We all, as an artist and as a creator, should be able to give any recognizable shape to our ideas. And I am sure that most of the artists, want to do so if they already don’t do so. To aid us in this process, we rely on software and applications to save the idea in a defined shape, a draft.

When we start working out on our draft, on the tool, we have expectations from it, at least I do, and I suppose most of us do. This makes it a lot important to choose a great tool that can aid and assist us instead of burdening us with its limitations.

For people who work with drawings, illustrators, logo and design makers, and others of vivid and colorful professions, choosing good software is of high importance. Where good software can improve your abilities to manifolds, one bad choice can restrict your capabilities to a great extent that too without you knowing it.


7 Best Drawing Software

For the sake of you not risking your career, learning, and time, We have put in much time and hard work to present to you this list of the 7 best drawing software.

1. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is no doubt the very first choice of ours and of all others. Adobe, no doubt, has been the provider of the most loved software for creators. The software is simply a premium, gold standard tool to enhance your drawings exponentially with its numerous drawing and editing tools.

In addition to being one of the first players in the industry, it is still as revered as always. Even if you are a newbie, trying to get your hands on nice software, easy to use, yet capable of much more, Adobe is still a yes. Adobe will give you a great tour cum tutorial of the software that you will feel as a master yourself.

If we talk about the pricing, Adobe Photoshop CC can be bought as a part of the Adobe creative cloud and individually too. The prices are different for individuals, businesses, professionals, and students and teachers. Also, it offers a free 7 days full trial so that you know if this software is apropos for you or not.

2. CorelDraw

CorelDraw is software even using which will make you feel professional. It is packed with tools for better vector illustration, photo editing, page layout, typography and you name it. The software has been created keeping in mind that different users use different devices. Separate versions are created to make it function optimally on every device.

The software also offers you a huge library of royalty-free content. Using this you can save a lot of your time and increase your efficiency. HD images, fonts, clip arts, etc. all kind of content is available in the library. It also hosts many other time-saving tools like vector mosaic generators, automated symmetrical design, and shadow effects manipulators.

Coming to affordability, it comes with different time packages. Monthly, annually, and a lifetime purchase. The monthly subscription is for $6.50 only and is billed annually. The license for the CorelDraw Graphics suite 2019 can be bought for $569. If you have the license for an older version it can be upgraded for $329.

3. Affinity Designer

Affinity, like its name, has been created to help the designers endlessly with its smooth and seamless performance. Indeed it was made for focusing on speed, accuracy, and obviously for the best user workflow. Affinity removes every possible hindrance to insure that you and your work stay unaffected from any technical obstacles.

It was not possible to exclude it from this list, it was always so good to resist. Its features especially its zooming-in feature are out of the world. It can zoom in up to 1,000,000% (1 million %), you heard it right, a whopping one million percent zoom, and without sacrificing any other component such as accuracy. The pricing starts from $19.99 for iPad and $49.99 for the desktop version (for Windows and Mac).

4. Draw Plus

Draw plus is a great software even if you are naïve or an expert. Draw plus has lots of features and is fully customizable which helps you create various art pieces. Some of its features that are worth a mention are that it comes with many brushes which are super realistic and natural-looking.

For new users, it offers a full tutorial with an on-screen “How to” guide to assist and answer most of your queries. As this software is legacy software, the only way you can buy it is only through Affinity Store for $24.99.

5. Clip Studio Paint

Designers with their major interests in painting and drawing will no doubt love Clip Studio Paint, the reason simply being the abundance of features that aid in a realistic experience. The software can, for instance, high sensitivity strokes with recognition of 8000+ different pressures.

Comic writers and Manga writers will find it good too as it offers many writing bubbles for dialogues of course. The AI colorization feature of Clip Studio Paint will accurately finish off coloring when you brush up just a little part for the hint. You can create amazing animations with it as it offers timelines, camera moments, sound effects, and music.

To talk about pricing Paint Pro costs $49.99 and Paint EX costs $219.00 only, which is a very reasonable price for a one-time purchase of such wonderful designing software.

6. Krita

Krita is an open-source designing software therefore free to use. For artists who are looking for cheap (it’s not cheap, it’s free) software but are not willing to compromise, Krita has come as your savior definitely. It is a powerful tool to create concept art, illustrations, textures, and comics.

Krita does not compromise on the quality of being free, instead, it offers almost as many features as other software in the list. For students and new learners, who are not willing to invest a huge sum in the beginning phase of their career can rely on it.

7. MediBang Paint Pro

MediBang Pro has been in the market for quite a time now and is a part of series of the MediBang Paint series for desktop users. It comprises of every essential and many additional features for the creation of masterpieces. The user interface of the software is very tidy and organized which allows new users to adjust to it very quickly.

With a battalion of more than 50 brushes, it also has several other features especially to aid works of Comics and Manga. Also, there are free 800+ backgrounds and numerous fonts. While you were reading you might have searched for its price, but it is not written as there isn’t any. Yes! The software is absolutely free to use.


With a lot of research and trials, we have been able to shortlist the best-claimed software for designers on this list. If we were to shorten it any further it would have been an injustice to everyone. Know that no one software might work for all, but we can assure you that the one which works for you has been mentioned in the list already, all you need to do is to go and find out with their free trials and the type of work you want to do.