s not any perfect reason that would cause No Route Error to show up, but still, by going through different reports from the users, we’ve come to the conclusion that these may be the underlying causes for no route Discord error to cause:

  1. 3rd party antivirus software or firewall:

Whenever your 3rd party antivirus software or your firewall is running, it might block and prevent Discord from connecting with an external server. These software or firewalls may not permit Discord to make a connection with an external server.

  1. The assigned IP address has changed:

There’s a particular IP address that has been assigned to your pc, and if that changes (which happens only in the case of a dynamic IP address that changes regularly ), the system gets stuck, and it might cause No Route Error to show up whenever you try to connect to an external server. To solve this, you can try restarting your system.

  1. Using a VPN without UDP:

If Discord no route error shows up then that means there’s a voice connection problem with an external server, and you can configure a VPN and link it on your PC. But remember, Discord is designed only to work with a particular VPN with UDP (User Datagram Protocol).

  1. Restricted network:

If a user tries to connect to an external server and No Route Error shows up, the network you are trying to access may be the cause. The network’s admin may have restricted Discord.

  1. Server’s voice region settings:

Sometimes this error shows up due to the problem on the other side that is the server’s voice region settings. Your area may not be included in the server’s voice region settings, which might cause the error to show up.

  1. Incompatibility of QoS with your system:

QoS is a set of technology that works on a network and allows users to run high priority applications, and reduces packet loss. But there’s a straightforward way to solve this you can try disabling it from video and voice settings from your system.

How to Fix Discord No Route Error

No Route Error in Discord might ruin your experience with Discord, but here are some tested methods listed below that will help you to solve the error:

Note: Make sure that your network should be private and not public.

Method 1 – Restart Your Devices

Rebooting your pc modem and router can help you to run the system resources which get stuck. No Route Error on Discord can not be resolved simply by restarting it, and it occurs mostly when the system’s Dynamic IP changes and disrupts its connections with IPV6.

However, we follow this procedure of rebooting your system modem and router so that when your system restarts, it’ll change the IP address on its own, and a new address can help you connect with voice channels on Discord and end up No Route Error.

Method 2 – Uninstall Third-Party Firewall Or Whitelist Discord

Whenever your 3rd party antivirus software or your firewall is running, it might block and prevent Discord from connecting with an external server. Disabling and uninstalling security software may help. But we do not suggest uninstalling such security software permanently.

If, after uninstalling and disabling third-party applications, you’re able to access external voice channels, it can be concluded that the error was shown because of third-party software. Follow these steps:

Method 2.1 – Uninstall Third-Party Firewall

Step 1. On search bar type control panel.

Step 2. Click on view by category on the upper right-hand side, then press on the programs section.

Step 3. Click on uninstall a program, Scroll down and find your third party software.

Step 4. Right click on it to select uninstall.

Step 5. Follow all the on-screen prompts to completely uninstall 3rd party software from your PC.

Step 6. Restart your computer and check if now you can access voice channels on Discord or not.

Method 2.2 – Whitelist Discord

Step 1. Go to the start menu and find settings.

Step 2. Click on update and security.

Step 3. Find Windows Defender, then open windows defender security.

Step 4. Click on Firewall and network protection, then find and click on allow an app through a firewall.

Step 5. Press on the change settings box and scroll to find Discord.

Step 6. Check the private box.

When Discord gets white-listed, it will allow users to access voice channels on an external server via Discord, and No Route Error should be gone. If the issue is still not solved, navigate to the next method

Method 3 – Use VPN With UDP

No Route Error on Discord shows up whenever the VPN linked to your pc is not configured to use UDP. This happens because Discord is designed only to work with a particular VPN that has (user datagram protocol ) UDP.

Try disabling VPN and then connecting to an external voice channel server on Discord. If Discord no route error disappears, it shows VPN was not configured correctly or didn’t have UDP. So now, use a new different VPN or disable anonymity service while using Discord.

Method 4 – Verify Whether Discord Is Blocked By Your Network Admin

If you are experiencing No Route Error in Discord only when you are on certain premises, then it may be due to the network’s restriction.

Sometimes in professional and educational institutions, the network activities are restricted to certain limits, and external communication applications are the first to get restricted by the network’s admin.

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Type control panel in the search bar and click on it

Step 2. Find and click on the network and internet then, go to the network and sharing center.

Step 3. Click on your connection’s hyperlink.

Step 4. On the next window, click on properties.

Step 5. When the properties dialogue box appears, click on networking, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Step 6. Click on properties again, and then scroll down to DNS server.

Step 7. Check on Use the following DNS server addresses option.

Step 8. Keep Preferred DNS server’s value to 8 8 8 8.

Step 9. Keep the Alternate DNS server’s value to 8 8 4 4, then click ok.

Step 10. Reboot your system and try accessing voice channels on the external server via Discord

If the issue persists, go on to the next method.

Method 5 – Change The Server’s Voice Region

If you are connecting to a server from a different continent, it may happen that your area may not be included in the server’s voice region settings, which might cause No Route Error to show up.

For this, you can ask the server’s admin to change the voice region settings and include your region as well.

Ask admin of that server to

Step 1. First, go to server setting.

Step 2. Choose the server region.

If still, No Route Error on Discord exist, then follow the next method.

Method 6 – Disable QoS From Voice & Video

Your system may not be able to keep up with High Packet Priority Quality of Service. Your system may not be compatible with QoS, which may cause this error.

For this, users need to disable QoS from user settings.

follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Discord application.

Step 2. Navigate and click on the gear icon (user settings).

Step 3. Scroll and click on app settings.

Step 4. Choose voice & video.

Step 5. Scroll down to QoS and disable the toggle key associated with enabling Quality of Service High Packet Priority.

Step 6. Close the Discord app and rerun it.

Step 7. Check if the Discord no route error is resolved or not by connecting with a voice channel server.

If the error is still showing up, then go for the next method.

Method 7 – Flushing The DNS Setting

Many users reported that running these given below commands had fixed their No Route Error on Discord permanently. It resets their IP configurations and helps to resolve the error.

Step 1. Click on Windows + R, a run dialogue box appears.

Step 2. Type cmd in run prompt.

Step 3. To open command prompt, press ctrl + shift + enter.

Step 4. In the command prompt, type the below-given command and then press Enter.

ipconfig /release

Step 5. Once the IP configuration is released type, ipconfig /flushdnsPress enter to flush DNS settings.

Step 6. To renew your IP configuration type:

ipconfig /renew

Step 7. When done, restart your system.

Reboot your machine and try accessing voice channels on Discord.

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Discord is now not just an app used by gamers to communicate with their gaming community while playing but for socializing as well. I hope these above-mentioned methods fix No Route Error on Discord.

If you’re still not able to access voice channels on Discord, try contacting the Discord support team.