Soccer star Marta Vieira da Silva is a national hero in Brazil. She has scored 115 goals for Brazil in international play, making her the country’s all-time leading scorer. Marta also broke a FIFA World Cup record when she scored seventeen goals.

The current UN Women goodwill ambassador is widely regarded as the greatest female soccer player of all time.

Marta Vieira da Silva, popularly known simply as “Marta,” is a name that resonates with passion, skill, and dominance in the world of women’s soccer. Often referred to as the “Queen of Soccer,” Marta has been a significant force in international women’s football. Here’s an in-depth look at various facets of her life and career.

How Old is Marta Soccer Player


Competing Claims of “Who Is The Best”

Lionel Messi vs. Ronaldo is a debate that has raged on for years, and everyone has an opinion. These days, the argument includes even individuals who previously didn’t think stars like Salah, Coutinho, and Neymar deserved to be included.

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Given that Pelé hasn’t played professional soccer in half a century, it seems like a moot question. But in the women’s game, there is an equally dominant player, one who has accomplished feats no one else has, and one who justifiably claims the title of finest female soccer player in the world.

Marta, or Marta Vieira da Silva, is the name of the Brazilian forward who plays for that team. At the age of 36, she may have already played her greatest years and there are likely many younger players who are just as good, if not better.

However, for a long time, nobody was able to harm her. She broke a tonne of records and scored an absurd number of goals, and she’s still actively playing the game. Because of this, she is our top pick for best female footballer worldwide.

Club Playing Experience of Marta Vieira da Silva

Alagoas, Brazil is the place of origin for Marta Vieira da Silva. At age 14, she made her professional football debut with Vasco da Gama. Marta was discovered while playing for a young squad and went on to play 16 games for Vasco da Gama before being transferred to Santa Cruz by one of the game’s greatest coaches.

Marta Vieira da Silva scored 20 goals in 54 games she played between the ages of 14 and 18, most of them as substitutes. For a young player, that’s an outstanding total, but it’s just a taste of what he would accomplish after being transferred to Ume IK in Sweden.

She was once compared to the first female soccer superstar, Lily Parr. This was the turning point in the young striker’s career. Marta played 103 appearances for the Swedish team between 2004 and 2008, when she was 18 and 22 years old, and scored a remarkable 210 goals.

More than twice as many as the opposition per game! Marta has always been an effective goal scorer for the teams she has played for in women’s football.

Marta Records

To put that in perspective, the prolific target man Alan Shearer, who will go down in men’s English soccer history as one of the top goal scorers in the Premier League, Newcastle, and England, scored once every two games on average.

In Sweden, Marta Vieira da Silva was a key part of a club squad that went undefeated for two whole seasons and won multiple titles thanks to her efforts.

She came to North America and scored 26 goals in 14 games before signing with Santos on a loan. She then went on to score 13 goals in 12 games after being signed permanently.

Marta Age and Early Life

Marta Silva was born on February 19, 1986, making her 37 years old as of 2023. Hailing from Dois Riachos, Alagoas, Brazil, she started her soccer journey in her early years, displaying an innate talent that would soon propel her to the world stage.

Marta Early World Cup Ventures

Marta’s first World Cup appearance was in 2003. At just 17 years old, she showcased her prodigious talent, giving glimpses of the superstar she was set to become.

Playing Status and the 2023 World Cup

Marta continues to be an active player in the world of professional soccer. As of 2023, while there’s substantial interest and speculation, it remains to be seen if Marta will grace the World Cup stage again, given her age and the influx of young talent in the Brazilian squad.

Marta Current Teams

Throughout her illustrious career, Marta has played for numerous clubs globally. As of the latest update, Marta plies her trade in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) for the Orlando Pride.

Marta Signature Lipstick

Marta’s decision to wear bright red lipstick during matches, especially in major tournaments, caught the attention of fans and media alike. For Marta, it’s not just a fashion statement.

She once remarked that it represents all women, emphasizing their power and determination. The lipstick has since become a symbol of her advocacy for women’s rights and equality in sports.

World Cup Highlights

Marta has represented Brazil in multiple World Cup editions. While she’s had numerous memorable moments, there have also been heartbreaks, particularly the team’s near misses in clinching the title. Each tournament wrote a new chapter in her legacy, with goals, assists, and moments of sheer brilliance.

Role in the Brazilian Team

While Marta has been an undeniable starter for Brazil for years, team dynamics evolve. Selections depend on various factors like form, tactics, and the opponent. Any decision not to start her would likely be strategic, ensuring the team’s best chances of success.

Marta Career Stats:

Marta’s stats speak for themselves. As of the latest figures:

  • International Goals: 110+
  • Club Goals: 200+
  • Individual Awards: Numerous, including FIFA World Player of the Year titles

Marta Salary While the exact figures remain private, it’s widely acknowledged that Marta is among the top-earning female soccer players, thanks to her club contracts and numerous endorsements.

Personal Choices and Challenges

Why Does Marta Wear Lipstick? Marta’s choice to wear lipstick during matches is both a personal style choice and a statement. It symbolizes her femininity and her message to young girls everywhere that they can be both strong and feminine.

What Happened to Marta in the World Cup? Marta has played in multiple World Cup tournaments since her debut. While she has showcased spectacular performances, the coveted World Cup title has eluded her and the Brazilian team.

Why is Marta Not Starting for Brazil? There might be various tactical or fitness-related reasons for Marta not starting in some games. However, such decisions are always at the discretion of the team management and the coach’s strategy for specific matches.

Delving Deeper: Marta Off the Field

Marta Parents and Family Marta comes from a humble background in Dois Riachos, Brazil. Her family played a pivotal role in supporting her passion for soccer from a young age. While she prefers to keep her family life private, her journey from the streets of Brazil to the world stage is a testament to their unwavering support.

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Marta Vieira da Silva is more than just a soccer player. She’s an icon, a role model, and a beacon of hope for countless young girls and budding soccer players worldwide. Her journey, filled with challenges and triumphs, continues to inspire and redefine the contours of women’s soccer.