KickassTorrent (KAT) is the best and popular torrenting and file-sharing site.  torrent is a means of providing downloading from the internet. Movies or any pdf file can be downloaded by this.

But it is different from a normal download, its file is not saved on the server and is stored on peers. This has been banned in some countries. KickassTorrents domain was seized by the US Government in July 2017.

The owner of this site Artem Vauline was arrested for hosting copyright content. Now Kickass torrent site is available online as launched by’s team.

This site allows link attachment and Peer to Peer file sharing. P2P file-sharing site has been established as a huge piracy hub after the pirate bay offline. This site provides magnet links for movies, Software applications, TV shows, games, and much more. This site falls in the highest category of most visited sites.

9 Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents 

Here are some of the most kickass alternatives stores that are currently running.

1. The Pirate Bay

It is the most popular peer-to-peer file-sharing site that makes thousands of files available called torrents. Pirate Bay proxy has many features categories that you can download such as Movies, TV shows, eBooks, Applications, Video, Audio, Sports, and others.

It is an online index of digital content of entertainment. 35 languages are available here. This site provides the facility of searching, downloading, and file sharing to users. The site was launched on 15Sep 2003 by Swedish Think tank Piratbyrån.

The founders of this site were sentenced to one year in prison for helping violate the copyright in the Pirate Bay trial. This site is also blocked in some countries but there are always many ways on online platforms and it has been updated recently.

If you are unable to access this site due to any problem, then there are more similar sites, visit them. Users can access it by ISP.

2. 1337x

1337x is also a famous site that provides a directory of torrent files, peer-to-peer sharing for used torrent files, and magnet links. This site is useful for large file sharing over the internet. You can download movies, games, TV shows, apps.


This website provides an online torrent and magnet link that is mostly used for downloading and peer-to-peer file sharing. It’s considered the best site to verify the file, which is a big reason for its popularity.

Here are many options available like movies, video games, short films, and music. TROYPOIN’s site list includes this. It is an illegal content site that provides free games, TV shows, and many more. This site is absolutely safe for users and provides virus-free downloading.


RARBG Torrent is 2023’s latest proxy/mirror site. It also provides torrent files and magnet links for your favourite downloading. It’s allowed to illegal free HD Hollywood movies.

As we all know that torrenting sites are banned in many countries, this is one of them. Example of countries is Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. But its founders are trying to back it up again. This is updated on 17 January 2023.

You can access this site by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) security. It provides a smooth user interface. It is known as one of the greatest websites. Today, everyone is using torrent sites for download content like movies, TV shows, and games, etc it provides the same facilities.

5. iDope

It is an illegal torrent search engine website and offers free downloading. It allows access to easy and fast torrent links. The iDope site is used to view the web through deluges. It has an excellent downloading feature.

The result of the search that users want to make available. It’s allowed to download the latest HD movies, videos clips, mp3 songs, web series, TV shows, and software without any cost.

Users need to get an efficient torrent link because the illegal torrent is a threat to you and your pc/laptop. This is the must Alternative to Kickass Torrent.

6. LimeTorrent

This is a good alternative option for Kickass. Lime torrent is a directory of files. It has low advertisement and annoyance features with a 100% working mirror/proxy site. Currently, this site has been blocked in the US, Europe, UK, Australia, Italy, Norway, and India.

It has been updated in 2023 and working now. If Kickass Torrent is blocked/unable in your country, then the LimeTorrent alternative is a good option for you. You can bypass this by using proxy sites or TOR Browser.

The first thing you need is the new domain of Lime Torrents 2023 then you go to the search bar and search what you want to download. You can download torrent movies, TV series, music, and apps by following its simple steps, using a proxy site or ToR Browser. It provides a smooth user interface.

7. ExtraTorrent

It is an online index website where you get lots of downloading facilities like Video, audio, games, music, movies, images, software, and others via peer-to-peer transactions.

Torrent sites have been banned in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Most Asian Countries. It has recently launched with a new domain/ URL. It has emerged as a popular Kickass Torrent Site after being banned. Fortunately, it is working again all over.

The specialty of this site is that it also provides you with the platform to upload your own content. Recently released movies are available to you on this site. You can access it easily from any place, state, or country with the most benefits of speed and content. It has a lack of pop-up ads.

8. Torlock

This site provides a very good facility for fast download at no cost. Here huge collections of features are provided of content, search functions, user interface, and many others.  It is banned under the US Digital Millennium Act. But there is good news for users that it is currently running.

Anyone can download games, the latest movies, apps for free by using a VPN service. On this site, there is the annoyance of ads, and the account is required. It is not popular as other sites but provides good facilities.

9. Torrentz2

This is the best torrent search engine website that allows downloading movies, games, plugins, and software applications. It is a simple, fast, and powerful download for any various torrent files, latest films, games, and else. Torrentz2 is an alternative to Torrentz working with its magnet link.

It allows users to upload files over the internet. Currently, the original torrentz2 domain has been suspended. if you want to access it, then using a VPN is most important. It will protect you and protect from hackers. You can easily access it wherever you are a resident.


The KickassTorrent (KAT) website is visited by millions of users. This site is banned in many countries like the US, India, Nepal, and others. Since 2016 this site has been surviving through legal issues.

Its owner was caught and punished by the US authority in copycat and money laundering offenses. Kickass Torrents Alternative has been updated and gaining popularity with its good features. It’s trying to get it to come back on track.

Some of these do ads irritation and require the accounts, so visit these sites along with VPN security for your online safety. If you like downloading movies and games then you are able here.

This is a free torrent downloading site. The good thing is there are many else torrenting sites that are faithful alternatives to Kickass Torrent. There is a lot of traffic on this site.