Cobblestone is an unwanted byproduct of mining, but with the help of a Stonecutter, you can transform it into a useful and aesthetically pleasing substance. In Minecraft, a Stonecutter can be crafted with only a few basic materials.


Tools Necessary to Create a Stonecutter

You’ll need three stones and an iron ingot to craft a stonecutter. Set the Iron Ingot above the centre Stone block on a Crafting Table, and set the 3 Stone in the middle or lower row.

How To Make A Stonecutter in Minecraft

Where to Find Bricks of Stone And Bars of Iron

Place Cobblestone blocks into a Furnace to create Stone blocks. Simply put, the Cobblestone needs to be prepared in the same way you would prepare food. Once the white progress arrow in a Furnace is full, a Stone block will appear in the next right slot.

Raw Iron must be extracted from Iron Ore blocks in order to create Iron Ingots. These grey and brown blocks can be discovered between layer 1 and 63, so you won’t have to dig too deeply.

Crafting Recipes for the Stonecutter, Java Edition and Bedrock Edition

For the Stonecutter crafting recipe in the Java Edition, you will need three standard Stone blocks (in addition to 1 Iron Ingot). No other materials will work in place of cobblestone in this formula.

But in the Bedrock Edition, you can utilise any type of stone block you like. Therefore, you can replace the standard Stone blocks with Granite, Andesite, Cobblestone, and more.

Furthermore, you can utilise these various stone blocks simultaneously. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you need 1 Cobblestone, 1 Andesite, 1 Granite, and 1 Iron Ingot to create a Stonecutter.

Utilizing a Stonecutter

A stonecutter is a great tool for transforming the mundane blocks you find in the mines into more interesting variants. But Stonecutters can also be used to fashion slabs, staircases, and walls out of a wide variety of stone blocks.

This means that there are a plethora of building materials that can be produced from standard fare. If you’re getting tired with your current foundation, a Stonecutter is a quick and easy solution to produce a wide variety of visually striking decorative blocks.

Blocking Villagers’ Access to the Worksite with a Stonecutter

In the same way that a Fletching Table may provide a jobless Villager a career, a Stonecutter can do the same thing. Put the stonecutter in close proximity to the villager who is currently without work.

An unemployed villager can get work as a stone mason by interacting with the Stonecutter. The newly employed villager can be bartered with for items including stone after they’ve settled into their new role.