We all know how it goes down when you open Instagram. If you think that you will open the feed and then take a quick look at Instagram, then it is going to be a lie. Without even realizing we would have spent 4 hours on the app without even feeling the time pass by.

Yes, it is that addictive, and that has been a problem for many people. Good features which remind people when they are spending too much time on the app is important. We need a reminder for staff. Just like the music app gives a warning when you go over volume. People need some reminders on Instagram too.

Instagram is Testing 'Take a Break' Feature For Better Time Management

That is why this new Take a Break feature is being tested by Instagram. Maybe they will officially make it a part of Instagram soon too. But right now, they are just testing the feature and see if it works properly and the way that it had been intended to work.

It is a really cool and useful feature to be introduced in any social media app, to be honest. To be honest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat can all get pretty addicting, and that is not a good thing no matter how many jokes we make about the situation.

If you cannot stop yourself from scrolling, you need to go ahead and opt for this feature. As the name suggests itself, this feature asks you to take a break while scrolling through the endless feed of Instagram.

You can choose the time limit as per your choice, it depends on you. After that time period is over and if you are still on Instagram, then it will display a message asking you to take a break from Instagram.

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They will also suggest what you can do when you are taking a break. These are all some generic and basic suggestions like writing your thoughts down and such. We are sure that this can prove to be a handy feature if you are using it properly.