As a health policy attorney and patient advocate, Erin M Gilmer travelled across the country to help those who were unable to work because of health or financial difficulties.

Gilmer earned his law degree from the University of Colorado School of Law and was subsequently admitted to the Texas Bar in that year. When she graduated in 2005 with a degree in psychology and an emphasis on international economics, her bio stated that she also had a minor in political science. 

Erin Gilmer Disability Activist Dies


Erin Gilmer Dies

Thursday, July 8, 2021, was the tragic day that a prominent mental health and disability rights advocate took her own life. As a result of her death by suicide, the healthcare “system she sought to improve failed her,” said sympathisers on the internet. 

A few hours before her death on Thursday, Erin Gilmer, whose age is unknown, wrote an emotional letter to a person she cared about. Many people were surprised by her death, given that she was on a mission to reform health and patient policies in the United States.

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Fans and mental health advocates expressed their sorrow and love after learning of Gilmer’s death. “As a disability rights advocate, I am devastated to hear that Erin Gilmer took her own life after enduring years of pain and suffering in a healthcare system that was unable or unwilling to provide her with relief.

Her final tweet was this one. Not the other way around, we let her down “One Twitter user expressed their thoughts on the matter. 

“To hear that a disability rights activist committed suicide in order to end the pain caused by a broken system is heartbreaking. Most healthy people cannot fathom how badly our country fails those who are chronically ill, but this is not necessary “added yet another 

“I was shocked to learn of Erin Gilmer’s (@GilmerHealthLaw) suicide, as she was an outspoken advocate for people with disabilities. Erin was someone I didn’t know but admired for her work and candour about her chronic pain. The system let her down, and that’s a tragedy “a third voice was heard.