Google One subscribers have good news. It is on iPhones a change had been made, and then the users can now tweak portrait photos and HDR levels of their pictures that can be in your phone.

It is in the Google Photos app. You might be wondering what it is, well it is given to the users as part of a new subscription perk that they can enjoy.

There are a lot of features that had been introduced in the sphere of photo editing. It is indeed a true threat to the people who would like to give their photos a professional touch. However, we must let you know that it is not eligible for everyone.

Google One Subscribers Now Have Enhanced Photo Editing Tools on iPhones

You need to check if you are eligible to use these tools or not. Now speaking about the eligibility test, there are some things that you need to keep on your mind when you are trying these out. The iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and above are all eligible for using these tools immediately.

Next, let’s come to the features themselves. They have introduced a ton of new features for their users to try out. The first one out of all of these features is portrait lighting. This is a feature that will allow you to change the position of light sources in your portrait photos.

They have also gone ahead and included a “blur” tool. As the name suggests, it is a tool that allows you and your pictures the addition of retroactive software to blur on images that you have captured in normal mode.

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Color focus is something of another option that is available to the users, and it is almost like the blur feature. It helps to enhance the focus of the picture on the subject of the picture. A pretty handy tool to have while editing photos if you think about it.

There are a lot more features included too. We will leave that to you to find out. We do not want to spoil everything for you. This is all for now. We hope that you will find these tools really useful. Take care, guys!