It’s clear that having a sizable buddy group in Pokemon Go can significantly improve your experience of the game, what with the possible rewards of receiving presents and participating in raids, but is there a limit to the number of individuals with whom you can be friends?

In the world of Pokémon GO, building a robust list of friends comes with its advantages. From sending gifts to trading Pokémon, the game has intricately woven the concept of friendship into its framework.

But how many friends can you have, and are there benefits or potential pitfalls? Let’s dive deep into the mechanics and etiquettes of friendship in Pokémon GO.

How Many Friends Can You Have in Pokemon Go

For ardent trainers, Pokémon GO isn’t just a game; it’s an adventure that promises the thrill of catching rare Pokémon, understanding the nuances of ‘Lucky’ Pokémon, and navigating the app’s features safely.

If you’re wondering about Mewtwo or how to find rare Pokémon, read on for a comprehensive guide to these mysteries and more.

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In Pokemon Go, What is the Maximum Number of Trainers a Player May Have?

Because each new friend can be someone who can help you with raids and another person to offer you gifts for things and EXP every day, knowing the maximum number of friends in Pokémon Go is vital. The maximum allowed is also commonly referred to as the maximum number of friends.

Gift item bonuses, for example, increase in value as your friendship level rises, making it profitable to progress from “excellent friend” to “great friend,” “ultra friend,” and “best friend.”

For this reason, Niantic upped the limit of Pokemon Go pals in April, with the news being shared on the @NianticHelp Twitter account. According to the official source cited below, that means a player can have a maximum of 400 pals in Pokemon Go.

Despite this restriction, you may always use a QR code or trainer code to add friends and gain their assistance in defeating gyms or increasing your daily stardust earnings through presents.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a place to get more Pokemon Go friend codes. To participate in gym fights, trainer battles, or even to set up to exchange Pokémon, all you have to do is obtain a code using one of our samples and send a friend request.

Could you Think of Anything Else?

As far as I can tell, the maximum amount of friends has not been raised or updated, so keep adding them till you reach 400.

If you find that your friend count in Pokemon Go is low, you can encourage other players to add you by sharing your buddy code on a public forum or website, such as the Pokemon Go Friends Subreddit located at /r/PokemonGoFriends.

As was previously said, there are many advantages to taking this step. The constant availability of free Ultra Balls, Max Revives, and Max Potions from gifts can make a tremendous difference in your long-term potential.

Pokémon GO Friend Limit: How Many Can You Have?

Pokémon GO initially sets a maximum friend limit at 200. However, with the purchase of certain in-game items or during special events, trainers might find themselves able to expand this limit.

The Advantages of a Packed Friend List

Having a full roster of friends in Pokémon GO is beneficial. By exchanging gifts, you earn essential items and also boost your friendship level, which, when increased, can lead to XP bonuses, reduced Stardust costs for trades, and more powerful Pokémon during battles.

Why Can’t I Add More Friends?

If you’re finding it difficult to add new friends, chances are you’ve hit your limit. To add more, you’ll either need to remove existing friends or wait for Niantic to potentially increase the limit in future updates or events.

The Gift Exchange System: Is There Such Thing as Unlimited Gifts?

While it’s a generous thought, Pokémon GO has limitations. Players can open 20 gifts per day, and hold 10 gifts in their inventory at once. It’s always good to remember these numbers to maximize daily benefits.

The Best Buddy System

Your ‘Best Buddy’ in Pokémon GO is a Pokémon that you’ve built a strong bond with. Earning the ‘Best Buddy’ ribbon boosts your Pokémon’s CP during battles, which is a testament to the deep connection you’ve forged.

Making Friends: A Word of Caution

While it’s tempting to accept friend requests from strangers, always exercise caution. Sharing your Trainer Code online can lead to unsolicited requests. It’s best to add people you know or are familiar with, ensuring your safety both in and outside the game.

The Sparkling World of Shiny Pokémon Trades

Yes, you can trade Shiny Pokémon. However, if it’s a shiny version that the receiving trainer doesn’t have, it will cost a significant amount of Stardust, especially if you’re not ‘Best Friends’. Always ensure you’re prepared for the Stardust cost before making such trades.

The Enigma of Mewtwo in Pokémon GO

Mewtwo, the iconic Psychic-type Pokémon, has captivated players for years. But how can you catch this elusive creature in Pokémon GO?

  • Exclusive Raid Battles: Initially, Mewtwo was available through invite-only EX Raids. Trainers needed an invitation to participate and attempt to catch this powerful Pokémon.
  • Regular Raids and Events: Over time, Niantic has introduced Mewtwo into standard Raid Battles and special events. Always keep an eye on in-game announcements for your chance to encounter Mewtwo.

On the Hunt for Rare Pokémon

Finding rare Pokémon is a blend of strategy, location, and luck.

  • Nests: Specific areas in the game, known as ‘nests’, frequently spawn certain types of Pokémon. Use online forums and local Pokémon GO communities to locate nests near you.
  • Events: Niantic hosts regular events where rare Pokémon become more common. Participate in these events for increased chances to find rare catches.

The Magic of Lucky Pokémon

Lucky Pokémon are special variants that require less Stardust to power up. They have a unique background, ensuring they stand out in your collection.

  • Acquiring Lucky Pokémon: The primary way to obtain Lucky Pokémon is through trading. The older the Pokémon traded, the higher the chances it will turn ‘Lucky’ after the trade.

Protecting Your Privacy: Is Pokémon GO Spying on You?

There have been concerns and rumors regarding the app’s permissions and data access.

  • While Pokémon GO does request location access (necessary for gameplay) and camera access (for AR features), it’s essential to be aware of app permissions. Always ensure you download the game from reputable sources and update regularly for the best security measures.

Friend Management: Does Pokémon GO Delete Friends?

No, Pokémon GO does not automatically delete friends. However, players can choose to remove friends manually from their list.

Safeguarding Your Account: Can Someone Steal Your Pokémon GO Account?

While rare, account theft can occur, mainly due to phishing scams or using the same login credentials across multiple platforms. Always:

  • Use a strong, unique password.
  • Be cautious of third-party apps or websites requesting your login details.
  • Activate two-factor authentication if available.

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In Conclusion

Building friendships in Pokémon GO goes beyond just numbers. It’s about connecting, strategizing, and maximizing the game’s experience. Remember to be cautious, enjoy the various features, and catch ’em all responsibly.

Pokémon GO is a blend of discovery, strategy, and community interaction. Whether you’re chasing Mewtwo or safeguarding your account, staying informed ensures you get the most out of your journey. Happy hunting, trainers!