In this digital world creation of videos has become much more popular among young generations. Through the video-making apps, they will enhance their creativity and give life to the imagination.

Filpagram is one such app that you can use to create videos in very simple steps. Through this app, you can take pictures and make videos of those pictures. And also you can share it through connected social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

There are many more options available for creating videos with amazing features. So why you need to stick to this single app. Try out some other options from this list. Through this article, you get to know about some other alternatives that you can use instead of Flipagram.

The below-given options will help you in making more astonishing videos. They all have a very decent interface so anyone can access them easily and understand their features very quickly with the practical use of these apps.

In today’s digital age, with a plethora of social media platforms available, it can be challenging to keep track of every app that gains popularity. One such app that made a significant impact on visual storytelling is Flipagram. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Flipagram and understand its journey.


What is Flipagram?

Flipagram was a mobile app that allowed users to create short video stories using a collection of photos from their device. Accompanied by a music track, these video stories could be easily shared on other platforms, making it a favorite for users looking to showcase memories in a dynamic format.

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6 Best Apps Like Flipagram to Make Videos for Android & iOS

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is one of the best apps for making videos. This app has many advanced features that you can use to enhance the quality of your video. It gives you options like adding transitions, effects, stickers, titles, and many more. It also has a camera effects option which you can use to capture various modes.

Here you have an easy sharing facility through which you can share your videos on social media platforms. Out of all such exciting features, there is a disadvantage for android users that they can’t access it, as it is available for iOS only. But despite this, you can think about it to use because it is completely a free tool.

2. Picflow

Picflow app is another best option that is accessible on both android and iOS devices. This app mainly uses for making short video clips through photos. It is the best app for Instagram creators.

As its interface is simple and easy to use that is the good part of it. Here you get a variety of filters to edit video and photos along with music adding facility. Another exciting part is you get all these facilities even on its free version.

3. FlipJam

FlipJam has more exciting features besides photos and video editing. You can use it to convert your content into collages, mashups, and slideshows. Its decent interface makes it more accessible.

While creating videos in this app, you can select many photos without any number limitations. It has special effects, doodles, and a variety of fonts that will increase video quality. Well, You have to buy the in-app features to enable all those amazing features.

4. Animoto

If you are a beginner in this field then Animoto is the best app for you. This app will give you more understanding regarding video editing. Here you can create videos by simply uploading the photos but there is a limitation over image upload.

Besides this, you get embedded toolkits for video and photos. Animoto is a good app at a fair price. It has some cons like the number of templates is not much in number. But despite this, it is a great app.

5. Video Show Pro

Video Show Pro is mainly used for editing purposes. Through this app, you can easily edit your videos and photos. This app access your gallery hence use your gallery’s photos and videos directly in this app.

Here you can do editing, using various inbuilt filters, and effects, and also adding the music in the video. The interface is very simple and easy to access so that you can handle it in very little time. Another thing is sharing your videos directly from this app to other social media apps.

6. Vizmato

Nowadays, the number of content creators on Instagram rises so rapidly and Instagram became much more than a photo-sharing app. For an Instagrammer, It will be a great app for making interesting videos and amazing images also.

In this app, you get various themes, effects, stickers, and texts as well. By using all of these features you can be making amazing videos through this simple app. Its interface is also simple and user-friendly. It has cool features that are accessible only for a month.

What happened to Flipagram?

Flipagram was acquired by the Chinese news aggregator company, Toutiao (owned by ByteDance), in 2017. Post-acquisition, there were significant changes to the app, including its branding.

Is Flipagram Still Working?

While the original Flipagram app has been discontinued, its legacy lives on through its successor, now known as “Vigo Video.”

What is the New Name for Flipagram?

After the acquisition by Toutiao, Flipagram was rebranded as “Vigo Video.” This new platform retained many features of Flipagram but introduced additional functionalities to enhance user experience.

What is the Purpose of Flipagram?

Flipagram aimed to bridge the gap between static images and full-fledged videos. It allowed users to stitch together images in a video sequence, set to their choice of music, enabling them to tell a visual story.

Who is the Founder of Flipagram?

Flipagram was co-founded by Farhad Mohit, Brian Dilley, and Josh Feldman.

Benefits of Flipagram:

  • Easy Storytelling: Users could quickly create video stories without needing advanced video editing skills.
  • Music Library: Flipagram boasted a vast music library, allowing users to pick the perfect track for their stories.
  • Social Integration: Direct sharing options to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter made it easier for users to spread their creations.
  • Customization: Features like speed control, filters, and text overlays gave users creative freedom.

Is Flipagram USA only?

No, Flipagram had a global user base, and it wasn’t limited to just the USA. Its universal appeal lay in its simplicity and the universal love for sharing memories.

Is Flipagram Safe?

Flipagram had mechanisms in place to ensure content moderation and user safety. However, like any online platform, it was essential for users to be cautious about what they shared and with whom.

Is Flipagram Free?

Yes, Flipagram was free to download and use. While the basic functionalities were available for all, there were in-app purchases for advanced features.

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These apps are amazing and easy to access for any user to create videos. But not all apps are fully free to use some of them have locked features. And to unlock those features you need to purchase them.

Out of them, Filmora is the best option to use as it provides all of its features entirely free to use. So give it a try to this app and let us know about your experience with it in the comment section.

Flipagram’s evolution into Vigo Video is a testament to the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms. While the original app may no longer be available, its spirit lives on, encouraging users to tell their stories visually. Whether you were a Flipagram user or are just hearing about it now, the platform’s contribution to digital storytelling is undeniable.