Movies! Well, who doesn’t like to watch a well-scripted, brilliantly directed movie, right? And spending your weekend binge-watching your favorite movies & was eagerly waiting for; in the comfort, your house sounds just perfect. Today, a number of video streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, etc. are available, that offer a wide variety of award-winning movies, most awaited movies, and etc.

That being said, to enjoy watching your favorite movies on either of these sites you will have to purchase one of their subscription plans. However, the painless & free way of watching all your favorite movies is a free-movie website, which lets you stream & download movies, at the expense of your speedy internet connection only.

One of the best websites, to watch all your favorite movies is IOmovies, it lets you watch movies for free. The website interface is user-friendly with minimal promotional ads. Nevertheless, if the IOmovies website is not working anymore, or it might not be working with your IP address, for reasons such as copyright: or it can be simply banned in your area.

Even though, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite movies, because today we are going to share with you some of the best IOmovies alternatives worth trying.

We would recommend you to sit back, and enjoy your favorite movies!


13 Best Sites Like IOmovies

We understand your urgency, so without wasting any more time let us take a closer at those movie streaming websites: –

1. 123Movies

If you are one of those movie lovers, who doesn’t like to savor the moment and doesn’t want to spend it on downloading, then 123Movies site should be your go-to movie streaming site. With the 123Movies site, you can watch all your favorite movies online.

You can select your favorite genre or category of movies and then start streaming it right away. Important things to remember is to be sure you have a high-speed internet connection and battery backup.

2. Putlocker

If you are looking for a better option that can meet your movie’s expectations then you can try the Putlocker movie’s website. It is an amazing site for streaming movies & TV series as well, without buffering or ads. The website offers a huge database for movies & TV-series.

You will see a big search box on the Putlocker homepage, where you can search for your favorite movies & TV-series, or you can go over to its category section & choose your favorite ones. All these features make Putlocker the best alternative for IOmovies website.

3. Los Movies

Los Movies works in a bit different way, what we are trying to say is when you surf the Los Movies website & choose your favorite movie to watch, the website will redirect to a new window. You will notice plenty of server options & links such as OpenLoad Server, RapidVideo, Stremango, etc.

You can use either of the servers to stream your favorite movies. Not just this, but with Los Movies, you can also customize your stream according to the ability of the server (the one you chose to stream your favorite movies).

4. Vmovee

If you like to evaluate your movie before you hit the play button then you should try Vmovee’s online movie streaming website. Vmovee provides the relevant description of each movie, along with its release year, possible categories it falls under, & movie cast as well.

Vmovee doesn’t limit its accessibility to movies only, but it involves online TV shows as well. Vmovee has a vast database of movies & TV shows, belonging to the different genres you can choose from. If you are not sure about what to watch, you can head over its Popular Movies, Recent Movies & Featured movies section and select one from there.

5. Movies123

As you can notice, Movies123 shares its name with 123Movies (like a mirror image). But the resemblance is not only in terms of names, but features also which is “the ability to satisfy the need of every movie-lover out there in the world”.

Movies123 website is always updated with the inclusion of new movies constantly. From all the latest movies to TV series, Movies123 provides you everything. The distinctive feature of Movies123 is its hover over card feature, viz.., every time you hover your mouse over a movie, a pop-up window will give you a description of the movie.

With the massive movies database of Movies123, search & stream your favorite titles in no time.

6. Yesmovies

With innumerable positive reviews & millions of users around the globe, there is no way we wouldn’t have mentioned Yesmovies; especially when we are talking about the best alternatives for IOmovies site.

Yesmovies site is quite popular among its users, the reason being user-friendly interface, plenty of categories with thousands of movies to explore & choose from in each category. The best part is with Yesmovies, you get to choose movies based on your area or region of living, by using your country as an option present in the menu. The website updates the list of movies available constantly, way faster than any other site present.

When in doubt about what movie to watch, make use of Yesmovies site advanced filter, which will surely help you find the best fit. With varied mirror sites of Yesmovies, you can easily find on the internet, it won’t be wrong to say that this site sounds even better IOmovies itself.

7. Yify TV

Don’t be skeptical with its name, Yify TV is as good as any other site on this list, that offers a lot of movies to stream online. And, of course, as the name Yify TV suggests, you can explore its TV series section as well.

It allows users to browse through movies & TV series, alphabetically, through several genres, Trending lists, and the most important IMDB rating as well. So, if you are on a movie, do check out the YiFy TV website also.

8. Openload Movies

While searching for a movie to watch & stream online, you may have been redirected to the OpenLoad server, by other sites. Well, OpenLoad is a popular website when it comes to watch & stream online movies, and is often used by other sites to redirect users to stream movies listed on their sites.

OpenLoad website offers a great database of movies, which includes new & as well as old ones. Hence, explains its popularity amongst its users. You can also sign-up for free and can add movies you would like to watch later, under favorite category; which you can watch later, by signing into your account.

9. Snagfilms

If you are a fan of classics & old movies, then don’t forget to check out Snagfilms website. The website offers a huge database of old & classic movies, which are worth your time.

The most important feature of the Snagfilms website is that all the movies made available on the website are verified, which means they will always be on the website. So, don’t worry if you weren’t finished with your favorite movie, and you won’t land on mirror sites at all.

10. Movie777

If you are more of a movie hoarder than just a movie lover, then you will find Movie777 very much useful. It is one of the best sites for Malaysian users, but that doesn’t necessarily say that you can’t benefit from the Movies777 website if you don’t reside in Malaysia.

It provides a standard list of movies, which you can stream whether or not you are a Malaysian. Movies777 extends its usability, to every region where it possibly can. So, in case you are hunting for a great Hollywood movie, then Movies777 will surely help you with this.

11. MovieNinja

Stream all your favorite movies, in high-definition quality with the MovieNinja website. All you need to do is, go to MovieNinja website, browse from its various categories such as Latest Movies, Most Watched Movies, Most Rated Movies etc.

If you want to watch a specific movie, you can search for it as well. Once, you watch a movie on MovieNinja website, then based on your activity, it offers you movie suggestions as well, on what you can watch next.

12. Gomovies

Even though Gomovies is mentioned in the second last position, it still stands at a fair chance to be a great alternative to IOmovies. Gomovies offers a great collection of movies, with genres such as Action, Animation, Classics, Horror, Family, and many more. Either this or you can choose from its country section, to get the best results related to regional movies.

13. FMovies

Last but never least, we have FMovies which provides a satisfactory movie collection. Once you land on its website, you can easily find & watch any movie as you see fit. It has a user-friendly interface and lets you choose your favorite movies from a variety of genres.

One of the distinctive features of FMovies is that it offers you to search & choose a movie from different countries. Plus, you can also search for a movie, based on its release years, such as all the movies released in 2019, or 2020.


So, as we have come to the end of this article, these all are the “13 Best Alternatives or Best Sites like IOmovies”.  Just one important reminder we would like to give you is that all these sites are unauthorized to fork out online movie streaming. That is why always be careful of unwanted ads that might pop up here & there (however is quite unlikely to happen).

And, since these are unauthorized sites, they might be taken down by the cybersecurity community anytime. But no matter what, you will always have better options to look for, so grab a bucket of popcorn & get ready to watch & enjoy your favorite movies.