We all know that Amazon had a video streaming service called Twitch. Many of you are probably on it too. On Wednesday, this streaming service was hacked by a group of hackers. As expected, they had taken a lot of info from the hack, and now it is all over the news.

They have got a lot of info about the payment made to the content creators and of such. They have also leaked this information. The main piece of news that has caught our eye is the unreleased product from Amazon Game Studio.

Hacker Breaches Amazon's Twitch Video Site

The hackers have made their intention clear in a message that they had sent. They called Twitch a disgusting cesspool and that they are releasing the info that they have hacked from Twitch to create more of a disruption in the video streaming community.

Someone had not been happy with something, or maybe they just have a personal vengeance against Amazon? Who knows why someone would want to do this. It had not been easy to hack into amazon’s security.

Twitch had made a statement, and they have confirmed about the hack having been made in a tweet, but they did not provide any further info or details on the extent of the hack and what data had been breached and was obtained.

“We can say for now, and we can confirm that a breach has taken place,” the company said in the tweet. “Our teams are in stress, and they are working with urgency to understand the extent of this. We will be sure to keep you updated along with the community on the matter as soon as additional information is available. Thank you very much for bearing with us in tough times.”

A representative from the Amazon game studio has been asked about the leaked info, but they have given no response to the questions that had been made. We will know more about it later on, hopefully. For now, that is the extent of the matter. We will be sure to keep you updated on the news.