With the rise of video content all over the internet since the last decade, marketing experts have decided to use videos as a marketing strategy. And video content has been doing wonders ever since. Although videos were made for TV commercials before, social media platforms such as Instagram have changed the whole game. 

Making videos for TV commercials can be burdensome because not every business has the capital that goes into creating commercials and marketing them. Thanks to Instagram, marketing your business online is now a lot easier.

Back then, marketers used to do market research for days to come up with new strategies and predictions for upcoming years. Because of Instagram, it is much easier to predict the market and create strategies based on them because once you switch to a business profile on Instagram, you see all the statistics and data without hiring a specialist.

Because of this, so many business owners are now using Instagram to promote their business effectively. In this article, we’ll learn about the powerful marketing strategies you need to follow in 2024 for assured success.

instagram marketing strategies


Developing an Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2024

Instagram has totally leveled up its game after introducing the Instagram Story feature to users back in 2016. And even today, Instagram puts some serious effort into creating interactive stickers to take your Instagram Stories to the next level.

Plus, the introduction of Instagram Reels in 2020 is also helping brands to reach an impressive number of audiences. With that being said, let’s jump into the marketing strategies that will help you achieve sheer success in 2024.

Set Realistic Business Goals

Before you start taking action, you must sit down and figure out your priorities for 2024. For example, some brands want more users to know about them, so they focus on creating content that speaks to the users about their values and ethics.

Some brands focus on generating leads and growing their audience base, whereas some want to boost their community engagement. 

Each brand with any of these business goals takes different actions to reach the goal. Those who want to grow their followers focus on creating posts that will help them get noticed.

Other than that, they look for the right hashtags and keywords to reach their target audience. Instagram has now turned into a search engine that lets users search for the posts they want to see. So, your captions are now almost as important as the hashtags you use.

If your goals include any of the ones above, taking actions according to that will save you so much time, effort, and money. Focus on one or two objectives at a time because it can be quite stressful to improve all aspects within a short time.

Create Engaging Content

This part is self-explanatory; the main thing that will help your brand grow on Instagram is its posts. Instagram’s new Reels feature has been proven extremely effective when it comes to boosting reach.

However, your content has to stand out from the crowd for that. Not just Reels; even your feed posts, IGTV videos, stories, etc., have to be engaging enough to keep the audiences interested.

Instagram’s Reels feature is successful because video content is now the most valuable content type. People’s ever-decreasing attention span longs for videos that are no longer than 1 minute but contain enough information. So, focus on creating short, simple videos, and manage to give the vibe of your brand properly. 

You can post videos on your feed, too, as the feed videos also let you upload up to 1-minute long videos. When it comes to content, Reels can be used to share behind-the-scenes, DIY videos, and similar content. IGTV feature on Instagram lets you upload videos that are more than 1-minute long. 

You don’t need to hire professionals to create videos for you. You can make most of the videos just using your smartphone.

When it comes to the editing part, an Instagram video editor is the perfect solution. All you need is a little patience to figure out how the video editor works. You can trim and edit according to Instagram’s video upload requirements using the available tools.

Don’t be afraid to put up posts that reflect your human side because this will not only help with your engagement rate but will also help to build a great bond between you and your audiences. Use the story feature to show faces behind your brand, host chit-chat sessions, and share moments from your day.

Research Your Target Audience

Making assumptions doesn’t always help, especially when you plan out strategies. It’s best if you come up with strategies based on social data.

Thankfully, Instagram lets brands know how well they are performing on the platform; you can get details about content engagements, reach, and so much more. It also lets you see which age groups are more drawn towards the content you put out. 

So, make sure to go through all this information to find out your target audience and what type of content will keep them stay connected with you. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that different platforms attract different kinds of audiences.

So, if your target audiences are Gen Z and Millennials, Instagram is the perfect place to market your brand. 

You can also make use of the Instagram Story stickers to understand what audiences want. Setting up polls and organizing Livestreams to chat with your audiences will help so much.

Establish Important Metrics and KPIs

Your social media strategies should always be data-driven no matter what your goals are, meaning that metrics truly matter when it comes to social media. Thus, it’s crucial to dig into data that helps you fulfill your social media goals.

The metrics include reaching, clicks, content engagement, hashtag performance, likes, and sentiment. To create an effective marketing strategy for Instagram, you must understand that it’s all rooted in numbers, and to reach your goals, you must consider all those numbers in context.

Maintain A Proper Social Presence

As a marketer, you must be very mindful of your time management. It is important to be punctual, especially during online events. Other than that, when you are making an Instagram post, try posting at a “preferred” time to see a change in the engagement rate. 

Now, you must be questioning what “preferred” time means. Research has found that there are some specific times throughout the week when most users are most active on Instagram. However, it’s not always necessary to stick to a pattern. 

You will eventually determine when your posts get the highest engagements with time. For example, most users come online at around 8 PM after completing their jobs during the weekdays. That could be a good time to post because chances are, your audience will stay active at that time.

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The Instagram community is growing every day, and the competition is getting harder than ever. So, it’s time to level up your brand’s Instagram game with the top marketing strategies of 2024. Create engaging posts, impress your audiences, and excel in marketing this year.