You know how some people say that watching Disney movies might lead to naive assumptions about romantic relationships? Okay, so I see now that my sex ideals were skewed because to porn.

If people’s sexual lives were like those depicted in porn, we’d all be gushing torrents of liquid sensuous joy at every climax. I’m afraid not. Squirting, the illusive sex sensation, is not impossible, nevertheless. Some women, it seems, have this ability innately.

However, it may be teachable for some. This means that squirting during sex is possible to induce. To begin, let’s review just what it is that we mean when we say “squirt”:

It’s not entirely settled, but Dr. Madeleine Castellanos says, “squirting appears to be fluid that’s retained in the bladder that’s released either when a woman has an orgasm or at other times.”

It is believed that the Skene’s glands, two structures at the urethral apex that can secrete fluid in response to G-spot activation, are involved in this process.

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What is Squirting?

When the G-spot is stimulated, fluid is ejected through the vaginal urethra, a phenomenon known as “squirting.” The G-spot is a small indentation on the anterior (front) vaginal wall near the belly button.

It is placed about a third of the way into the vagina. When you urinate, urine travels through the urethra on its way out of the body. The urethral sponge is a collection of tissues and glands that line the urethra just above the vagina.

How to Make Yourself Squirt

It is simpler to learn how to squirt when you are excited since the G-spot swells and feels firmer due to the increased blood flow and fluid production in the urethral sponge of a person with a vagina.

1. Get Your Bed Ready

It may get messy if you actually manage to spray. If you’re worried about your bedding getting too wet, Dr. Castellanos advises you to take safeguards. The Liberator Fascinator Throw is recommended by Taylor Sparks, the creator of and an erotic educator. It is designed to absorb liquids and is softer than other towels.

2. Make Sure You’re Well Hydrated

While there has been no formal study on this, experts have suggested it may be useful. Although anecdotal, O’Reilly notes that “some people say that hydration facilitates sexual response including orgasm and squirting.”

Overall, overall health, including improved sexual function, is a result of drinking plenty of water. Laino adds, “Dehydration can lead to more difficulty having an orgasm in general and can make sex painful,” so keep that in mind if you’re experiencing low energy or discomfort during sex.

3. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get Turned On

Try to be gentle with your body and mind. “It can take some time to get a feel for it,” says psychotherapist and author Antonia Hall of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life. You should also try to limit your exposure to other sources of mental stress.

It’s important to keep in mind that, as Sparks puts it, “sex begins in the brain” for most women. Get the mental seduction going first thing in the morning. That includes everything from avoiding stressful conversation to eliminating potential sources of stress in the bedroom, such as dirty talk or clutter.

4. Start by Focusing on the Clit

In order to get your G-spot ready to play, Hall recommends first focusing on stimulating your clitoris, which will flow blood to the area. For example, O’Reilly recommends the We-Vibe Nova as a rabbit vibe because it “provides dual vibrating stimulation for the G-zone internally and the clitoral head and hood externally.”

She goes on to describe how it is “adjustable, powerful, rumbly, and you can use it to rock in a pulsing motion.” Moreover, the Womanizer Duo is a useful tool “as the outer arm stimulates the head of the clitoris with pleasure-air technology that uses tiny bursts of air to create a suction-like sensation over the clitoral head,” as O’Reilly puts it.

5. Then, Place a Lot of Pressure on the G-Spot

To stimulate the G-spot, which is a little ridged area along the front of the vaginal wall, Hall recommends inserting your middle and ring finger a couple of inches within the vagina and rubbing it.

6. Get Some Help From a Toy

Important here is stimulating the G-spot. Within the vagina, “the G-spot is about two inches in and one inch up,” Sparks explains. “So, you’re looking for a toy that’s got a little bit of length and a gentle upward curve, right?”

For example, she finds the Le Wand Bow appealing because “this stainless steel wand is perfectly curved with ridges and a round bulb on one end and smooth and a more pointed bulb on the other end.” Putting it in warm or cold water for a few minutes before using it is a fun way to experiment with temperature.

7. Don’t Stress About Peeing

Many ladies experience an overwhelming urge to urinate just before they get their O. The Skene’s glands behind the G-spot secrete fluid, which can cause an urgent need to use the restroom, as explained by Hall.

Even if urine does leak out, sex therapist and Finishing School author Vanessa Marin thinks it’s best not to worry. “Even if it was urine, who cares? Sex is messy and there are a lot of fluids involved already.” (However, you are free to use the restroom first if it will make you feel better.)

8. Control Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Controlling your pelvic muscles is helpful, according to Sparks. She explains that as “the sensation [or] pressure begins to build, it will feel like you have to pee,” prompting you to engage your pelvic floor muscles. Instead of pulling them in, you should push out, like you’re trying to urinate. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either.

9. Try to Relax in the Moment

Being as cool as possible when you start to feel an orgasm coming on can benefit you a great deal. “Some people report that when they tense up, it hinders both orgasmic sensation and squirting,” O’Reilly explains.

“Many say that bearing down allows their muscles to relax so that they can enjoy the full squirter experience,” Dr. Laino says. Let your body relax, but maintain some tension by flexing your [pelvic floor] muscles; this will help you have any kind of orgasm.

10. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself if it Doesn’t Pan Out

Last but not least, Dr. Castellanos advises, “Be compassionate with yourself if you don’t make yourself squirt.”

If you don’t have any success the first time, or even after several tries, it’s because your body is doing what it does best and trying to prevent anything from exiting your urethra until you get to work. Just chill out and take in the experience for what it is.

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One possible doubt is whether or not squirting actually exists. To put it simply, yeah. True squirting can occur. It doesn’t happen to all ladies. However, unless you give it a go, you have no idea if you will actually squirt.

When you’re on the verge of an orgasmic experience, do you get the want to urinate? Even though that sounds unpleasant, holding it down can be really enjoyable. Getting there may require some time and patience, but here’s how to get there.