Creating a unique Roblox avatar can take a lot of time, and it would be a shame if all that effort were wasted if the desired visual style wasn’t available. You may either spend a lot of money on a new outfit or start dressing like everyone else.

This must be quite annoying. The good news is that this issue has a simple answer. Making your own Roblox t-shirt is a great way to get noticed and maybe even make some money. Simply think up a design, print it out on the Roblox shirt template, then follow the steps in our guide. Let’s start diving in now!

How to Make a Roblox Shirt


Download the Roblox Shirt Template

Roblox provides a free official clothing template for anyone to use when making their own unique clothes. To access a Roblox shirt template, please complete the following:

To begin making your own Roblox game, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Roblox website.

Step 2: Click the “Create” icon in the main menu.¬†Follow this by going to the next page and selecting the link that says “Manage my experiences” in the footer.

Step 3: The third step is to select “Shirts” from the menu on the left. The template can be downloaded by clicking the “download it here” link in the shirts part of the right panel.

Step 4: Next, you’ll be able to download a PNG version of the shirt template from the website. Alternatively, you may right-click and select “Save image as” to save the template to your computer.

Template for Roblox Shirts

It’s important to note that Roblox does not offer a premade t-shirt design template. Instead, you can customize your character’s t-shirt by uploading a design or logo. For instance, if you choose to have your Roblox logo printed on a T-shirt and upload it, you will receive a T-shirt with the Roblox logo printed on the chest.

T-shirt uploads are free of charge, so there’s no need to restrain yourself. The official criteria state that a square image must be uploaded in order to be printed on the tee (we recommend 720 x 720 pixels).

Roblox t-shirt designs maintain their see-through quality, unlike Minecraft Java Edition skins. This will allow you to create unique t-shirts for your guild using icons from the game.

How to Make a Roblox Shirt

Roblox’s shirt creator requires users to first download a PNG file template before adding their own designs in an external image editor. You can use anything from a web-based image editor to a specialized graphics editing program like Adobe Photoshop, or anything in between.

You can post your shirt design to Roblox for a charge after you’ve produced it. Whether or whether you intend to sell the shirt you upload, you are free to wear it whenever you choose.

1. Choose a Design Software

The first step in making a shirt in Roblox is choose a design application. Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or, or any other image editing program the participant is comfortable with, are all fair game. They need to make sure it can create images without a visible background.

2. Create the Shirt Design

Once a player decides on a design app, they can begin working on the shirt’s layout. Numerous examples can be seen on Roblox’s website. Since the PNG files lack a background, they might serve as a source of inspiration for the shirt’s design.

Keep in mind that the shirt template has specific dimensions that must be met. It must have a height of 559 pixels and a width of 585 pixels. Verify that these parameters are met by the design.

3. Save the Shirt Design

After creating the shirt design, save it as a PNG file so that the background is translucent. If you don’t use a transparent backdrop for your shirt design, the platform will remove it as soon as you post it.

4. Upload the Shirt Design to Roblox

To upload the shirt design, navigate to the Create section of the account. After choosing the Shirts menu item, click the Create button. A window to submit the shirt artwork will open. Upload a PNG file containing the t-shirt design. After then, a sneak peek at the shirt design will be shown to the players. Make sure it looks like you want it to before you commit to it.

5. Configure the Shirt

A player’s clothing can be customized after the design has been uploaded. They get to brand their shirt, choose the price, and decide whether or not to offer it for sale to other players. When determining the shirt’s final price, the platform will factor in a little commission. If you want to make money, you need to be sensible.

6. Publish the Shirt

Once the shirt has been configured, it can be made public. It’s been added to the inventory and can be worn by one’s avatar now. Remember that there are guidelines for how user-created content should be used on the platform.

Players should double-check that their shirt fits these specifications before it is released to the public. The site has the right to remove any shirts or other items that violate these rules.


All the Roblox characters would look the same if players weren’t able to freely alter their attire. The Premium membership is required to submit your work for review before it can be uploaded on Roblox. Read this tutorial if you want to learn how to design your own Roblox t-shirt. T-shirts are the most basic article of apparel to design.

They may be uploaded for free and require only a picture to be put to the front of an avatar’s torso. If you’re just getting started, we suggest picking up a T-shirt. It’s important to remember that the front of your avatar is the only place others will view the T-shirt design you’ve created. A 512-by-512-pixel image is perfect.