The addition of concrete in version 1.12 made Minecraft a more colourful and reliable construction medium. All the work you do in-game will look that much better because of it.

The material is superior to wool in that it may be made in up to 16 distinct hues without risk of spontaneous combustion.

Learn the specifics of how to construct coloured concrete in Minecraft Survival right here!

The Components Necessary to Produce Colored Concrete

How To Make White Concrete in Minecraft

Powder, gravel, sand, and your preferred dye are what you’ll need to produce concrete. Pick the hue of your finished product before you begin gathering your raw materials.

Everything you require to create Coloured concrete in Minecraft is right here.

1: Collect Some Skulls for Making Bonemeal, Which Is Used in White Concrete

White concrete is probably the most straightforward of all the coloured varieties to produce. To begin, you’ll need bones, which can be obtained by slaughtering skeletons. Bones can be processed into bonemeal in proportion to their quantity when using a workbench.

To get a pure white colour, bonemeal must be added to the concrete mixture. Dyes, as explained below, are what you’ll need to achieve different hues.

2: You need to slaughter squid in order to obtain their ink sacs, which may then be used to make black concrete.

In Minecraft, there aren’t a lot of plants and flowers you can harvest to make ink sacs. Squid, animals, village chests, or a Traveling Trader are all viable options for acquiring such items.

3: Scoop Up Some Loose Dirt and Gravel

Sand and gravel are two essential materials for producing white/colored concrete. Sand can be found in abundance around water features like beaches and lakes/ponds. However, as you start digging, you’ll inevitably hit gravel. Mountains are a wonderful source.

4: Construct or amass a water container.

Find a bucket in a village chest or fashion one out of three iron ingots formed into a “V” on a crafting table to complete this task, the purpose of which may be obvious.

It can be refilled by right-clicking (or pressing the corresponding button on a gamepad) on a stationary water source (tap on the water in PE). The water can be a pond or lake, but it can’t be flowing water like the ocean. Concrete mix need water to set from powder form.

5: Obtain Colored Concrete Dyes.

Plants are used to create the dyestuffs (16 in all) (mostly flowers). On a crafting table, you can combine different plants (cornflower for blue dye, red rose for red dye, etc.) and certain materials (ink sac for black dye, Lapiz Lazuli for blue dye, etc.) to create your own custom shades.

If you combine a blue dye, like lapis lazuli or cornflower, with a red dye, like a rose, you get two different shades of purple. Plants like the cactus and the sea pickle can be smelted to create colours as well.

You can also find dyes in the chests you open in towns and cities, and it’s possible to find some on the road with itinerant merchants. In conclusion, dyes can be obtained by trading, chests, smelting, and crafting.

How to Make Colored Concrete in Minecraft Bedrock

Producing coloured concrete in Bedrock begins once you have the concrete powders and other materials ready.

  1. The first step is to set up a crafting table, after which you can utilise it by right-clicking on it (or any other analogous action).
  2. White concrete requires three bonemeal, which may be made by placing a bone on the crafting table anywhere.
  3. You can get three “white dyes” by putting one “bonemeal” anyplace on the crafting table.
  4. Put one “black dye” (obtained from either a “ink sac” or a “wither rose”) on the workbench in any orientation to create “black concrete.”
  5. Eight “white or black concrete powder blocks” can be made by combining one “white or black dye,” four “sand,” and four “gravel” in any sequence; then moving on to “Step 7.”
  6. Alternative “coloured concrete powders” to the standard white and black varieties can be made by going back to “Step 5” and replacing the white or black “coloured dye” with another colour of your choosing.
  7. Locate some “water” or pour some out of your “water bucket” onto the ground; next, either mix the “coloured concrete powder” into the “water” or sprinkle it on top of the “coloured concrete blocks.”

Quick and Easy Minecraft Concrete Instructions

If you need a lot of concrete blocks quickly, try this:

  1. Put some powdered concrete bricks in a stack.
  2. Provide them with a drink of water.
  3. Shatter the blocks to release the powder and quickly solidify it into concrete.

Tutorial on Crafting a Concrete Slab in Minecraft

However, you still can’t craft concrete slabs in the game. Present day Minecraft is restricted to using only concrete blocks. Slabs can be made from a variety of materials, including those listed below.

  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Acacia
  • Birch
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone

While knowing how to work with concrete blocks is essential in Minecraft, it also provides a wide range of new opportunities for creative play. Stunning rooftops, towers, walls, and more may be erected.

Finding the right colour and mining the required materials are the hardest parts; the rest will go quickly. Can you name concrete as one of your preferred construction materials?

Do you wish Minecraft had colourful concrete stairs and slabs as well? How have you put it to use in building? Let us know in the feedback area.