Making gravy from water alone couldn’t be simpler than with this method. The finest flavor and a rich brown color come from using chicken AND beef stock cubes. It just takes 4 minutes and tastes better than KFC’s gravy. There is no need for any pan juices.


You may use this gravy recipe to make something that tastes just like KFC’s Potato and Gravy in a tub. Those of you who never eat fast food may have no idea what you’re missing out on.

How to Make Gravy From Scratch

Just know that it is reliably good, expertly seasoned, and can make anything great, as is to be expected from KFC. Using both chicken and beef stock cubes (bouillon cubes) is the key to this gravy’s success.

How to Make Gravy From Scratch: Ingredients Needed

Here are the staples for our quick and easy homemade gravy, and if you want to amp up the flavor even more, I’ve included some suggestions.

Butter and all-purpose flour A roux is a paste made from butter and all-purpose flour that is used to thicken liquids like broth into a smooth gravy. See my suggestions below for making gluten-free or butter-free gravy.

Warm stock or broth You can use chicken, beef, or vegetable stock for the one I stated earlier. Pan drippings can also be used.

Salt and fresh ground black pepper Making ensuring the gravy isn’t under seasoned requires salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Optional Ingredients (Flavor Enhancers)

Fresh or dried herbs Gravy is much improved by the addition of herbs like sage, thyme, or rosemary, either fresh or dried. When I’m creating turkey gravy, I love to use sage.

Half and half or cream The gravy will be especially rich and velvety if you add half and half or cream right before serving.

Mushroom powder, Worcestershire sauce or fish sauce It may seem strange to add mushroom powder, Worcestershire sauce, or fish sauce to gravy, but they all contribute a savory, umami flavor. Mushroom powder is a common ingredient in many of our dishes; you can find it at grocery stores, health food stores, and even online. We use Worcestershire sauce and fish sauce frequently in our own cooking. A pinch can bring out the full flavor of an otherwise bland meal.

The Steps For Making Perfect, Creamy Gravy

Don’t panic if you’ve never attempted to make gravy before. Making gravy is a breeze. In little time at all, you’ll have mastered it. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to complete the procedure, so come on!

Step 1: First, mix the melted butter and flour together until you get a smooth mixture. This paste (also known as a roux) is used to thicken the stock, resulting in a velvety gravy. I do this by melting butter in a skillet over medium heat and whisking in the flour. In my opinion, two minutes is plenty of time to fry the butter and flour. The paste’s color will change significantly as a result. The search is on for a blonde shade.

Step 2: Blend in the liquid that has accumulated in the roasting pan. Adding the liquid while it’s still warm helps it blend more easily with the butter and flour. The gravy thickens as the liquid boils and simmers. The gravy is ready after only one minute of simmering.

Step 3: Add salt, pepper, and other seasonings to taste. The gravy should be sampled before being served. If the dish is missing taste, try adding salt, herbs, or umami enhancers such as mushroom powder, fish sauce, or Worcestershire sauce.

Step 4: Pour in some cream or half-and-half. Even while it’s not required, it’s highly recommended because it makes the gravy rich and velvety.

How To Make Gravy With Pan Drippings

I’ve already indicated that our gravy recipe works just as well with or without the use of pan drippings. The dish we recommend for cooking a whole roasted chicken is pictured below. Chicken and pan juices are packed with flavor thanks to roasting on a bed of onions.

Instead of throwing away all that flavor, here’s how I make a gravy out of it. The first thing I do is drain the fat from the bottom of the roasting pan and reserve the broth. To remove the excess fat from the remnants at the bottom of the pan, I usually use a spoon.

After that, I filter out any residual liquid. Both the fat I reserved and the liquid I strained can be used in place of the butter in the recipe. Gravy fat separators (like the one made by OXO) can be purchased if you prefer not to use a spoon to separate the fat from the liquid.

Make the gravy in the roasting pan or Dutch oven you used if it can go from oven to burner. The accumulated taste at the pan’s or dish’s base is exactly what you want. We cooked our chicken in a baking dish, but you’ll need a skillet to make the gravy.


Roasts can be used in numerous gravy preparations. Some of them can become rather involved. We just do basic stuff. The juices left in the pan are perfect for making a rich, flavorful gravy.

When the roast is done, it is transferred to a cutting board for resting. While the roast is cooling, we begin preparing the gravy by heating the roasting pan and all of the drippings it contains.