The bitter reality of every students’ life is that in the current time, expenses are quite high and funds are low across the country. Students are stuck knee-deep in student loans while managing housing, utility, books, and transportation. In these crucial circumstances, they desperately need some really good internet plans to help ease the burden.

Many internet providers and companies in the US design plans and discounts for students. Whether you are an undergrad or a graduate student, you need a plan that caters to your needs perfectly. This is why we have put together a list of such internet providers to help you get through this semester without the constant stress of connectivity issues.


Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet plans are extremely affordable considering the super-fast speed they come with. Reliability of connectivity is what every student looks for. Spectrum also makes sure that you receive the speed you are promised.

Spectrum plans are designed to cater to the needs of students. Therefore, there are no hidden charges that can make you spiral into a loop of freak-outs.

Internet Plans

Say goodbye to all your worries about security breaches and hacking because Spectrum offers top-notch security with its internet plans.

Online classes come with the risk of losing connectivity right in the middle of an important lecture. This is where Spectrum comes in and makes sure that you will have no downtime and a lag-free eLearning experience. The downloading speed starts from 100 Mbps, which helps you stay on top of your game.

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In this time and age, the internet is nothing short of a blessing. With Spectrum, you can avail the opportunity with no additional costs. You can save money and still receive extras at discounted pricing.

Also, there are no data caps with this internet service provider. You can make unlimited calls, take all the online lectures, and download books of various sizes without the constant stress of running out of data or getting charged for extra data usage.

Check Spectrum’s availability in your area and subscribe to one of their internet deals to have a smooth learning experience.

AT&T Internet

AT&T internet plans are designed for all those who find it difficult to connect to the world and experience lag-free speeds. You might be drowning in student loans while waiting tables at the campus branch of Starbucks. In such a situation, you need a plan that should be easy on your wallet and also provide you with secure browsing.

AT&T makes sure that you don’t experience downtimes and connectivity issues. The rates are for all those who want to hang out with their friends at the new place in town but keep giving it second thoughts due to their budget. These plans are budget-friendly and incredible as they provide consistently fast download speeds that start from 100 Mbps.

Download all the books you wanted to for the paper due on Monday because AT&T allows you to download large files, exchange emails while also taking the extra online course that can increase your credits for school.

AT&T plans are diverse and designed to provide top-notch customer satisfaction with their network speeds and affordable prices.

AT&T offers Fiber Internet, ADSL, and Fixed Wireless. However, availability depends on your location so it is a good idea to call their helpline before deciding what you want.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications understands the needs of its consumers, which is why it provides an amazing program called Connect2Compete which is an internet initiative for students and low-income clients. This is essentially a home internet tool for families with their kids in schools (K-12) so they can also avail themselves of the opportunity of using high-quality internet.

This program is specifically aimed at school-aged students as it offers no contracts in addition to free installation and Wi-Fi modem rental with no charges. In this program, you can receive up to 50 Mbps download speed for a month at an affordable rate.

This incredible program does not require any social security number or credit check. This is for sure an appealing offer as there is no intrusion of privacy.

Many students in America lack basic internet access. There is no denying that access to technology enhances the quality of a student’s education. This is the aim of the Connect2Compete program. It allows students with a limited budget to avail the same opportunities as any other student.

On the whole, Cox Communications offer one of the best internet deals for students with their diverse plans.


Looking for a cost-effective speed and unlimited data? Optimum is the place you can find the said benefits. You can also get installation at a discounted price with no contracts required whatsoever. All of this comes when you subscribe to Optimum’s home internet.

Are you a New Yorker? Because that perfectly makes you eligible for this plan or if you attend a New York City public school then what are you even waiting for? Optimum provides fiber service that is available to around one million homes along with low-priced Wi-Fi.

It is a no-brainer that this ISP is quite appealing when it comes to the pricing and fast speeds. Currently, all the students living in Brooklyn and Bronx can avail the amazing offers alongside those who reside in Dutchess County, New York to Toms River.

Additionally, the availability also stretches just beyond these regions. However, there are some areas in between that do not receive this service of Optimum internet.


Mediacom also offers one of the best internet plans for students with a discounted program. Said program offers download speed up to 25 Mbps at an affordable rate.

If you are one of those people whose pet peeve is signing contracts with ISPs, then here is the good news; you don’t have to sign any contract with Mediacom nor do you have to make any deposits.

Another amazing factor of this provider is that you can get installation for free along with the equipment (rental or otherwise) and Wi-Fi modem which is basically what every customer wants.

Similar to Cox’s low-income plan, in order to be qualified for the home internet plan of Mediacom, you should have at least one kid in your home studying K-12.

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Wrapping Up

Some of you might be taking the semester remotely or experiencing high school for the first time. The workload could overwhelm even the best of us. Combined with a poor connection it can enhance the stress level of any student.

This is why the internet has become more of a need than a want in this age and time. Every student needs to have access to fast-speed internet at affordable rates. Therefore, the aforementioned internet deals are designed to meet the needs of all the students.