Web Proxy keeps your privacy and block restrictions by organizations like the workplace, government, schools, and others and makes your online work anonymous as possible. The Proxy acts as intermediate and receive user request and provide the right information back to you. The request is considered to be coming from a Proxy server, not from any recognizable IP information. However, proxies alone provide you the only basic protection level as they contain small numbers of IP address that can be easily blocked.

Free web proxies contain some limitations; however, it is helpful for people who want short-term anonymity. However, unknown proxies can lead to malware infection. Free web proxies should consist of features like a large number and a variety of servers and customizability. However, all web proxies do not give proper information about their servers.

Best Free Proxy Servers for Safe and Anonymous Browsing

Some web proxies also offer additional features such as page content and additional security by encrypting URLs, block scripts and objects options, and disable cookies. The free version provides limited features, and you have to upgrade to a paid version if you want 24/7 hackers, malware protection, and entire monitoring. Although, the free Proxy can track some of your activities.


10 Best Free Proxy Servers for Safe and Anonymous Browsing in 2020

Despite the limitations in free web proxies, there are several available options to be considered. We have listed some of the best free Proxy services based on operations, reviews, and testing. Here following are the best free Proxy service:

1. Hide.me

Hide.me comes on a higher rank on the priority list; however, it has limited functionality. Hide.me is not compatible with YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest and depends on three servers on three locations with some drawbacks for added security.

It provides you to disable cookies, objects, and scripts and adds an encryption layer that expires URLs after every session. Also, it does not save IPs or databases. Hide.me offers you a full VPN service also with Proxy servers that makes it interesting in security.

2. KProxy

KProxy is one of the most recommended free Proxy services; however, it doesn’t mean that it offers you the best features still; it satisfies the users’ demand most of the time. It offers you to select from the ten available servers. Although, you can simply pick any of them anytime and also can switch them accordingly.

Hence you will get protected even if you lose any server connection. Also, there are no imposed limits on speed and a good track record to block detection through websites and ISPs.

You can easily get access to the KProxy via the website and can also use the browser extension for the Chrome or Firefox browser.

3. ProxySite

The ProxySite offers you the chance to switch manually between servers more than twice as the other servers. You can select servers automatically among the European Union and the United States easily.

However, if you have any difficulty with such options, then you can select one by one. Although, you can’t be definite about your connection speed because particular locations are anonymous.

ProxySite is also compatible with YouTube and has buttons on the main page that take you to popular sites like Twitter and Reddit through Proxy services and provide you anonymity in regular online services.

4. HMA

HMA offers you to select one of the six available servers or choose a random server that is located in four different European countries and the opposite side of the US with good geographic coverage with small numbers of servers. HMA Proxy allows you to set up a connection with the three available options like URL encryption, cookies disable, and remove scripts.

5. Hidester

Although Hidester is popular for reliability, it is not sure that it will remain as same as the Proxy server is new. However, it is a good option for available Proxy services. It operates across US and European countries and uses 128-bit encryption and a secure socket layer (SSL) for protection.

It has good features as a free Proxy, and paying customers will get enormous additional servers. Hidester also offers free tools, including a password generator and DNS leak test, to stay safe online.

6. Anonymouse

Anonymouse is an old web Proxy server that provides you reliability since 1997. Its main page will show you the information that spy can see and compare it with the information they will see after the Proxy connection. However, it is still easy to be identified that what Proxy server you are using. Still, the service is improving with additional features.

Anonymouse provides limited features as a free Proxy, and paying customers will get SSL encryption. Though Anonymouse has recently launched its VPN and you can also use it to send e-mails and post in newsgroups. Still, it has some unique features to be considered.

7. MegaProxy

MegaProxy is a great web Proxy server that is not easily identified by snoopers available without any paid version. You have to install Toolbar and simply search web addresses and route them through the web Proxy server with a convenient setup. Also, you can switch between protected and regular protected switching easily.

However, MegaProxy has some limitations for nonpaid users, such as it allows us to visit 60 sites within a 5-hour duration. Also, it encrypts only 20 cookies in a single period. However, it has some extra privacy features that can’t be ignored.

8. NewIPNow

NewIPNow is trustful for incompatibility with certain sites. It shows you the estimated speed of each server, which is in dozen in numbers and mostly limited to the US. However, that user will get a new IP address for every session. Also, you can get access easily the NewIPNow website or Firefox browser. There are limited nonpaid features and also budget-friendly options with full compatibility and customer support.

9. 4everProxy

You can choose IP address and server both before the connection to the 4everProxy. There are ten available options for the selection purpose one by one. You can get the best possible security and connection speed with the proper selection process.

However, speed will not create an issue in any case as it provides you the one gigabit per second connection. Also, it offers you the cookies and scripts blockage and optional SSL with every connection.

10. ProxFree

ProxFree provides great security with decent geographic reach with four servers in Europe and seven servers in North America. After the server selection, you will be provided the fastest IP location. However, you can change it manually.

ProxyFree is customizable with default SSL encryption that can be turned off. It contains checkboxes to delete scripts, objects, and page titles; you can also alter the settings and make disable the “user-agent” and “referer” headers.

ProxFree is compatible with YouTube, Facebook, and other streaming sites. In such away, you can work anonymously to browse data and geo-block avoidance.


However, free web Proxy provides limited features and is for temporary use. As you know, there are several options available. Although the purpose is the same still, the operations and advantages are unique. Generally, they are freely available and easy to use with your browser. Therefore, you can test them accordingly.

Also, free web proxies are the best way to learn about web associated risks and their respective solutions. Although some of the web proxies provide have their VPN services, that is a complete package of security. We hope that the article will help you to consider the 10 best free proxy for your system.