The video game industry continues to grow. It is no surprise to see this tendency, given how developers release multiple great titles every year. Gaming has become a popular pastime.

Macbooks might not be the first choice when we think about video game platforms. Most people would lean towards personal computers or consoles.

However, Macs have received hardware improvements over the years, and it is no secret that Macbook owners have been playing more video games as well.

Your Guide to Enjoying Gaming on a Macbook More


How to Optimize Your Macbook for A Better Gaming Experience

You can also take an extra step to optimize your computer for a better gaming experience on Macbook. And the suggestions in the article should be a good reference for Mac owners who have been looking to get more out of their computer gaming-wise.

Suggestion 1 – Close Redundant Background Apps

A high-end video game requires system resources and a lot of them. If you have active background applications, do not be surprised to experience frame drops and other performance woes while playing video games.

There might be some exceptions of background applications while you are gaming. For example, it is recommended to have antivirus software active all the time, even when you are playing video games and not browsing the internet.

At the same time, playing video games on a reliable platform like Steam means that you could close antivirus and free up system resources this way.

The bottom line is that the fewer background apps there are, the better the video game performance will be. You can check active Mac processes in the Activity Monitor.

Suggestion 2 – Upgrade Hardware If Possible

Upgrading Mac’s hardware is not that simple. Most models are incompatible with outside additions. On the other hand, if you have a Macbook that may be upgradable, it may be worth investing some money in it.

The most popular picks include additional memory and replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive. The latter is particularly recommended for performance improvements.

Purchasing an external graphics processing unit is also worth considering, especially if you want to prioritize video games. At the same time, new graphic cards are pretty expensive.

Suggestion 3 – Clean Filth Inside the Computer

The loud noise you hear and the high temperature coming from the computer may be the result of more than just playing video games that need many computer resources.

Too much dust and dirt inside are one of the primary reasons why people hear loud internal fan noises and have to deal with their computer overheating.

Removing the filth inside the Macbook is a good piece of advice even if you do not play video games. Doing so regularly will help maintain the laptop in good shape.

Suggestion 4 – Scan for Potential Malware

Do not underestimate the potential of malware and viruses. Even an insignificant cybersecurity threat could cause significant performance issues.

Make sure that you have reliable antivirus software that detects and eliminates potential threats. It would also be worth exploring virtual private networks as they help with security and anonymity while you are surfing the net.

Suggestion 5 – Free up Drive Space

Do not end up with just a few gigabytes of free space. Modern video games require a lot of disk space, and some users end up pushing their hard drive to the limit.

Remove unnecessary files regularly. This includes old applications, downloads, email attachments, and temporary junk data like app extensions and plugins.

You can transfer some of your files on external storage devices and clouds. Finally, instead of keeping large media files on the computer, take advantage of streaming services and consume media on Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and other similar platforms.

Suggestion 6 – Try Both Full-Screen and Window Modes

As a rule of thumb, video games run better while in the full-screen mode. However, you may find that there are some exceptions. Besides the full-screen mode, there is also the window mode.

The window mode may be an optimal choice for games that do not require that many resources run smoothly. Even if the computer has to process a background other than the video game itself, you should still be able to enjoy playing it. At the end of the day, different games operate differently, so test it yourself to find the most optimal option.

Suggestion 7 – Restart the Macbook Regularly

Regular restarts prevent memory leaks. Giving the Macbook a fresh start will improve its overall performance. Ideally, you should restart the computer every couple of hours.

If the loading time is too long and you are reluctant to restart the Macbook, trim up the startup item list, enable the auto-login feature, and remove app shortcuts from the desktop. Doing so should improve the time it takes for the laptop to load after restarting it.