The best defence in the world won’t be able to stop a team with a great attack. How do you guard a point guard who can dribble into a big man and two-hand a layup over him, or who can cut off a defender and float a fadeaway jumper? The question is how you’re supposed to handle the situation.

When Kyrie Irving is in his element, pulling up whatever shot he wants and finishing over or over any kind of defence his team throws at him, it’s hard not to stop and marvel.

Kyrie Irving Makes Orlando Magics Bad Day Worse

That doesn’t make it any easier to block a 60-point shot from Irving or anyone else. Just like Joel Embiid’s 50-point explosion did a month ago, that will linger in the Magic’s stomach as a reminder of how far the team still has to go and how much work needs to be done.

Everyone’s Mouths Dropped to the Floor in Shock.

“Mr. Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s what it was by the end of the day, “Jamahl Mosley, who was mentored by him, made this statement following Tuesday’s setback. “On the ground, he was calm and collected. He is a fantastic basketball player. Moreover, he demonstrated precisely that this evening. The least you can do is express your gratitude to him. Send your thanks for the team’s efforts. It’s because he’s such a great player that he’s the way he is.”

There are times when giving up is the only option. Similar to the tragedy that befell the Memphis Grizzlies a month and a half ago, this might be a major setback for a team that is working to develop its defensive cohesion. An update demonstrating that Orlando’s defences have been bolstered but are still vulnerable.

The Magic’s defence buckled against Kyrie Irving’s 60 points and the Nets’ 150 points, and Orlando lost by 20 points. The key to understanding this generation’s growth is how they regain control and find resolution.

At Home, the Magic Suffered their Worst Ever Defeat, 150-108.

Recently, Orlando has done exceptionally well to display equilibrium and strengthen its defences. But this was the house collapsing; it was a rupture in the system. A demonstration of the relative youth of the group.

Since the Magic shown they couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to stop Irving, the Nets have been taking care of him repeatedly and he deserves every bit of the attention he receives. And yet, Orlando was hot on their heels from the start, unable to get out of their own way.

After Kevin Durant made a few ferocious early jumpers, the Magic appeared to let up. Their haste to dial these stars down was motivated by a desire for safety.

In the first quarter alone, the Nets managed to score 48 points. It doesn’t happen because of just one factor. That wasn’t just due to Irving’s mastery or Durant’s excellent shooting.

The Magic were unable to maintain a defensive focus until it was too late. In the first quarter, the Nets had 20 field goals (eight from Durant and eight from Irving) and 14 assists. Furthermore, Orlando’s security was never restored.

When the Magic tried to keep Irving out of the paint by having him duck under screens, Irving was able to get loose for threes. If that wasn’t the case, Brooklyn just returned to chase down Orlando.

The Magic were shockingly available, and the Nets were superbly amiable. When it happens, and others in the group don’t fight back or don’t really thumps those whizzes off mood, this is what happens.

The Nets had a 60.2% shooting percentage from the field. Without Irving’s 20-for-31 performance, they shot 57.9 percent. During the contest, Durant attempted only nine shots. The 53 field goals made by Brooklyn were aided by 35 assists. In addition, Durant and Irving tallied fifteen total assists.

Early on, Durant and Irving put Orlando up for Disaster, and the Team was Never Able to Recover.

I think we just let them get into a terrific cadence fairly soon,” Franz Wagner stated after Tuesday’s setback. “Even with just a few simple threes and some pick-and-roll action, a player’s life can drastically alter. On the outskirts, they collected a large number of easy ones. I think once they get into a groove, it would be very difficult to stop them.”

Despite having to deal with massive deficits, the Magic have cherished having the option to rapidly recover. On the other hand, Orlando really has to start moving on. The Magic should be confident that their play is consistent enough to prevent them from going behind by 30 points, let alone 42.