One must first win the USA Wrestling Olympic Trials in order to compete for Team USA at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. When discussing dominant figures in the world of wrestling, Kyle Snyder’s name invariably comes up.

This young athlete’s achievements, from Olympic victories to world titles, have solidified his position as one of the sport’s greats. In this article, we’ll trace Kyle Snyder’s illustrious career, answering the most commonly asked questions about his journey.


USA Wrestling Olympic Team Trials 2021

This is due to the fact that athletes (and not the athletes themselves) receive Olympic qualification places as a result of their performances in key tournaments.

Kyle Snyder Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Typically, the wrestler who qualified his or her country to participate in the Olympics will also be the wrestler who represents that country in the Games. But due to the abundance of skill in each weight class in American wrestling, there must be a final, internal trials to choose which grapplers will represent the USA in Japan.

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A year ago, because of the widespread spread of the coronavirus, the event scheduled for Penn State University had to be postponed. Due to the continued ban in Pennsylvania, the 2021 trials will be held in Texas on April 1-2 at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, the Covid-19 regulations will limit the number of people allowed inside the stadium to half capacity.

The Structure

To reflect the balance between freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the trials will feature 18 total divisions. Only one athlete per weight class will be chosen to compete for Team USA at the 2021 Games, resulting in a total of six competitors for the United States in the freestyle, Greco-Roman, and judo events.

Qualifying Heat for Men’s Freestyle

Winners of the Senior Freestyle USA World Championships and the Final World Team Trials from 2017 and after gain automatic qualification for the trials. Several of the world’s finest male athletes, including Olympic gold medalists Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Snyder, will be in Fort Worth for this.

Silver and bronze medalists from the 2019 Senior World Championships at an Olympic weight will advance directly to the trials finals, while silver and bronze medalists from other weight categories will be offered a spot in the semi-finals of whichever weight category they choose.

Anyone who qualified in their weight class at the 2020 Pan American Olympic Qualifier will also be able to compete for the gold medal. Up-and-coming stars like Bo Nickal, David Carr, and Mason Parris, who won the 2019 Junior Freestyle and U23 Freestyle USA World Championships, will also participate.

Qualifying Round for Women’s Freestyle

Including Olympic gold medalist Helen Maroulis and reigning world champion Adeline Gray, every single person who has ever competed for the United States in the World Championships or won the Final World Team Trials will be there.

A medalist in the 2019 Junior World Championships might enter the competition in any division.

Participants who place in the top six of their weight class at the 2019 Senior World Championships will advance directly to the finals, while those who place in the top four of their weight class but do not win a medal will begin in the semi-finals.

The top three U.S. finishers at the 2019 Bill Farrell International Open who have not already qualified for the trials will be invited to compete in the trials at the weight class of their choice.

Classical Greek and Roman Eligibility

Anyone who has won the Senior Freestyle USA World Championships and the Final World Team Trials since 2017 is automatically qualified to participate in these trials, just as it is the case for the men’s freestyle event.

And the top six finishers in Olympic weight categories at the 2019 Senior World Championships will advance directly to the finals, as do all 2019 Junior World medalists. An individual who has won a medal in a weight class other than the Olympics will advance to the semi-finals of that class.

Winners of the 2020 Pan American Championships and the 2020 Pan American Olympic Qualifier will join the U-23 world medalists in the competition. Gold and silver medalists from the 2020 U.S. Armed Forces Championships who have not yet qualified will be invited to compete.

The Favourites

In wrestling, there are no guarantees because even the smallest mistake could lead to elimination. More so at the US Trials, where grizzled veterans will be competing in every weight class.

We can anticipate pyrotechnics in the 74kg men’s competition. Winner of the Olympic gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Jordan Burroughs, will likely compete against Kyle Dake, the current and defending 79 kilogramme world champion.

Did Kyle Snyder Win the Olympics?

Yes, Kyle Snyder made history by clinching the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the men’s freestyle 97 kg category. His victory was especially remarkable considering his age; he was one of the youngest American wrestlers ever to achieve this feat.

Who Did Kyle Snyder Lose To?

While Kyle Snyder’s achievements are many, like all athletes, he’s faced defeats. One notable loss was to Abdulrashid Sadulaev of Russia in the 2018 World Wrestling Championships final.

This clash was much anticipated as it was a bout between two of the sport’s most prominent figures. Sadulaev, nicknamed the “Russian Tank,” managed to defeat Snyder, ending his world championship reign in the 97 kg category.

How Many Gold Medals Did Kyle Snyder Win?

As of my last update in 2022, Kyle Snyder has secured one Olympic gold medal (2016 Rio Olympics) and three World Championship gold medals (2015, 2017, and 2019). These victories, combined with his other accolades, make him one of the most decorated American wrestlers in recent history.

Did Kyle Snyder Win Worlds?

Absolutely. Kyle Snyder’s prowess on the global stage is evident in his World Championship record. He secured the gold in 2015, 2017, and again in 2019, showcasing his consistent performance at the highest level.

What Did Kyle Snyder Do Now?

Post his World Championship victory in 2019, Kyle Snyder has remained active in the wrestling community. Apart from competing, he often engages in training camps, coaching sessions, and mentoring young wrestlers.

His dedication to the sport extends beyond just his personal achievements, as he’s committed to fostering the next generation of wrestling talent.

How Old Was Kyle Snyder When He Won?

Kyle Snyder was only 20 years old when he bagged the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, making him the youngest American Olympic wrestling champion in history. His early success is a testament to his dedication, skill, and the immense potential he showcased from a young age.

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Kyle Snyder’s journey in the world of wrestling is a blend of sheer talent, relentless hard work, and an indomitable spirit. Whether it’s his Olympic triumphs, world titles, or his role in nurturing budding wrestlers, Snyder’s impact on the sport is undeniable.

As we continue to watch his career unfold, one thing remains certain: Kyle Snyder is a name that will be remembered in wrestling history for years to come.