Learning beyond the course materials and your textbooks is a safe path towards being unique and confident as you are handling your college or school assignment. It is one of the reasons why learning websites for students are so popular today as they offer this little extra that helps you stand out.

Regardless of whether you are turning to online courses or just want to listen to interesting podcasts for students, it will always help you to think outside the box and find additional solutions. The key is to get inspired and see how certain sites can assist you as you learn.

Useful Learning Sites For Students


8 Helpful Learning Sites For Students

1. Edx

It is one of the best websites to learn as it has been created by students and educators behind Harvard University’s innovative projects. It offers the best online courses that lead to the world’s top institutions. You can take a look through the various programs and actually become enrolled, which is not always possible in the physical realm.

EdX also provides you with more narrowed-down learning options and helpful articles, which lets you choose your future career by reading articles penned by professionals in the relevant industry.

2. Internet Archive & Time Machine

It is second to none resource for college students and educators as it is the time machine that stores original information from websites that are no longer there. You can access various American libraries and browse through the countless archives that contain free books and magazine articles.

It is free and logical. Even though it won’t give you academic certificates, it is unique for research purposes. Remember that you can research paper writers online and receive additional help and suggest your discoveries as you learn. Even if you get stuck with your research, there is a lot of information.

3. Coursera

As one of the famous websites that offer free courses, Coursera is one of the safest solutions that can provide you with an online certification. It also became one of the most popular learning websites during pandemic times.

You can learn anything from Environmental Studies or Fashion Design to the best ways to create a website or start your English Literature blog. As a student, you will enjoy video lessons and even those online courses that will include about ten lessons to keep you going!

4. Cosmolearning

It is one of the interesting learning apps and websites that will provide educational materials, interactive courses, video lessons, and great documentaries. If you want to learn something beyond your course, look no further.

They will provide about sixty courses that include English, History, Business Management, Nursing, and Environmental Sciences courses, among others. It is recommended to focus on extra-curricular sections as it will add some interaction to your learning sessions.

5. Khan Academy

It is very much like Coursera, but it has a major difference. It offers learning courses in over 36 languages. It is also aimed at K-12 students, which is good for learning Maths and basic grammar skills that you are learning while still at school. If you need to go back and learn something, give it a go!

6. Unplug The TV

It offers information and videos on various scientific subjects. It also provides interesting information on how to fight procrastination and relieve the stress as you are getting ready for an upcoming exam. It is an excellent alternative to watching sitcoms and boring shows on TV by adding some useful content to your life and studies.

7. The Book Share

You can share, sell, or buy your old academic books and save some funds. You can also write specific books if you have learning differences, face the challenges of dyslexia, cerebral palsy, vision or hearing impairment, and more. There are also books that are not academic, which is a great way to share what you have online with other people or find books for enjoyment.

8. TED Talks

Nothing can beat the TED Talks on different subjects from those who really know the subject. For example, if you are majoring in Web Design & Animation, hearing 15 minutes revelations from a Japanese anime artist will be essential for your success.

Learning Sites For Students

The Flexibility of Online Courses

It must be noted that useful learning sites for students also provide certain flexibility and a chance to try out something new without paying a fortune. For example, if you are majoring in Psychology but would like to study programming or data management, you may approach free or paid courses at places like Khan Academy or Coursera that will let you receive certification or just master the basics free of charge before getting enrolled in a specific college program. It is always flexible, which is not surprising as these learning options are aimed at busy students.