If you like Starbucks’ Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam, this is the simplest way to make it at home. A delicious sweet whipped topping for cold brew and iced coffees, the cold foam requires only 3 ingredients.

My go-to order at Starbucks is a tall iced vanilla sweet cream and cold brew. On a whim on a 10-hour car ride with my folks, I made that initial order. As someone who has a lactose intolerance, I deeply regret having done so. Yikes.

However, it was delicious. Lots of Tik Tok content artists use homemade Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam as a substitute for Starbucks cold foam in their iced coffee videos. Making your own sweet cream cold foam at home is a breeze.

And the flavor surpasses that of any commercial creamer. Even I have seen several incredible workarounds. Some used a protein blender container, while others used a french press to shake up the cold foam.

How to Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Cold foam has taken the coffee world by storm, thanks to the trendsetting Starbucks. With its creamy texture and lightness, it adds a new dimension to iced beverages.

But did you know that this frothy delight can be effortlessly whipped up at home? Dive into the world of cold foam with us and learn how to master it in your kitchen.

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What is Cold Foam

Starbucks’ cold brews can be ordered with a delicious cold foam, a frothy dairy-based topping served chilled on top. Special high-speed blenders are used to whip low-fat milk and vanilla syrup. Their Strawless lids are ideal for savoring the refreshing combination of iced coffee and foam.

A typical froth, such that found in lattes and cappuccinos, can be produced using a Nespresso aeroccino. The hot foam simply evaporates, making room for the cool foam in a chilled drink. Starbucks popularized it in the United States in recent years, and now many people who prefer to make their own coffee at home use it.

Ingredients Needs For Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Now you know that you just need 4 ingredients to make vanilla sweet cream cold foam. And you probably already have most of them, as they are necessities in any house. What you need, in any case, is as follows:

  • Heavy Cream, 1 Tablespoon
  • 1/3 Cup Nonfat Milk
  • One Tablespoon of Vanilla Extract
  • Sugar (or a sugar substitute) to taste, 1 tablespoon

You can now adjust the sweetness of your beverage by adding more sugar. You can add less if you prefer a subtler sweetness. Homemade vanilla syrup is a terrific alternative to sugar. The vanilla flavors in this sweet cream cold foam are wonderfully brought out by the handmade vanilla syrup.

Vanilla syrup can be manufactured at home, but it can also be purchased online if you want. Oh, and if you’d like to turn it into a sugar-free cold foam, all you have to do is add a little stevia, erythritol, monk fruit, or any sugar-free sweetener of your choosing.

Oh, and if you’re looking for yet another tasty sugar-free hot beverage, try this sugar-free hot chocolate.

How to Make Sweet Cream Cold Foam

The preparation of this cold foam of sweet cream requires no special equipment and literally no time at all. To get the desired foaminess, pull out a french press, immersion blender, or electric milk frother and combine the liquids accordingly.

And if you don’t have any foam, don’t worry; I’ll explain how to build it without it below. If you’re ready to completely revamp your morning coffee routine, then it’s time to try this recipe for sweet cream cold foam.

Step 1: Making the Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Put the sugar, vanilla extract, milk, and heavy cream into a french press. Then, agitate it by pumping the press handle up and down until it foams and becomes silky.

Pour all the ingredients into a jar and give it a good shake to integrate them before using an electric milk frother or immersion blender. Then whip it until it foams, which should take 15 to 30 seconds.

Step 2: Serving

Now that you have the cool sweet cream foam, you may add it to any beverage, such as iced coffee, espresso, or a cold brew. Then, fill your glass to the top with the frothy cream, using a spoon, and sip the refreshing iced beverage.

Making Cold Foam at Home

  • Ingredients: Non-fat milk or any milk alternative of choice.
  • Method: Using a frother, whip the milk until it’s frothy and has a creamy consistency. It should double in volume. Gently spoon it over your iced beverage, and there you have it!

The Cold Foam vs. Sweet Cream Debate

  • Similar, but Different: While both are creamy toppings for beverages, cold foam is frothed and aerated milk or a milk alternative, whereas sweet cream is a mixture of heavy cream, 2% milk, and vanilla syrup.

Cold Foam and Health: A Creamy Comparison

  • Less Fat and Calories: Cold foam, especially when made from skimmed milk or milk alternatives, generally contains fewer calories and fat than heavy cream.

From Milk to Cold Foam: Is it Possible?

  • Absolutely! All milk types, including dairy and non-dairy alternatives like almond, soy, and oat milk, can be turned into cold foam. The trick lies in the frothing process.

Decoding Flavors: What Exactly is Sweet Cold Foam?

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet cold foam typically refers to cold foam made with sweetened milk or milk alternatives. Flavors can vary based on additives like syrups, spices, or even flavored milk.

Sweet Cream Foam vs. Whipped Cream: A Culinary Showdown

  • Texture and Consistency: While both are creamy, whipped cream is denser, and sweet cream foam is airy due to the frothing process. The latter is not as sweet as whipped cream, despite the name.

Starbucks and Cold Foam: Behind the Scenes

  • Starbucks’ Secret: Starbucks creates its signature cold foam using a special blender that whips non-fat milk to create its iconic creamy texture. For flavored versions, syrups or sauces may be added during the whipping process.

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One of Starbucks’ best-selling drinks right now is a vanilla sweet cream cold foam. You’ll understand why it’s so tasty once you try it. However, you need not visit a coffee shop to indulge in the cool foam.

In less than a minute and with only four ingredients, this recipe will show you how to make sweet cream cold foam. In fact, I prefer making it myself at home to ordering it out. The resulting vanilla-sweetened cold foam is wonderfully foamy and creamy.

The best part is that it works just as well with cold brew, iced coffee, or espresso. Recently, one of my favorite activities has been preparing a large pot of coffee, letting it chill in the refrigerator, or purchasing cold brew, and then topping it with a dollop of this vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Cold foam has revolutionized the way we enjoy our iced beverages, elevating the sensory experience with its airy texture. With a frother and some milk, you can replicate the coffeehouse experience in your kitchen. So, the next time you’re sipping on your homemade cold brew or iced latte, remember to crown it with a dollop of cold foam for that gourmet touch.