When it comes to his own flair, James Harden has never been one to hold back. The Philadelphia 76ers’ superstar is known for rocking a wide variety of unconventional fits during his career.

Harden may have worn his most eccentric costume to date when Philadelphia faced the Boston Celtics on NBA opening night. Basketball enthusiasts across the globe recognize James Harden not only for his exceptional skills on the court but also for his distinctive style off it.

The juxtaposition of his on-court prowess and off-court fashion choices has often ignited debates and discussions. Dive into the enigma that is James Harden and explore the wider wardrobe world of the NBA.

James Harden Declared Worst Dressed NBA Player

James Harden, with his signature beard and enviable basketball skills, is a name that resonates with every basketball enthusiast. However, with fame comes myths, facts, and lots of queries.

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James Harden Declared Worst Dressed NBA Player

Harden didn’t appear like a professional basketball player when he completed his typical tunnel walk. Harden appeared to have woken up 10 minutes before he had to be for freshman calculus, what with him wearing a purple sweater and baggy pyjama trousers.

James Harden excels at several different areas of expertise. His basketball prowess guarantees him a spot in the Hall of Fame, and his beard has won him the admiration of his fellow bearded men.

In contrast, a recent RushOrderTees poll found that Harden is particularly bad at one thing: getting fits off. Yes, according to the site, Harden was rated the NBA’s worst dressed player by a poll of around 28,000 people.

The Brooklyn Net was Praised for Trying New Things, But the Results were Lacklustre

20.4% of voters found his attire to be “edgy,” 10.4% said it was “impossible to carry off,” and 22.8% branded his selections “crap.” His average tunnel attire only receives a 5.2 out of 10, indicating that not even his $41.25 million annual paycheck can help him look his best before each game.

Though Harden was clearly at the bottom of the list, it’s important to note that the list also included Los Angeles Clippers forward Serge Ibaka (the god of scarves), Los Angeles Lakers guard Kyle Kuzma, and Toronto Raptors guard Gary Trent Jr.

Harden’s teammate Blake Griffin, who scored an impressive 7.50 out of 10 on the average for his outfits, is the best dressed NBA player. Griffin typically wears understated clothing to games and avoids drawing attention to himself.

His stylist, Maya Krispin, “simply knows my style so well,” he told THR in 2016. “I’m not one to take many risks. My preferred style is a combination of classic elements with a dash of daring. To make an impression, you needn’t go to extremes.

James Harden: The Worst Dressed NBA Player?

It might come as a surprise to some, but James Harden has been termed the “worst dressed NBA player” by certain fashion critics. While style is subjective, what makes Harden’s fashion sense unique is his bold and fearless choices.

He often favors eclectic patterns, vibrant colors, and unconventional accessories, challenging the norm of what an NBA superstar “should” wear.

Who Reigns Supreme in NBA Fashion?

Although Harden’s style might be divisive, other players like Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, and Chris Paul are frequently lauded for their sartorial choices. Westbrook, in particular, with his avant-garde approach to fashion, has often been dubbed the “best dressed” in the NBA.

The Evolution of NBA Coaching Attire:

Gone are the days when NBA coaches donned sharp suits and ties every game. The shift to more casual attire, including polo shirts and sneakers, can be attributed to comfort, practicality, and a changing culture that’s become more accepting of relaxed dress codes.

The Significance of ’13’ for James Harden:

James Harden’s jersey number, 13, holds special significance. It’s not just a number but a symbol of his journey, challenges, and triumphs. Harden has expressed that the number represents the hardships he’s faced and the perseverance it took to overcome them.

Harden’s Physical Attributes:

With a wingspan reported to be around 6 feet 10 inches, James Harden’s physical dimensions play a crucial role in his gameplay, allowing him to shoot, defend, and maneuver efficiently. As for his age and height, as of the last update, James Harden stands at around 6 feet 5 inches tall and is in his early 30s.

The Financial Success of James Harden:

Beyond his NBA salary, James Harden’s wealth can be attributed to lucrative endorsement deals, smart investments, and his entrepreneurial ventures. His collaboration with brands like Adidas, among others, has significantly bolstered his net worth.

The NBA Dress Code Controversy:

The NBA dress code, introduced in 2005, was met with mixed reactions. Mandating “business casual” attire, it aimed to improve the league’s image. However, it faced backlash for stifling players’ self-expression.

Over time, as players started interpreting “business casual” in innovative ways, the rigid boundaries of the dress code dissolved, leading to its eventual irrelevance and the unique fashion landscape we see in the NBA today.

The Adidas Association: Does James Harden Wear Adidas?

Yes, James Harden does wear Adidas. He signed an endorsement deal with the sportswear giant in 2015, making a significant switch from Nike. Since then, Harden’s collaboration with Adidas has resulted in the release of multiple signature basketball shoes, showcasing his unique style and preferences.

The Game 7 Saga: Has James Harden Won a Game 7?

Throughout his illustrious NBA career, James Harden has faced several Game 7 scenarios. While not all of these have ended in victory, Harden has indeed tasted success in some pivotal Game 7 matchups. His resilience and ability to perform under pressure have been evident in these intense playoff showdowns.

The Price Tag: How Much Did Adidas Pay James Harden?

Adidas recognized Harden’s growing influence in the basketball world and decided to cement a partnership. In 2015, Adidas and James Harden agreed to a reported 13-year, $200 million endorsement deal.

This lucrative contract highlighted Harden’s market value and Adidas’ commitment to capturing a more substantial market share in the basketball gear arena.

The Academic Query: Does James Harden Have a PhD?

Contrary to some rumors, James Harden does not possess a PhD. The confusion might arise from his nickname “The Beard,” which sounds academic, but in reality, it refers to his iconic facial hair. While Harden excels on the basketball court, there’s no record of him having pursued a doctoral degree.

Slam Dunk Stats: How Many Dunks Does James Harden Have?

James Harden, known for his step-back three-pointer and ability to drive to the basket, has executed numerous dunks throughout his career. While the exact number can vary from season to season, Harden’s dunk tally is impressive, further showcasing his versatility as a player.

Age Before Beauty: James Harden is the Oldest Player in the NBA?

This statement is a myth. As of the last update, James Harden is in his early 30s. While he’s one of the more experienced players in the league, he’s far from being the oldest. The NBA has seen players continue well into their late 30s and even early 40s, such as Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki.

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Last Words

New York Knicks RJ Barrett, Tobias Harris, and Paul George also made the list of best-dressed players. Take a look at where some of your favourite players landed in this ranking.

James Harden’s style, much like his gameplay, is distinctive and unapologetic. While he may have been dubbed the “worst dressed,” it’s undeniable that he, along with his contemporaries, has played a pivotal role in shaping the NBA’s fashion narrative.

From dress codes to jersey numbers, the world of NBA fashion is as dynamic and enthralling as the game itself. James Harden continues to be a focal point of discussion, both for his on-court exploits and off-court endeavors.

As with any major celebrity, it’s crucial to differentiate between facts and myths. This article aimed to provide clarity on some common queries about Harden, ensuring fans have accurate and up-to-date information about their favorite star.