Now technology is taking us to places and it is true that we do not know the limits to it. In a few year’s time, it might very well be possible that the toys with artificial intelligence are going to become more intelligent or smart than human parents and they might even understand the needs of the child more than parents do.


Future AI Toys Might Be Smarter Than Parents, But Less Protective

It is a long shot and there is no guarantee that it will happen but there is a possibility and that’s all the basics of science.

Artificial intelligence toys can sound unsettling to a lot of people but they can be put to good use too. For kids who lose their parents or even orphans can be benefited from this new technology.

Future AI Toys Might Be Smarter Than Parents

“As an AI toy starts to learn the child, this means the toy in the next 15 years will be smarter than the parent and gather all this data that could one day hurt the child,” said, singer-songwriter and chair of the World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy Awards’ judging committee, recently speaking at CNBC’s Evolve Global Summit.

However, a toy listening into the conversation that goes on in the household and then processing the data can be a little bit difficult and disturbing for some of the family or rather most of the families. The breach of privacy is a issue here.

Final Words

“The purpose of COPPA is to control systems, and limit and restrict the attempt to collect data on children,” said Alan Butler, executive director at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a public interest research center focused on privacy issues.

Whatever happens, we are here for it and only the future can tell how much this plan will be successful. Thanks for reading our article Future AI Toys Might Be Smarter Than Parents, But Less Protective.