Discord application is suitable for desktop, computer, and even Android phones. Discord application has many features like a chat lobby, a message board that will allow us to talk with each other, and a VoIP chatting system.

Nowadays, the popularity of this software has just crossed borders and flying high to reach success. For creating a Discord account first and foremost thing we should do is install the app from the play store or Mac app store and make a registration with our details.

Once you got your own identity, then we can start either by creating a new Discord server and sending the invitation codes to our friends or by using an invitation code, we can join an existing server. For creating a server we just need a valid server name.

We cannot search for servers to join on the Discord app but still, we can join an active group when the other party sends us an invitation code or if there is an open invitation code, we can join and have fun with the unknown players.

This application is quite different from other VoIP applications because this software has lower latency levels and helps us in talking with people all over the world. Screen sharing is not there in the mobile versions, but we can still make video calls with all users and receive screen share video calls from desktop users.

5 Most Amazing Features of Discord

As mentioned above in the introduction, this Discord application is one of the most popular and growing platforms in gaming and streaming. There are several features or advantages that made a Discord stand out of the crowd and had marked its own significance in advancing technology. Out of those features, there are five amazing features of Discord they are as follows:

1. User Interface: UI stands for the user interface; this application has an easy and understandable user interface so that anybody can play the games and have fun.

2. Set-Up: Discord has an easy and effective set-up that makes the user play without any interruptions because it provides bug fixes.

3. Service: there are many services offered by Discord application that made it shine brighter than any other platform. These services are it has voice chat, video call chat, group messages, and group calls. We can even share our images, photographs, videos, and quotes with the people on the other side of the globe.

4. Availability on various platforms: this Discord application is available on different platforms and devices. We can even download it on a desktop or mobile phone. This is one of the most important features of all other features.

5. Free of Charge: The Discord application is available for free of cost and is completely virus-free without any advertisements. So the only thing we should do is that download it and have amazing gameplay with the other players or users.