Among the game’s many useful materials, paper stands out. It can be used to create books that can be used for enchantment or pyrotechnics that can be used in conjunction with an Elytra. Three different methods of paper creation in Minecraft!

Minecraft, the renowned sandbox game, encompasses a vast world of crafting possibilities. One fundamental ingredient in Minecraft’s crafting system is paper.

In this detailed guide, we will delve into what paper is in Minecraft, the materials needed to craft it, how to make paper, whether it can be obtained without sugar cane, its significance in trade with villagers, its uses within the game, its worth, the benefits it offers, its safety, and how to obtain it for free.

How To Make Paper in Minecraft


What Is Paper in Minecraft?

Paper in Minecraft is a crafting material made from sugar cane. It is a versatile resource used in various recipes and serves as a key ingredient for creating books, maps, and other essential items in the game. Paper is a crucial component for advancing in Minecraft’s enchantment and exploration aspects.

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What You Need to Create Paper in Minecraft

To create paper in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  • Sugar cane: Sugar cane is the primary ingredient for crafting paper. It can be found growing near water sources in most Minecraft biomes.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Follow these steps to make paper in Minecraft:

  1. Gather Sugar Cane: Locate sugar cane growing near water sources in your Minecraft world. Sugar cane typically grows up to three blocks high and can be harvested by breaking the middle block.
  2. Access a Crafting Table: Approach a crafting table within the game.
  3. Craft the Paper: Open the crafting table interface and place the sugar cane in any row of the crafting grid. Each sugar cane converts into one piece of paper. You can craft multiple pieces of paper at once by filling multiple rows with sugar cane.
  4. Retrieve Your Paper: Once crafted, the paper will appear as an item in the result box. Drag it into your inventory.

Can You Make Paper Without Sugar Cane in Minecraft?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, paper in Minecraft can only be crafted using sugar cane. There is no alternative recipe or method for creating paper without sugar cane within the standard game mechanics.

It’s Possible To Craft Paper in Minecraft in Three Different Ways.

1: By Crafting

Making paper in Minecraft may be done quickly and easily through crafting. To make three sheets of paper, for example, you’ll need three sugarcanes, which you may get by arranging three of them in a row on the workbench.

Sugarcane, a tall, green, and slender plant, can be seen growing in close proximity to any block containing water. Sugarcane may be found in almost any Minecraft habitat, however it has a twofold and sextuple chance to spawn in swamp and desert biomes, respectively.

The Wandering Trader will also accept 1 emerald in exchange for 1 sugarcane.

2: To obtain valuables by means of stealing from treasure chests

Chests in randomly produced buildings like fortresses, villages, and shipwrecks contain anywhere from one to twelve paper objects. There is a considerable possibility (40 percent or more) that chests in these constructions will contain paper.

3: By Putting up a Strong Resistance During the Raid on the Village

Your victory over the raid event will earn you the title of “Hero of the Village,” which will be celebrated by the townsfolk with a festival and the occasional random object being thrown in your direction.

There are fifteen distinct categories of villagers, but only the Cartographer can guarantee you a piece of paper with a probability of fifty percent. Due to the extremely low probability and the inherent risk posed by the raid occurrence, this is only included as a fallback.

Utilization of Paper in Minecraft

Paper can be used in a variety of ways, but it is typically combined with other materials to achieve its full potential. One option is to draw a map of the area. Spending a lot of time in one place? Maps make it easy to keep track of the scenery without lifting a finger.

Put nine sheets of paper in the crafts table’s drawers to build a map. You can also construct a “locator map” by inserting a compass in the middle slot, which will display your location as a moving icon.

When you combine three pieces of paper with one piece of leather, you get a book, a vital component for any spellcaster’s arsenal. You can construct three firework rockets from one paper unit, one to three units of gunpowder, and (optionally) a firework star.

Which Villager Buys Paper in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, librarians are the villagers most likely to buy paper as part of their trade offers. Librarian villagers may offer paper in exchange for emeralds or other valuable items. By trading paper with librarians, players can acquire emeralds or access additional trades.

Can You Craft Books into Paper in Minecraft?

No, you cannot craft books into paper in Minecraft. Books and paper serve as distinct crafting materials within the game, and there is no crafting recipe to convert books into paper or vice versa. Both items have their own unique uses and recipes.

When and Where to Use Paper in Minecraft

Paper in Minecraft has various uses, including:

  1. Books: Paper is a crucial ingredient for crafting books, which are essential for creating bookshelves, enchantment tables, and written books.
  2. Maps: Paper is used in the crafting recipe for maps, allowing players to create detailed maps of their Minecraft world.
  3. Fireworks: Paper is used in the crafting recipe for fireworks, enabling players to create colorful and celebratory fireworks displays.

Is Paper in Minecraft Worth It?

Paper is unquestionably worth obtaining and crafting in Minecraft. It is a versatile resource with multiple applications, including the creation of books, maps, and fireworks.

Whether you’re building an enchantment setup, exploring your world, or adding some visual flair to your gameplay, paper is a valuable component in enhancing your Minecraft experience.

Benefits of Using Paper in Minecraft

Using paper in Minecraft offers several benefits:

  1. Enchantment and Advancement: Paper is essential for crafting books, which, in turn, are required for enchantment tables and bookshelves, enabling players to enhance their gear and abilities.
  2. Navigation: Paper is used in crafting maps, providing players with a valuable tool for navigation and exploration.
  3. Fireworks Displays: Paper is a key ingredient for crafting fireworks, allowing players to create dazzling displays and celebrate their in-game achievements.

Is Paper in Minecraft Safe?

Paper in Minecraft is entirely safe and does not pose any harm or risks to your character or the game environment. It is a crafting material used for various in-game recipes and does not have any adverse effects on gameplay.

How to Obtain Paper in Minecraft for Free

To obtain paper in Minecraft for free, you need to gather sugar cane from your game world. Sugar cane is a readily available resource found growing near water sources in most biomes.

Harvest sugar cane by breaking the middle block of the plant, and then craft it into paper using a crafting table, as described earlier. This process does not require any real-world purchases or in-game purchases, allowing you to obtain paper for free as you explore and progress in Minecraft.

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In conclusion

Paper in Minecraft is a versatile and indispensable crafting material with various applications in the game, including enchantments, navigation, and celebrations. Crafting paper is a cost-free endeavor, requiring only the collection of sugar cane found within your Minecraft world.

Embrace the potential of paper, enhance your gameplay, and unlock new possibilities as you journey through the blocky landscapes of Minecraft.