According to a statement released by the women’s attorney,

Tony Buzbee, the Houston Texans have reached settlements with 30 women who had made claims or were preparing to make claims against the NFL for its alleged role in sexual misconduct allegations against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson during massage sessions. 

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Houston Texans Deshaun Watson

Thirty-one women had already sued the Texas Rangers in June, accusing the team of “enabling Watson’s behaviour,” according to the suit. That case, according to Buzbee, is among those that will be settled. All 30 agreements, Buzbee said, had terms that were “confidential.” 

Houston Texans Statements

Janice McNair, Hannah and Cal McNair, Texans owners, said in a statement Friday that they were “shocked and deeply saddened” when they first learned of the allegations against their then franchise quarterback in March 2021.

Even though our organisation was unaware of Deshaun Watson’s alleged misconduct, we have decided to resolve this matter amicably.” No wrongdoing has been admitted; instead, a firm position against all forms of sexual assault and misconduct has been taken. 

Our fans and the greater Houston community can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the matter has been resolved. We, as a company, will now turn our attention to the future and do our best to ensure respect for all.” 

In addition to Buzbee, six other women were contemplating legal action against the Texans, but she refused to reveal their identities. 

No further comment from me on this matter, other than to say that there has been an obvious contrast between the way the Texans have handled this matter and how Watson’s team has handled it,” Buzbee said in a statement released Friday. 


Earlier this year, two Texas grand juries declined to bring criminal charges against Watson. To this day, Watson has insisted on his chastity. After the first grand jury decided not to indict him, the Texans traded him to the Browns in March.