Are you that one kind of person who loves movies? If you love streaming movies online then this article is right for you. There are many streaming websites available on the web in which you can watch movies and websites for free. one of the websites is m4ufree.

What Do You Know About M4uFree?

M4ufree is website that allows users to watch their favourite movies and TV shows for free. This website is less laggy and works quite faster than many other websites. Also the user interface is good and easy to use.

The service of m4ufree is entirely you did not pay any money you enjoyed services of watching TV shows and movies.

Is M4uFree Movie Legal?

Is this site legal? Well, that entirely depends on the terms and conditions of this website. It basically categorised its videos into two types. Videos which are Copyright free and the other type of videos are protected by copyrights.

If you, the user wants to stream videos that are copyright free, then you can absolutely watch them. It is completely legal and you can also download those videos.

But, if you want to watch or stream videos which are protected by Copyright then you need to take permission from the owner of the video.

I hope these points have cleared your mind about the legal issues of streaming m4ufree website.

Top 10 M4uFree Movie Alternatives Sites to M4uFree 

If you couldn’t access the website for some reason then these are the websites you must try so that you can watch TV shows and movies online for free.

1. Putlocker

The first website on the list is putlocker. This website is one of the oldest websites for streaming online shows and movies.

The content on putlocker is free. you need not pay any money to stream their content on the website. this website comes with important features like the search bar, using which you can find your movies online by typing the name of the movie.

It is packed with huge collection of media content which is ready for streaming. These include TV shows, movies, web series. There is no sign up required to stream this website.

So you can stream their media content for free without giving you details as there is no need to log in.

2. Hubmovie

The second website on the list is hubmovies. This website looks simple and the user can navigate easily between the pages on the website. It has good looking user interface.

It includes different kinds of movies which are horror movies, action movies, romantic movies, comedy movies, social movies, sci-fi movies and others. This website also doesn’t charge any money for steaming movies and TV shows online.

Important features of this website includes its simple user interface and fast browsing experience. Also, it is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.

3. PrimeWire

As we move forward on the list, the third choice for streaming movies is going to be PrimeWire. First things first, the cool and awesome feature of this website is that, you are set free from those irritating ads and pop ups which can spoil the entire experience of a movie fan.

So, you are free from those ads. You need not create an account on this website to stream shows and movies. It also includes huge database of media content for streaming online.

It is well equipped with a user friendly and simple user interface. So, give this website a shot. You might like it.

4. GoMoviesHD

The fourth website on the list is Go movies HD. It is also a great website for streaming TV shows and movies online. The best feature of this website is that it allows you to download movies in HD quality.

This website also updates their movie library regularly. So you can enjoy watching new movies and latest content. Most of the movies provided are in HD quality. you can also filter and sort movies as per the options provided. This might be your best choice of alternatives to m4ufree.

5. 123Movies

One of the top destinations for movie lovers to watch TV shows and movies online is 123 movies. It is equipped with a  user friendly interface and a simple design.

This website is supported on almost any media playing supported device. You should be able to stream this website on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV and other platforms. There are plot of movie categories included on the website.

Some of them are  thriller, comedy, drama, fiction, crime and many more. The website also preys the user to sort movies by  genre or year of release. The website is equipped with multiple mirrors for each content which are hosted on the servers of third parties.

It is one of the most followed streaming websites for movies due to its huge database of movies and shows. 123 movies might be your alternative to M4uFree.

6. Solarmovie

Solar movie will be standing sixth on the list. Unlike other websites, it doesn’t store shows and movies on its server. But, it stores the media on third party sites instead. It has interface which is simple and easy to operate.

This website perfectly categories movies into many categories. Movies are sorted based on genres, actors, production houses and directors. The media provided on this website is of HD quality.

Also, you need not pay for anything to stream on this website. It’s database is huge enough to watch movies and TV shows online.

7. Viooz

Viooz is one of the popular sites used for streaming movies and TV shows. It is one of the most used platforms by users round the world for online streaming. You can stream media content on this website for free.

The movie content provided is mostly in HD quality. Also, the user need not register on the site to enjoy its services. There are many categories of movies on this website. So, you can think of this website as an alternative to m4ufree.

8. Los Movies

The eight website on the list is los movies. One of the key features of the website is that it provides subtitles. There are many categories of movies which horror movies, action movies, romantic movies, comedy movies, social movies, sci-fi movies, animated movies, drama movies and others.

You can also get other movie related stuff like release date and ratings from the users. You can also find movies that are acted by a particular actor or directed by any particular director.

The loading time on this website is good enough. So, try this out and I hope you will have a good experience on this website.

9. Pureflix

The ninth website on the list is Purefilx. If you are that kind of a person who watches movies with family, then this website might be for you. This website is similar to Netflix. It is actually inspired from Netflix.

Russell Wolfe and David White are founders of Pureflix. The users are allowed to have a one month free trial. This site can accessed from devices that run on Android, Windows, and iOS. This website updates the media content regularly in frequent time intervals.

10. Hotstar

Hotstar is a streaming service that is extremely popular in India. It offers movies on various different languages and TV shows. You can also get access to Hollywood premium content like The Avengers and HBO originals.

IPL( Indian Premier League) contributed a lot to its growth. It also includes Indian serials and some sort films. It continuously updates its feed so that the user can get latest content. The awesome part about this website is that it only provides authentic content. It doesn’t include any piracy content.

Hot star app is available on both app store and the Google play store. You can basically watch Hotstar for free. But, the content will be limited for free subscribers. By the way, if you took paid subscription on Hotstar, then you can have complete access to every media content on the site.

Another cool feature is that you can watch some of your favourite shows on Hotstar much early than they for broadcasted on TV. You can stream content not just in or two languages. There are almost 13 languages that are available on Hotstar. So, Hotstar can be the best alternative to m4ufree.


If you are a movie fan and what movies regularly and if you like movie streaming on m4ufree website, but of you couldn’t stream it due to any reasons then this article can help you.

There are 10 alternatives provided to you in this article. Try every single alternative and choose the best one that suits you as per your taste. Thanks for reading the article and I really hope this article has helped you.